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Small Country of Western Europe.

Capital: Brussels
Head of Government: King Albert II
Population: around 10,239,000 inhabitants
Size: 32.547
Timezone: GMT+1
Density: 333 inhab. per
Currency: Euro (since 1999, before that the Belgian Franc)
(as seen on There are three official languages, Flemish (Dutch), French and German. More than half of the country is Dutch speaking, French is the second largest, German is spoken by a minority. Brussels, the capital is mostly French speaking. People from Belgium are called Belgians in English. Belgium is divided into 10 provinces; Antwerp, Limburg, East-Flanders, West-Flanders, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant, Namur, Li├Ęge, Hainaut and Province of Luxemburg. Since the country has been federalized there are a lot of governmental entities; The French Community, The Flemish Community, The German-speaking Community, The Walloon Region, The Flemish Region, The Brussels-Capital Region and The Federal Government. This country is well known for its art, its great architecture, its beer, its food, and mostly its chocolate. Many great French authors went to Belgium for refuge. Belgium is full of history. You would be amazed. go to for more information.