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Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, Chapter 1, section 4:

* Plot summary
Dagny meets with James Taggart and Eddie Willers.  She informs them that she has ordered Rearden Metal from Rearden Steel to be used to replace the tracks of the Rio Norte Line.  Later she calls Mr. Ayers to determine if Richard Halley ever published a Fifth Concerto.  Mr. Ayers says he has not.  Dagny meets with Owen Kellogg who tells her he is quiting for personal reasons, nothing can make him stay - not even the promotion Dagny had decided to give him.
* Setting
The offices of Taggart Transcontinental.
* Characters



/OrrenBoyle: Mentioned.

/BoardOfDirectorsOfTaggartTranscontiental: Mentioned.

/HankRearden: Mentioned.

/EllisWyatt: Mentioned.


/MrAyers - First and only appearance.
* Mysteries
What is it that makes OwenKellogg quit a job he admits he loves?