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ABENSBERG, a town of Germany, in the kingdom of Bavaria, on the 
Abens, a tributary of the Danube, 18 m.  S.W. of Regensburg, 
with which it is connected by rail.  Pop. 2202.  It has a small 
spa, and its sulphur baths are resorted to for the cure of 
rheumatism and gout.  The town is the Castra Abusina of the 
Romans, and Roman remains exist in the neighbourhood.  Here, 
on the 20th of April 1809, Napoleon gained a signal victory 
over the Austrians under the Archduke Louis and Genegal Hiller. 

Source:  An unnamed encyclopedia from a project that puts out-of-copyright texts into the public domain.  This is from a *very* old source, and reflects the thinking of the turn of the last century.  -- BryceHarrington