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[[Sean Connery]] played the part of  a spy from a foreign country who stole a film from a camera that had the JFK shooting and other government secrts on it. He also was the only person to escape from [[Alcatraz]], but they later caught him. After that he was locked in a higher secutity prison were he was marked as dead and everything about him was erased. 

Now years later there is a threat to kill all of San Fransisco with a new chemical weapon called V-X gas (which, by the way, is a real weapon in today's milatary). The man who threatened to kill San Fransisco was played by Ed Harris. He assembled a team of marines and Seals to help him take over Alcatraz. 

The assault team was able to overrun Alcatraz very quckly, because it was populated only by a few tour guides and tourists. Harris did this because there was no money sent to the men's family that were lost in a war. He set up the missles that would launch the gas and set up a satalitte link to talk to the president and other importent people. He then demanded money for the men's familys and to pay the men that helped him take over Alcatraz. 

Now back to San Fransisco the FBI lets out Connery and informs him of the situation, then takes him to get a hair cut where he then hangs one of the agents who captured him over a balcony by his hand with a cord. He ties the cord to the rail an runs away. He gets a mans Hummer and drives off. Cage then aquires a Ferrari and chases after him. In a spectaluar car chase scene, he destroys half the city in the process, one of the ways by making a trolly derail. 

While the chase is happening Connery finds out where his daughter lives and meets here at a park and gets to talk to her for a minute then the feds show up and take him. 

Finally, he complies and him, Cage, and a group of SEALS enter Alcatraz using the same information that Connery had used so many years before to escape from that notorious prison.

They finally get in and enter through the showers an all the Seals are killed by a above ambush. Only Connery and Cage are alive.  They disarm all the missles, but right after a air force bombing annihilates the island, Cage devolped a friendship with Connery and told the feds that he was dead, but he really wasn't. 

Connery told Cage were the film was and on Cages honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez they stole it. The funny thing was that it was hidden in a church where they had to break part of it to get the film.