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Welcome to the Wikipedia.  As of this moment (Monday, March 5th, 11:45 AM Pacific Time), we have 1,867 pages in this wikipedia.  With your help, we will be over 10,000 by the end of the summer.

Please bookmark the site, and drop in as often as you can.  If you're the kind of person that we are, you'll soon be addicted to the RecentChanges page.  You can (and should) BeBoldInUpdatingPages.  And above all, play nice.

One of the most important things you should know is that we (the existing community) have established some cultural norms that you should respect.  First, we try not to argue.  Everyone tries to reach a consensus about what entries should say.  Second, we try to make the entries as unbiased as we can, which means that the articles, even on controversial topics, are not meant to be platforms for preaching of any kind.

Humor in articles is fine, and can make this project more fun and more highly readable.  BUT, this is intended to become an important basic resource on all areas of human knowledge, so please don't treat it as one big joke.  Entries should be lively and readable, and they should also explain things as clearly as we can.

If you think this is all too wild-and-wooly, then a more serious project will probably be better for you.  Try [[Nupedia]], which is of course much more rigorous and serious.  (Many or most Wikipedians are Nupedians who are having fun with a neat side project that moves faster, but has no quality controls.)-