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Recommend naming one-word pages like AfghanistanCountry rather than the eminently ugly AfghanistaN.

In this same manner, every noun can have Person, Place, Idea, Invention, etc. tacked on to its end to identify its type.  You might even want to hold this convention for words that already meet the wiki naming conventions, like ThomasEdisonPerson.

For example, say I want to link to a page from my site.  I have an [ InterWiki] prefix set up for WikiPedia on my own wiki.  Without going through the rigamarole of actually looking up something on WikiPedia, I have no ''a priori'' way of knowing whether to link to WikiPedia:AlAska, WikiPedia:AlaSka, WikiPedia:AlasKa, or WikiPedia:AlaskA.  Lather, rinse, and repeat for longer names like AfghanistaN.  If I knew there was an AlaskaState naming convention, then I wouldn't have to give it a second thought.

The arbitrary naming convention used so far is very inconvenient and doesn't contribute at all to [ AccidentalLinking].  At very minimum, you might investigate other wiki engines that support arbitrary link patterns like [Alaska] and [Ward Cunningham].  -- ScottMoonen