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''This categorization doesn't make any sense.  Either AnarchoCapitalism and CapitalisM belong together or BolshevisM and TraditionalAnarchism belong apart.  A good sign that something is wrong is that so many traditional things, like RepublicanisM, are left homeless.  Any ideas for fixes?''

'''Here's an idea, which might not be the most useful one.  We could arrange the ideologies alphabetically, under the assumption that attempting to group or relate them on a global page raises more questions than it answers. --JimboWales'''
First of all, to spare our nerves, please refrain from exaggeration: yes, the categorization does make some sense, but maybe not perfect sense.  And maybe there are better categorizations.  Can you do better?

The only serious problem that I saw when I put the categorization up is that capitalism is espoused both by libertarian ideologies and by right-wing ideologies; in fact, that's what they have in common.  One might make a supercategory CapitalistIdeologies, but the problem then is that fascism is left out (fascism never was capitalistic by any reasonable definition of capitalism).  I guess the solution is simply to put "capitalism" under both headings (which I will do right now!).

By the way, Jimbo's suggestion is very tempting, except that this is, after all, the only serious problem that I could see with the categorization scheme.  I think it's ''nice'' to put order on the world when possible and when helpful to a degree.