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PresidentOfTheUnitedStates from 1992-2000.

He was impeached by the HouseOfRepresentatives, but not convicted by the SenatE, for lying under oath to a GrandJury regarding matters related to his sexual affair with MonicaLewinsky.

Known also for granting the most controversial PresidentialPardon in US history.

During his time in office, he was one of the most popular Presidents in history, despite the scandals.  Many people viewed the scandals as being merely sexual in nature, and not worthy of political consequences.  Partisans of this view might argue that the impeachment was more about politics than any genuine concern with lying to the GrandJury.

There's a great deal more to be said about him -- let's try to keep it nonpartisan and encyclopedic?
RE: Controversial Pardon. Excuse me for being an ignorant European, but what exactly happened?? -- WojPob