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Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, Chapter 3, section 1:

* Plot summary
[[/James Taggart|James Taggart]], /OrrenBoyle, /PaulLarkin, and /WesleyMouch meet to work out a deal by which they can stop [[/Hank Rearden|Hank Rearden]] and the success of /ReardenMetal.  Boyle wants [[/James Taggart|Taggart]] to get his friends in /Washington to regulate the distribution of iron ore, depriving [[/Hank Rearden|Rearden]] of the raw materials needed to market Rearden Metal.  In exchange, Boyle agrees to get the /NationalAllianceofRailroads to drive the /PhoenixDurango railroad out of business.  None of this is said openly or directly, of course.  [[/James Taggart|Taggart]] also learns from Boyle that /TaggartTranscontinental's /SanSebastianLine has been denuded of all but the barest equipment.
* Setting
The most expensive barroom in New York, on the 60th floor of a skyscraper, designed to look like a cellar.
* Characters
 /BartendeR: First and only appearance.
 [[/James Taggart|James Taggart]]
 /WaiteR: First and only appearance.
* Pregnant Passages
"It all depends," James Taggart answered slowly, "on the people who make it possible...That's what has to be known - who makes it possible."