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AA, the name of a large number of small European rivers.  
The word is derived from the Old German aha, cognate to 
the Latin aqua, water (cf. Ger.-ach; Scand. a, aa, 
pronounced o).  The following are the more important 
streams of this name:--Two rivers in the west of Russia, both 
falling into the Gulf of Riga, near Riga, which is situated 
between them; a river in the north of France, falling into 
the sea below Gravelines, and navigable as far as St Omer; 
and a river of Switzerland, in the cantons of Lucerne and 
Aargau, which carries the waters of Lakes Baldegger and 
Hallwiler into the Aar. In Germany there are the Westphalian 
Aa, rising in the Teutoburger Wald, and joining the Werre at 
Herford, the Munster Aa, a tributary of the Ems, and others. 

Source:  An unnamed encyclopedia from a project that puts out-of-copyright texts into the public domain.
This is from a *very* old source, and reflects the thinking of the turn of the last century.