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When /RichardHalley disappeared he had written only four concertos.  In /SectioN112 [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny Taggart]], and enthusiastic fan of /RichardHalley's music, hears an unfamiliar theme being whistled by a /Brakeman on the /TaggartComet.  She asks him what it is and he says Halley's Fifth Concerto.  When [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny]] says Halley only wrote four concertos, the /Brakeman says he made a mistake and denies knowing what the song was.

Later, [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny]] calls /MrAyers to find out if Halley wrote a fifth concerto.  He says he did not.

Halley's Fifth Concerto is mentioned in: