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It's very easy to edit a wiki page.  Simply click on the "edit" link at the top or bottom of a wiki page.  This will bring you to a page with a text box containing the text of that wiki page.  Then type away, and press "Save" when finished!

Now, the rest of this page is a demonstration of various wiki techniques.  After the first few sections, you will have to "teach yourself" by pressing the "edit" page to see for yourself how various effects were achieved!

Usemod wiki experts: please add to this page as new features are activated/discovered.  (There are varieties of wiki software.  Wikipedia is a "Usemod" wiki.)

'''Make a new page'''

Two ways to make a new page:
#Edit an old page and put [[ before the name of the new page, and ]] after the name.  For example, you would type: [[my page]] .  Then save the old page and return to the [[my page]] link you created.  It will appear with a question mark after it, like this: [my page]? .  Click on the question mark; that will open up the new page.  Replace "Describe the new page here." with whatever text you want to put on the page!
#Type the name of the old page in the "address" line of your browser and hit return.  For example, in the URL above, you would replace with and then hit return.  Notice that spaces in the title are converted into underscores ( _ ).  If you type spaces rather than underscores in your title, it won't work.  Be sure to make the ''first letter'' of your page upper case, or no one will be able to link to it!

'''Naming pages'''

Here are some important notes about naming pages:
* Notice that in ''URLs'' spaces in the title are converted into underscores ( _ ).  If you type spaces rather than underscores in your title, it won't work.
* On pages themselves, a page title can have a lowercase letter first, [[like this]]--but the link ''points to'' a page that has the first letter uppercase, Like_this .
* You can still use the old page naming convention, which consists of mashing words together and capitalizing them, LikeThis.
* Don't use single quotes in titles.  Sorry, but Plato's Republic won't work as a page name.
In sum, examine the following examples.
Good URLs: 
Bad URLs:
: new page
Good links:
:[[my new page]]
:[[My new page]]
:[[Platos Republic]]
:[[Platos Republic|Plato's Republic]]
Bad links:
:[[my_new_page]] (underscores not necessary)
:[[My_new_page]] (underscores not necessary)
:jimbowales (needs two capital letters)
:[[Plato's Republic]] (will not link to the page you want it to link to)
See [[naming conventions]] when choosing names for pages!

'''Demonstration area'''
*What follows is an area for demonstrating the various effects possible using Wikipedia, such as bold, italics, numbered lists, etc., etc.
*Click "edit" at the top or bottom of this page (i.e., the page you are now reading!) to see how these effects were achieved!!!
*If you don't click "edit" now you won't understand what's going on!!!

New paragraphs are made by simply pressing the "enter" or "return" key twice.  If you press it just once, 
like this,
a new paragraph ''will not'' be made (as you can see).

Here is

the proper way
to make single-spaced lines. :This line is indented. ::This line is indented even farther. :::Who knows how far it can go? This line is indented, but since I didn't use a colon ( : ) at the beginning of the line, it appears as a monospace font. In other words, if you begin a paragraph with a space, that line will be both indented and in a monospace font. (Also, this line will not wrap! It will simply increase the width of your window.) ''This line is in italics.''
And so is this one! (Using different code!)
And this! (Using still different code! How versatile!) '''This line is bold.'''
So is this one! Here is an old style link: HomePage
Here is a new style link: [[Larry Sanger]] (see [[Free Links]])
[[HomePage|the text of this link is different from the name of the page it links to]]
[[HomePage|it really doesn't MatterWhat youType in description. It's all linked!]]
An external link:
Another external link: [ Nupedia about page] You don't have to create weird page titles, like [[Platos]], just to make the plural or possessive form of a name. You can write: [[Plato]]'s. In the old system you'd do it like this: JimboWales""'s homepage (using ""). Here is a numbered list: #Item 1 #Item 2 #Item 8 #Notice, this line isn't numbered because it's not flush left. :#Neither is this line Here is a bulleted list: *Here's an item * Here's another item **We can do bullets within bullets, as it were *** Pretty nifty, huh? You can make a line on a page: ---- Or two, if you wish: ---- ---- There are two ways to display, rather than parse, wiki code: #you can use the tag #you can use the tag (We made liberal use of the tag on this page.) You can (and should!) create subpages: /Talk
You can link to other subpages: [[Charlize Theron/Filmography]] or even [[charlize Theron/Filmography]] but please, not [[Charlize Theron/filmography]] . We can do tables:
Item one Item two
Item three Item four
Fancy table:
Item one Item two
Item three Item four
Item five
Here's another way to make a table: ||||||'''Heading'''|| ||cell 1||cell2||cell 3|| ||cell 1||||spanning 2 columns||
(We haven't implemented that way of doing tables, as you can see.) '''A few special characters'''
You can make superscripts and subscripts and you can control the font size and color! *f(x) = a0 + a1x1 + a2x22 + a3x33 + ... *f(x) = a0 + a1x1 + a2x22 + a3x33 + ... Practice editing pages in our SandBox!