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Dale Earnhardt was an American [[NASCAR]] driver.  He was born April 29, 1951 in [[Kannapolis]], [[North Carolina]].  He died
February 18, 2001 in a racing accident during the [[Daytona 500]].

Earnhardt grew up in a racing family.  His father, Ralph, died of a heart attack while working on his race car in 1973.  Dale Earnhardt's career began two year later, and by 1979 he had won the [[Winston Cup]] Rookie of the Year award.  For his aggressive driving style, Earnhardt quickly won the nickname "The Intimidator."

During his career, Earnhardt won the [[NASCAR Championship]] seven times, tying the record of the legendary [[Richard Petty]].
Additionally, his prize winnings totalled more than $300 million.

His son, [[Dale Earnhardt Jr.]] is also a [[NASCAR]] driver.