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Rock and Roll is a form of popular music that emerged in America in the 1950s.  It combines elements of [[boogie woogie]] jazz and [[rythym and blues]], and is often influenced by traditional [[folk music]] and [[blues music|blues]].

Important early influential performers/bands include:
*[[The Beatles]]
*[[Chuck Berry]]
*[[The Doors]]
*[[Bob Dylan]]
*[[Carl Perkins]]
*[[Elvis Presley]]
*[[Little Richard]]
*[[Velvet Underground|The Velvet Underground]]

Other individual artists who have or deserve entries:
*[[Minor Threat]]

Subcategories with or deserving of entries:
*[[Disco music]]
*[[Funk music]]
*[[Grunge Music]]
*[[Heavy metal music]]
** [[Speed metal music]]
** [[Death metal music]]
* [[Psychedelic music]]