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I do not know all that much about traditional AnarchY, but
I would like to learn.

I find it fairly easy to envision the social systems proposed by laissez-faire capitalists (minarchists) and anarcho-capitalists.  I find it fairly easy to envisionthe social
systems proposed by communists or socialists (central planning and all that).  I do not know, though, what is meant by the claim to be opposed to all hierarchy or social structure.

Perhaps a concrete example will illustrate what I do not understand.  At home, I have a television.  Let's suppose that you do not have a television at your home, and that you want one.  Suppose further that you decide to take mine.  What happens?

Lassez-faire capitalists say that I should call the cops.  AnarchoCapitalists say that I should call my private defense agency.  Communists generally are not opposed to personal property (just private ownership of the means of production,
which we can suppose my television is not), so I guess they would say to call the cops, too.

I ask this in all sincerity, because I do not know the answer.

You report him to whatever cooperatives you and he belong to. Acting in an unethical and immoral manner can have a wide range of repercussions. Human beings are naturally interdependent and anarcho-syndicalists use these interdependencies without recourse to an artificial hierarchy like the justice system or police.