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Star Trek tells the tale of the crew of the starship Enterprise and of their adventures at the "final frontier". Initially, the series didn't have too much success, but when the station wanted to cancel it, it turned out that Star Trek had very devoted and active fans who called themselves Trekkies or Trekkers. Their influence grew stronger all the time, and it is said that the U.S. Space Shuttle "Enterprise" even derived it's name from the series created by Gene Roddenberry. After the original TV series was stopped, a number of movies were shot for the big screen:

:[[/Star Trek 1|Star Trek: The Motion Picture]]
:[[/Star Trek 2|Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan]]
:[[/Star Trek 3|Star Trek III: The Search for Spock]]
:[[/Star Trek 4|Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home]]
:[[/Star Trek 5|Star Trek V: The Final Frontier]]
:[[/Star Trek 6|Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country]]
:[[/Star Trek 7|Star Trek: Generations]]
:[[/Star Trek 8|Star Trek: First Contact]]
:[[/Star Trek 9|Star Trek: Insurrection]]

In the '90es, a new TV series launched, [[/The Next Generation|Star Trek: The Next Generation]], which featured a new crew and a new plotline. While the classic series used "Cowboy diplomacy", The Next Generation (TNG) had its Prime Directive which states that the Federation shouldn't get involved in other, especially less evolved species' business. This leads to a far more pacifist approach, which was gradually abandoned after Roddenberry's death. The other spin-offs, [[/Deep Space Nine|Star Trek: Deep Space Nine]] and [[/Voyager|Star Trek: Voyager]] rely heavily on action and warfare, much like the original series.