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One of the 20th century's leading evolutionary [[Biologists]]. His work contributed to the conceptual revolution that led to the synthesis of Mendelian [[genetics]] and Darwinian [[evolution]], and to the development of the [[Biological Species Concept]]. His theory of [[Parapatric Speciation]] has become widely accepted as the standard mode of speciation, and is the basis of the theory of [[Punctuated Equillibrium]]. Furthermore, his writings reflect, not only a technical expertise in biological subjects, but a broad and penetrating understanding of the deeper philosophical issues involved. 

Books by Ernst Mayr include: 
 [[/The Growth Of Biological Thought]]
 [[/Evolution and the Diversity of Life]]
 [[/One Long Argument]]
 [[/Populations Species and Evolution]]
 [[/Toward a New Philosophy of Biology]]
 [[/Principles of Systematic Zoology]]
 [[/Systematics and the Origin of Species]]
 [[/This Is Biology]]