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Oregonians are proud of their state's wealth of beautiful forests and streams,
and place great importance on proper use of their environment, yet struggle to
balance this need with the desire to achieve progress.  The state has
pioneered many of the nation's environmental firsts, such as one of the first
bottle bills, but has also suffered under the decline of its lumber and steel

Oregon City, Oregon was the site of the first public library established west
of the Rocky Mountains.  It was stocked with only 300 volumes.


The Willamette Valley is very fertile, and coupled with Oregon's infamous rains,
gives the state a wealth of agricultural products.  Apples and other fruits, cattle,
dairy products, potatoes, and peppermint are all valuable products.  Vast pine
forests have made Oregon the nation's major lumbering state since 1950.  In recent
years, processing, publishing, and manufacturing have become much more dominant.
And lately, high technology industries and services have grown considerably.
Oregon has one of the largest salmon-fishing industries, and great care has been
taken by the hydroelectric companies to preserve the habitats and migrational
patterns of this fish.  Tourism is also strong in the state; Oregon's evergreen
mountain forests, pristine lakes (including CraterLake), and scenic beaches draw 
visitors year round.


Oregon's Governer serves a four-year term.  The legislature consists of a thirty
member senate and sixty member house.  Senators serve four year terms, and house
representatives two.  At the national level, Oregon is represented by two senators
and five representatives.  It has seven electorial votes.


   Area: 96,981 sq mi (251,181 sq km). 
   Population: (1990) 2,842,321, an 8% increase over 1980 pop. 
   Capital: Salem. 
*   Statehood: Feb. 14, 1859 (33d state). 
*   Highest point: Mt. Hood, 11,239 ft (3,428 m)
*   Lowest pt.: sea level. 
*   Nickname: Beaver State. 
*   Motto: The Union. 
*   State Bird: Western meadowlark. 
*   State Flower: Oregon grape. 
*   State Tree: Douglas fir. 
*   Abbreviation: Oreg. Ore. OR