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Directed by [[David Lynch]]

The movie was an adaption of the first part of a series of novels by [[Frank Herbert]], with elements from the later parts. Lynch originally wanted to create a much longer movie, his first draft was five hours, but as the production went out of money and the producers wanted a format better suited for cinemas, much of the original footage was cut and replaced by comments. Lynch uses a number of elements from his earlier movies, for example the figure of the Space Guild Navigator, who has a strong resemblance to the alien baby in Lynch's first movie, [[Eraserhead]] which also appeared in [[The Elephant Man]]. Another element is the use of low, humming sounds which create unease in spectators when used over a longer period of time. In financial terms, the movie was a disaster, but has a number of dedicated fans.

Also was remade as a made-for-cable miniseries. -- [[Larry Sanger]]