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It's very easy to edit a wiki page.  Simply click on the "edit" link at the top or bottom of a wiki page.  This will bring you to a page with a text box containing the text of that wiki page.  Then type away, and press "Save" when finished!

Now, the rest of this page is a demonstration of various wiki techniques.  While things are explained well on this page, it might help to press the "edit" page and see for yourself how ''this'' page was made!

This page is under construction at present!

Usemod wiki experts: please add to this page as new features are activated/discovered.  (There are varieties of wiki software.  Wikipedia is a "Usemod" wiki.)

'''Make a new page'''
:Two ways to make a new page:
:#Edit an old page and put [[ before the name of the new page, and [[ after the name.  For example, you would type: [[my page]] .  Then save the old page and return to the [[my page]] link you created.  It will appear with a question mark after it, like this: [my page] .  Click on the question mark; that will open up the new page.  Replace "Describe the new page here." with whatever text you want to put on the page!
:#Type the name of the old page 

* MakeaNewPage?"
* LinkToAnExistingPage?"
* StartaNewParagraph?"
* PutWordsInItalicsAndBold?"
* LinkToExternalPages?"
* PartakeInDiscussion?"
* SummarizeDiscussion?"
* BeBoldInUpdatingPages?"

Practice editing pages in our SandBox.  Never again should you ask, WhyArentThesePagesCopyedited?
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