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Joe Koberg, KB5RMQ
[this] is a test

Hi, Joe.  I've been studying for my technician class exam.  Actually, I could easily pass that one today, so I thought I'd go ahead and study for the general.  But I still have to learn morse. :-(

Anyhow, I've been thinking that there's probably quite a bit of already-free material available about ham radio. --JimboWales


"CQ de VK5CQ"

While there is lots of material around on Amateur ("Ham") Radio, it's good to see that there's already a WikiPedia reference to this hobby.

Here in Australia, we have a bright, young group - called AREG or the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group - who have got some terrific links to much online material:

You could also try our counterpart to ARRL - the Wireless Institute of Australia - whose site is at:

You would, of course, know about the American Radio Relay League's site:

(I've searched WikiPedia only for "Ham Radio" and just this page came up... perhaps there is something more to find under "Amateur Radio"?)

BTW, I consider Ham Radio the kind of hobby that provides young people (among others) some realistic opportunities to actually apply some of the math & physics they've learned at school...

not to mention the chance to meet (on-the-air) people in many places (including some "off-the-planet" places like MIR in recent past & the International Space Station today) & in diverse fields of endeavor.

It can be great for kids living in rural towns to talk directly with people who are doing interesting things, e.g. in science, business or
technology, et al. elsewhere.

But, best is the chance to meet & befriend a few neighbors that share your interest in electronics, join or start a radio club & start making things happen right in your home town!

Some have said that the Internet will draw people from Ham Radio... I say that Ham Radio lets one combine the best of -both- cyberworlds - online & on-the-air - so I can hear warm, human voices as I surf/hack.

73, Chuck, VK5CQ, et al.
"Amateur Radio Advocate"