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The study of life and the processes thereof.  Some general principles as to how living things work are studied in [[Biochemistry]] and [[Genetics]].  To find out more about specific organisms we investigate their [[Anatomy]], [[Physiology]], and [[Ontogeny]].  To find out about how organisms relate we investigate their [[Ecology]].

One of the central concepts in biology is the principle of [[Theory of Evolution|Evolution]].  The descent of an organism is called its [[Phylogeny]]; these are studied using all sorts of evidence, including of course the study of ancient life, [[Palaeontology]].

The classification of living things is called [[Taxonomy]], and ideally should reflect the evolutionary trees of the different creatures.  Customarily living things are divided into five top-level groups, called ''kingdoms'':

* Kingdom [[Monera]] - all the [[Prokaryote]] groups: bacteria, etc.
* Kingdom [[Protista]] - basal [[Eukaryote|Eukaryotes]]: protozoa, algae, etc.
* Kingdom [[Plantae]] - green algae & plants
* Kingdom [[Fungi]] - chytrids & fungi
* Kingdom [[Animalia]] - animals