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Julian Simon was professor of Business Administration at the UniversityofMaryland and a Senior Fellow at the CatoInstitute. 

He authored of many books and quite a few articles, mostly on economic subjects. He is best known for his work on population, natural resources, and immigration. 

His book 'TheUltimateResource,' later reissued as 'TheUltimateResource2,' is a massive, fact-heavy assault on the conventional wisdom of population growth and resource consumption. In it, Simon challenged the neo-Malthusian notion that an increase in population has negative economic consequences, that population is a drain on natural resources, and that we stand at risk of running out of resources through over-consumption. 

Many of the writings of Julian Simon are available online at:
''The following statements are of opinion, not fact, and should really be dropped.  Simon's works are controversial and so should not be proclaimed factual.  His works may be creative, and even genius, but so were those of Marx, and most people disagree with those - or show bitter hostilities to them, if you prefer to use the term.''

''I agree.  If this were a collection of polemics, it would be appropriate to let this stand as-is.  But it is not appropriate for an encyclopedia.  An encyclopedia should attempt to stick to something like _consensus opinion_, which may be different from _truth_.  The job of an encyclopedia is to present ideas, not to advocate for them.'' --JimboWales

This challenge rests on the evidence. The data to date do not support the arguments of the doomsayers. On the contrary, the trends tend in a direction opposite of what they predict. 

The theory Simon developed to account for this is a textbook example of truly creative thinking. He cut across the grain of accepted wisdom to produce a strikingly original interpretation of the facts. In this and in other works he exhibits many of t hose characteristics normally associated with genius (not the least of which is a tendency to incite bitter hostility amongst intellectual mediocrities).