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Well, pretty obviously, we should be using the new [[Free Links]] style of linking.
For everything?  I'm not opposed, I'm just asking for
opinions.  It will be a big job, but not that big, for us to go
back through the existing pages and uncram the words.  Should we?
Or perhaps we should just start out by trying mostly to use the new convention, and slowly but surely fix the old pages as we feel like it. --JimboWales, or is it [[Jimbo Wales]]
Well, there might be a few links where it will seem more appropriate (e.g., WikiPedia and WikiWiki), but for the main content, I don't see any reason ''not'' to consistently use free linking.

What this page might become, as a result, is a list of general policies on how to name pages, ''given'' that we are using free linking.  Let me start this list of topics:

'''Names of persons'''

In most cases, probably, we should use a person's full name, or enough of the name so as to avoid confusing it with anyone else.  So we might have [[John F. Kennedy]] but not [Kennedy]].  We could even have [[JFK]].

There are many very famous people who are often referred to by their last names only: Descartes, Newton, Rembrandt, etc.  Even though it's more to type, I think it would be best to have the full name, unless the name really is pretty much unique.  I mean, how many famous Descartes are there?  So we could repoint ReneDescartes to [[Descartes]].

I can't think of any good reasons to list names first.


Name your pages precisely.  If you want to discuss a particular version of realism, e.g., Platonic realism, then don't call your page [[realism]]; call it, e.g., [[Platonic realism]] or [[Platonism]] (though the latter, too, is ambiguous) or even just [[Platonic theories of universals]].

In general, famous philosophers, for brevity, can be referred to by their last names.  E.g., [[Socrates]], [[Plato]]; but cf. [[James Mill]] and [[J. S. Mill]], or [[R. W. Sellars]] and [[Wilfrid Sellars]].  Remember that there are famous ''non-''philosophers who might have the name in question, about whom we might eventually want to have articles!  Best to do a [[|[[Google search]]]] first.


Maybe others could add similar suggestions to this list, e.g., for history, literature, etc.