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'''How much and how often should refactoring be done?'''

View 1.  As often as one sees something incorrect, obviously biased/partisan.  It is better to change a page immediately, when one sees something perceived to be a problem, rather than to discuss changes that need to be made.  Adherents of this view: LarrySanger

View 2.  Only after a discussion has played out.  It is better to let the original author of a page to make changes to it.  Adherents of this view: 

View 3.  The middle road -- respect for a dialogue _qua_ dialogue should be respected, but at the same time a minor tweak early on can avoid a flame war.  To refactor or not will often depend on the context, and so either rule 1 (change immediately) or rule 2 (wait for the discussion to end) are too extreme.  Adherents of this view: JimboWales

'''Should discussion occur on the page itself or instead on a *Talk or *Discussion page?'''

View 1.  On the page itself.  Adherents of this view:

View 2.  On a *Talk or *Discussion page, always (or almost always).  Adherents of this view: LarrySanger

View 3.  The decision to keep the discussion where it is, or move it to a *Discussion page, is contextual.  Factors involved in the decision include such things as: how long is the discussion likely to continue, is resolution likely, is the discussion particularly flame-likely, etc. -- JimboWales

'''What is the purpose of refactoring?'''

View 1. 

View 2.

View 3.  I propose that there is a long-run and short-run purpose.  The long-run purpose is to turn a discussion into a resource.  The short-run purpose is to channel a discussion in a useful direction, i.e. to help aim it at the future time when it can be a resource. --JimboWales


Occasionally a useful middle-ground is to separate the commonly-accepted summary from the discussion.  A good way to do this is to place the summary at top, then use two horizontal lines and a word like '''Discussion:''' before the discussion.  If the discussion grows large or unweildy, it can later be separated into other page(s).  --CliffordAdams