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This is the place for an encyclopedic, not polemic, discussion of what Traditional Anarchism is all about.

Anarchism is a movement dedicated to the abolition of illegitimate authority and the establishment of a social order
without hierarchy. Proponents of the extent system equate its abolition with the abolition of all social order. In their time,
Monarchists accused Republicans of seeking the destruction of all social order. 

Anarchism has a long and rich tradition. Its philosophy and history begins with rejection of capitalism and its hierarchical structure.
Through most of its history, libertarianism and anarchism were synonymous. Recently, some proponents of laissez faire economics
have taken to calling themselves anarcho-capitalists and libertarians. This usage is geographically limited to Austria and the
Anglo-American countries. 

Both the view of Anarchism as a Nihilist position admitting only destruction and the capitalist position of anarchism as purely
political are regarded as grave misunderstandings of Anarchism
by advocates.