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*[[It Happened One Night]]
*[[Some Like It Hot]]
*[[Ferris Buellers Day Off|Ferris Bueller's Day Off]]
*[[Mars Attacks]]
*[[The Mask]]
*[[Ace Ventura]]
*[[The Big Lebowski]]
*[[The Full Montie]]
*[[Liar Liar]]

Comedy Classics by [[Charlie Chaplin]]:
*[[Modern Times]]
*[[The Great Dictator]]

Comedy Classics by [[Buster Keaton]]:
*[[The General]]

Comedy Classics by [[The Marx Brothers]]:
*[[The Marx Brothers Go to War]]

Comedy Classics by [[Woody Allen]]:
*[[Take the Money and Run]]
*[[Bullets Over Broadway]]

Comedy Classics by [[Mel Brooks]]:
*[[Space Balls]]
*[[Silent Movie]]