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Australia is sometimes called the Wide Brown Land, and also described as the Land Down Under it is to the west of NewZealand, and somewhat south-east of MalaysiA and SingaporE.

Australia has a population of roughly 19 million people, living in two territories, AustralianCaptialTerritory, NorthernTerritoryAustralia, and six states, WesternAustralia, SouthAustralia, QueenslandAustralia, NewSouthWalesAustralia, and VictoriaAustralia.

Australia's captial is CanberraAustralia, situated roughly equidistantly between its two largest cities (I think...), MelbourneAustralia, and SydneyAustralia, who were fierce rivals for the position of capital at one stage.


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