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/DagnyTaggart visits /UnitedLocomotiveWorks to determine why they consistently fail to deliver the Diesel engines she ordered.  The /PresidentofULW talks four hours without answering directly or saying anything of substance.  After returning to the office, /EddieWillers informs Dagny that /McNamara has quit without explanation.  As Dagny walks home that night she sees the depravity that passes for popular culture: books and movies that trivialize what is glorious, demonize what is moral, and exalt what is base; people who act as if pleasure were a sin that one gets away with.  Depressed, she returns home and listens the soul tonic of /RichardHalley.  As she sits, she sees in the newspaper that /FranciscoDAnconia has returned to /NewYork amidst a scandal in which a married woman tried to kill her husband so she could be with Francisco, who she identifies as her lover.  Francisco says he came to New York to witness the farce - but it is not the farce people are led to beleive that he wants to witness.
* Foreshadow

Dagny sees a precision machine tool anandoned and decaying in the /UnitedLocomotiveWorks  factory; abandoned not because it was valueless, but because the owners could not extract value from it.  This foreshadows another discovery in an even less competent factory - a motor that is pricelss, but which is left abandoned by people who could not see its value.