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* Plot summary
The government of Mexico nationalized the /SanSebastianMines thinking they would be a great new source of revenue for the state, only to discover that the mines were completely worthless.  Furthermore, there was never any chance of mining copper there, so /FranciscoDAnconia must have known all along the project was doomed to failure.  [[/Eddie Willers|Eddie Willers]] shows the news report to [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny Taggart]], who tries to figure out how this could be, and finally tells [[/Eddie Willers|Eddie]] to get her an appointment with "the bastard," Francisco.  [[/Eddie Willers|Eddie]] warns about meeting him in a way that indicates the emotional significance seeing Francisco will hold for [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny]].

* Setting
[[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny's]] office at /TaggartTranscontinental.

* Characters
 [[/Dagny Taggart|Dagny Taggart]]
 [[/Eddie Willers|Eddie Willers]]
 /FranciscoDAnconia - Mentioned.