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Questions not answered in HowDoesOneEditaPage, LinkToExternalPages, LinkToAnExistingPage, 
and CanWeAddNupediaArticlesToTheWiki.


'''Q. Can we link to Nupedia Pages that are not articles, say the Pronunciation Guides or part of the Guidelines, for example?'''

A. Yes, why not?  You can link to anything you want.  You can either type the URL in directly, or else in this format: [URL nameofpage].  This results in a link like this: [].


'''Q. Can you delete a page from the wiki?  Especially your own?'''

A. Yes, in fact you can.  Consideration for others demands that you exercise extreme caution in doing so, if the page in question ''isn't'' one that you started, or is one to which many others have contributed something of interest.  But strictly speaking there's nothing stopping you: all you have to do is remove the text from the page.  You can also click on the name of the page (at the top of the page) to see what other pages link to the deleted page, and delete links to it.  Again, extreme caution is advised...


'''Q. If you delete all the text from a Page does it become a PaGe? again?'''

A. If you delete all the text on a Page, the page remains as a PaGe.  It does not go back to PaGe?.