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Sean Connery is a Scottish actor who has starred in many [[Hollywood]] films.  He was born August 25, 1930 in [[Edinburgh]], [[Scotland]].

Connery is well known to audiences around the world from his role as [[James Bond]].  Connery first appeared as Bond in [[Dr. No]] (1962), and played Bond in several other films including:

:[[From Russia With Love]] (1963)
:[[Goldfinger]] (1964)
:[[Thunderball]] (1965)
:[[You Only Live Twice]] (1967)
:[[Diamonds Are Forever]] (1971)
:[[Never Say Never Again]] (1983)

Connery has also appeared in other major films, including 
:[[Finding Forrester]] (2000)
:[[The Hunt for Red October]] (1990)
:[[Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade]] (1989)
:[[The Untouchables]] (1987) (for which he won an [[Academy Award]]
:[[The Man Who Would Be King]] (1975)

He is known, in part, for his trademark Scottish accent.