Wikipedia 10K Redux by Reagle from Starling archive. Bugs abound!!!

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As I understand it, ProjectGutenberg has published what they call the "Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia".  What this actually is, is the classic 11th edition of the EncyclopediaBritannica.  However, because 'Britannica' is a trademark, even though the text is now public domain (because it is so old), they were unable to call it EncyclopediaBritannica.

Call it what you will, it is available, and we should consider putting the entire text here, in the Wikipedia.  This may be a lot of work (like my own pet project, which is cutting and pasting all of the public domain CIAWorldFactbook over in CountriesOfTheWorld -- please help me!), but it sure would be a fun thing to have in here.  People could start updating/replacing the articles with ProjectGutenbergEncyclopedia as the foundation.

Also, I bet there are a lot of instances where the text of the article could be wikified by cramming words together.