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Something I thought might be neat to have.  Not a full dictionary, but just a list of some of the words that have prominent derivatives in English or other languages.  This could be very cool if we ever got a Greek alphabet, and someone who knows Greek.

Alphabet being used - a b g d e z ê th i k l m n x o p r s t u ph ch ps ô - plus h for breathing

autos, -ê, -o Self ''(reflexive pronoun)''
eu Well
kakos, -ê, -on Bad
monos, -ê, -on Alone, solitary, forsaken
oligos, -ê, -on Few, little, small
polus, pollê, polu Many, much
philos, -ê, -on Beloved, dear
anthos, -ous Flower
astêr Star
bios Life
dêmos District, its inhabitants, commoners
zoon [?] Animal
ichthus [?] Fish
logos, -ou, -o Word (to frightened to try to list the verb)
phuton, -o Plant
chaitê, -hê Loose, flowing hair
makros Large
mikros Small
anthrôpos, -ou, -o Human being
hupnos, -ou, -o Sleep