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EditorInChief of NuPedia and instigator of Nupedia's wiki.  Ph.D. PhiloSophy, 2000, OhioState.  Soon to move to LasVegas for a few months to save some money (living with family), and then it's on to RusSia for a few more months.  This is all possible because LarrySanger works online.  You should be envious.  He would be if he weren't he.

Yes, I agree, He is He, nobody would argue! :-P

He is he, but this is twee, we'd all agree.

Larry's favorite philosopher is ThomasReid, isn't he?  Maybe so!


I'm not envious because I live here, in RusSia!


Requesting a SiberianHusky...that's all! RoseParks