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Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, Chapter 3, section 3:

* Plot summary
[[/Eddie Willers|Eddie Willers]] ends a long day at work by having dinner in the employees' cafeteria of the Taggart Terminal.  There he meets [[/Mystery Worker|Mystery Worker]].  They sit together and he tells them about the problems of the day and what [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny Taggart]] is going to do to fix things.  He mentions that [[/McNamara|McNamara]] is the contractor who will lay the new rails for the [[/Rio Norte Line|Rio Norte Line]].  [[/Eddie Willers|Eddie]] will have many similar chats with [[/Mystery Worker|Mystery Worker]] throughout the book.

The cafeteria is described as follows:  "The cafeteria lay underground.  It was a large room with walls of white tile that glittered in the reflections of electric lights and looked like silver brocade.  It had a high ceiling, sparkling counters of glass and chromium, a sense of space and light."

This description is in sharp contrast to the most expensive barroom in New York, from [[/Section131|Section131]], that was atop a skyskraper but made to look like a cellar.  The contrast gives the chapter title - The Top and the Bottom - it's irony.

* Setting
The employees' cafeteria of the Taggart Terminal.
* Characters
 [[/Eddie Willers|Eddie Willers]]
 [[/Mystery Worker|Mystery Worker]]
 [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny Taggart]]: Mentioned.
 [[/McNamara|McNamara]]: Mentioned.
 [[/Richard Halley|Richard Halley]]: Mentioned.