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[Used by permission from [ Bomis Movie Report] -- I (JimboWales) say feel free to use anything from there on Wikipedia.]

This is great news for all the [[Coen brothers]] fans out there in internet land. A new one from the finest young American film
makers. It's called "O Brother, Where Art Thou" and if you
don't like it.. there must be something wrong with you, so see it
again until you get it.

Reelviews' reviewer says he is a fan of the C-bros, but that this movie isn't among their best. It's quirky and has funny moments, but the road portion of the movie just takes too long.

[[Variety]] doesn't think it'll gross a whole hell of a lot, but they do admire the film, calling it a 'modest technical marvel'. Not too much is said about the singing, however.

The L.A. Times thinks the music is the real star of the film. Contemporary takes on classic country, blues, and bluegrass dominate the soundtrack and make it perhaps 'their warmest production'.