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Texas is the second largest state in size after [[Alaska]] and has historically been portrayed through larger than life [[Wild West]] [[cowboys]] and oil wells.

Texas was largely rural before [[World War II]]
with cattle and agriculture as its main industries.

After World War II, Texas has become increasingly industralized.
It's economy (circa 2000) is largely based on information technology, with Dallas/Fort Worth being the largest [[IT]]
labor market in the [[United States]], oil and natural gas, energy exploration and energy trading, agriculture, and manufacturing.

It passed [[New York]] in the 1990s to become the second largest state in population after [[California]] largely due to the availability of jobs, lack of a state income tax, low taxation of business, limited government (the state legislature of Texas meets only once every two years), good weather, and friendly people.

It was the only state in the [[United States]] to be a sovergin
nation before joing the [[United States]]. (? How does the kingom of [[Hawaii]] fit in?)

[[Austin]] is the state capital.

Austin, [[Dallas]], [[Fort Worth]], [[Houston]], and [[San Antonio]] are its largest cities.

Texas has a large immigrant population of mainly Spanish speaking 
people from [[Mexico]], [[Central America]], and [[South America]].  Texas has been largely fortunate in avoiding the racial problems found in many southern states and large cities of the northeast.