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Disputes - international: maritime boundary disputes with [[Canada]] ([[Dixon Entrance]], [[Beaufort Sea]], [[Strait of Juan de Fuca]], [[Machias Seal Island]]); US Naval Base at [[Guantanamo Bay]] is leased from Cuba and only mutual agreement or US abandonment of the area can
terminate the lease; [[Haiti]] claims [[Navassa Island]]; US has made no territorial claim in [[Antarctica]] (but has reserved the right to do so)
and does not recognize the claims of any other nation; [[Marshall Islands]] claims [[Wake Island ]]

Illicit drugs: consumer of [[cocaine]] shipped from [[Colombia]] through [[Mexico]] and the [[Caribbean]]; consumer of [[heroin]], [[marijuana]], and
increasingly [[methamphetamine]]s from [[Mexico]]; consumer of high-quality [[Southeast Asia]]n heroin; illicit producer of [[cannabis]],
[[marijuana]], [[depressants]], [[stimulants]], hallucinogens, and [[methamphetamines]]; drug-money-laundering center