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I've used IvoryRing online for a while now, and I get asked where it comes from once in a while. 

Way back when, I used to play a number of computer adventure games (specifically the likes of Moria and Omega), and one common feature of these games is the way they would generate treasure. There would be a long list of item types (ring, crown, throne, cup, chest, box, dagger, etc) and modifiers (green, old, frail, heroic, merciful, wicker, brass, etc)... and from my view it seemed that they would just randomly merge the two.

Add to that a need for a constant supply of new screennames on AOL (no, I won't go into detail on why) and I came up with a series of names "PineThrone", "BrassDagger", etc... one that I found kind of nice, since it had a somewhat mysterious sound to it was IvoryRing... hence...