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The Phoenix-Durango is an old, small railroad located in the Southwest run by  [[/Dan Conway|Dan Conway]] that has been insignificant for most of its existence.  However, the Phoenix-Durango grows rapidly when [[/Ellis Wyatt|Ellis Wyatt]] revives the economy of [[/Colorado|Colorado]] and [[/Taggart Transcontinental|Taggart Transcontinental's]] [[/Rio Norte Line|Rio Norte Line]] fails to service [[/Ellis Wyatt|Wyatt]] adequately.  Later, [[/James Taggart|James Taggart]] conspires to get the Phoenix-Durango driven out of [[/Colorado|Colorado]] with the [[/Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule|Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule]].

The Phoenix-Durango is mentioned in:
 [[/Section131|Section131]] - Alluded to.