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Ballroom dance originated in the western world, and is now enjoyed both socially and competitively in many parts of the world.

Contemporary ballroom dance technique has been extensively studied and formalized.  [[Medals Exams]] are a commonly accepted standard of measurement of a dancer's technique according to conventional standards, and are classed Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Bar.

The three divisions of contemporary ballroom dance are called:


International Standard (also called International Ballroom)

The dances which make up International Standard ballroom dance are:
* [[Waltz]]
* [[International Viennese Waltz]]
* [[International Tango]]
* [[International Foxtrot]]
* [[International Quickstep]]


International Latin

The dances which make up International Latin ballroom dance are:
* [[Rumba]]
* [[Samba]]
* [[Cha-Cha]]
* [[Paso Doble]]
* [[Jive]]


American style Ballroom

The dances which are included in American style ballroom include
(more than just) the following.  Note that American versions of dances which are also danced in the International style usually have differences in technique.  Also note that popular club dances such as [[Lindy Hop]], [[West Coast Swing]] and [[East Coast Swing]] will often be danced differently in clubs than in ballroom studios.
* [[Foxtrot]]
* [[Cha-Cha]]
* [[Waltz]]
* [[Viennese Waltz]]
* [[Triple Swing]] (also known as [[East Coast Swing]])
* [[West Coast Swing]]
* [[Lindy Hop]]
* [[Tango]]
* [[Mambo]]
* [[Rumba]]
* [[Samba]]
* [[Two Step]]
* [[New York Hustle]]----
No place for [[Salsa Dancing]] ...Gee.