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* Plot summary
The /NationalAllianceofRailroads passes the /AntiDogEatDogRule which gives them the power to dictate which railroads can operate in which regions of the country.  The rule was crafted by /OrrenBoyle with the purpose of driving the /PhoenixDurango out of /Colorado, so /TaggartTranscontinental would not have to compete with them any longer.  After the vote, [[/James Taggart|James Taggart]] storms into [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny Taggart's]] office and gloats about how he has ruined their competitor, which in his mind is a victory over [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny]].  She calls him a rotten bastard and rushes out.

* Setting
A meeting of the /NationalAllianceofRailroads and the office of [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny Taggart]].

* Characters
 [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny Taggart]]
 [[/Dan Conway|Dan Conway]]
 [[/James Taggart|James Taggart]]