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Directed by Ridley Scott

The crew of the transport ship Nostromo receives a signal which might be of alien origin, they land on a deserted planet and find an ancient ship and the aliens which killed it's crew.


Directed by James Cameron

Ripley, the only suvivor of the Nostromo is rescued from space and drafted to assist a squad of Marines which investigates an outpost overrun by aliens.

Alien 3

Directed by David Fincher

Ripley, again the only survivor, strands on a prison planet and this time brings the alien with her. There are no weapons on the planet, but they have to hunt it down. At the end of the movie, she commits suicide when she learns that she's pregnant with an alien queen.

Alien: Resurrection

Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

200 years later, ruthless scientists clone Ripley and the alien from blood specimens taken on the prison planet. The aliens get out of control and Ripley, who now has some alien DNA because the cloning didn't work perfectly tries to escape with a band of smugglers before the ship collides with earth.