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There are numerous ways you can help publicize Wikipedia, and thereby get more people to edit your work and make this into a real live encyclopedia.  Just think--in a few years, Wikipedia is probably going to be ''amazing.''  (Feel free to add to this list.)

# If you've done a lot of work in some particular area, post an announcement to a mailing list or newsgroup telling people about your work and asking them to help.
# Tell friends and colleagues.  E-mail an announcement to them.  Ask them to check your work, or to write pages on their areas of specialization, or their hobbies, or whatever.
# Submit particular wiki pages (e.g., your "baby" pages) to search engines.
# Observe (in writing and smugly) on other wikis that Wikipedia is easily the fastest-growing wiki in the world.
# Link to Wikipedia from your websites.
# Ask other people to link to Wikipedia.