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'''Welcome to Nupedia's wiki!'''  This might become the "WikiPedia" since some Nupedia members have reservations about associating a wiki with the Nupedia name.

You might have some questions; explore the links to find answers:
* WhatIsaWiki?
* WhatsaWikiFor?
* WhyDoesNupediaHaveaWiki?
* WhyOnEarthWouldIWantToContributeToaWiki?
* HowDoesOneEditaPage?
* CanWeAddNupediaArticlesToTheWiki?
And of course,
* HowCanIExploreNupediasWiki?
* What are your NewTopics?

If you have other questions, just ask on the NupediaWikiFaq.

This wiki is an experiment.  But, for those who might be confused about this point, it is '''not Nupedia'''.  Nupedia is a serious encyclopedia project found at .  This wiki is a proposed "fun" supplement to Nupedia!