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I wanted to Free Links page to be nice and clear for everyone to use as a reference, so I moved some clutter here.
Why doesn't my [[Free Links]] work correctly. Is it because they contain non-[[ASCII]] characters? Look at [[Sweden]] for [[Göteborg]] and [[Malmö]].
Fixing the non-ASCII character problem should be relatively easy. A similar problem has already been solved in the world of IMAP in the i18n of mailbox names, and the solution was to use modified UTF-7 encoding. For a complete explanation, please see RFC 2060, section 5.1.3. The short version is that M-UTF-7 uses US-ASCII representation for US-ASCII characters, and "shifts" into modified BASE 64 for all other charsets (UNICODE 16-bit octets).

Although I don't have a library routine I can whip out for you, I'm sure you can find one somewhere to hack up for [[Wikipedia]].  - [[Flavor]]