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(These axioms are just the most elementary way to define probabilities. Other axiom schema are used with non-discrete points.)

#Let '''U''' be a [[set]] of discrete points, '''e1''','''e2''','''e3'''...,  called '''elementary events'''. We call this set, the '''universe''' or [[Sample Space]].
#Let every elementary event, '''e''' in '''U''', have a non-negative ''weight'', w('''e'''), assigned to it.
#Let '''composite events''', Y1,Y2,Y3,... be represented by [[Subset]]s of '''U'''.
#Define the '''probability''' of an event '''X''' (any subset of '''U'''), as the sum of the weights, w('''e'''), for every ''elementary event'' contained in '''X''' divided by the sum of the weights of every element of '''U'''.
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