07-chambers-v3 Biographies

Missing: WP = 1584 ; EB = 5904 ; neither = 1187 .

Of 18495 entries: I guess that 2257 are female, 15775 are male and 463 are unknown. That is, females are 0.13 of the gender-known population. Of the Wikipedia articles, females are 0.12 (1975/(14907+1975)); and 0.10 (1255/(11322+1255)) at Britannica.

Existing median word count (for articles that exist in each work alone): WP = 855 ; EB = 290 . WP median article size is roughly 2.0 times larger.

Five figure summaries for existing articles.

WP:  Min.     8   1st Qu.   436   3rd Qu.  1797   Median   855   Max. 25784   Mean  1519  
EB:  Min.    14   1st Qu.   204   3rd Qu.   439   Median   290   Max. 17506   Mean   435  

Mutual median word count (for articles that exist in both works only):, WP median = 997 words, EB = 291 . Mutual WP median article size is roughly 3.4 times larger.

size distribution

Name Wikipedia Words Britannica Words
Gilbert Abbott À Beckett Gilbert Abbott à Beckett 234 0
Alvar Aalto Alvar Aalto 1438 Alvar Aalto (Finnish architect) 654
Wäinö Aaltonen Wäinö Aaltonen 282 0
Aaron Aaron 3742 Aaron (biblical figure) 1127
Hank Aaron Hank Aaron 4156 Hank Aaron (American athlete and executive) 335
Ivar Andreas Aasen Ivar Aasen 684 Ivar Aasen (Norwegian scholar) 221
Sani Abacha Sani Abacha 804 Sani Abacha (Nigerian military leader) 363
Magdalena Abakanowicz Magdalena Abakanowicz 1780 Magdalena Abakanowicz (Polish artist) 279
Leonid Ivanovich Abalkin Leonid Abalkin 136 0
Claudio Abbado Claudio Abbado 806 Claudio Abbado (Italian music director) 209
al-'Abbas 0 Abu al-'Abbas as-Saffah (Abbasid caliph) 141
Ferhat Abbas Ferhat Abbas 425 Ferhat Abbas (president of Algeria) 573
Abbas Hilmi Pasha 0 0
Abbas I the Great Abbas I of Persia 4164 Abbas I (Safavid shah of Persia) 354
Mahmoud Abbas Mahmoud Abbas 2965 Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian leader) 379
Niccolò dell' Abbate OR Abati Niccolò dell'Abbate 376 Niccolo dell'Abate (Italian painter) 402
Cleveland Abbe Cleveland Abbe 1084 Cleveland Abbe (American meteorologist) 123
Ernst Abbe Ernst Abbe 561 Ernst Abbe (German physicist) 195
Charles Greely Abbot Charles Greeley Abbot 288 Charles Greeley Abbot (American astrophysicist) 404
Ezra Abbot Ezra Abbot 382 0
Berenice Abbott Berenice Abbott 1547 Berenice Abbott (American photographer) 440
Bud Abbott Bud Abbott 1115 Bud Abbott (American actor) 156
Diane Julie Abbott Diane Abbott 1137 Diane Abbott (British politician) 298
George Francis Abbott George Abbott 615 George Abbott (American director) 240
Grace Abbott Grace Abbott 450 Grace Abbott (American social worker) 600
Jacob Abbott Jacob Abbott 342 Jacob Abbott (American author) 169
Robert Sengstacke Abbott Robert Sengstacke Abbott 1098 Robert S. Abbott (American publisher) 136
Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott John Abbott 1167 Sir John Abbott (prime minister of Canada) 236
Ibrahim Abboud Ibrahim Abboud 1053 0
Awni Abd al-Hadi Awni Abd al-Hadi 497 0
Abd-ar-Rahman Abd ar-Rahman I 3735 Abd ar-Rahman (sultan of Morocco) 232
Abd-ar-Rahman Abd ar-Rahman I 3735 Abd ar-Rahman (sultan of Morocco) 232
Abd-ar-Rahman Abd ar-Rahman I 3735 Abd ar-Rahman (sultan of Morocco) 232
Abd-ar-Rahman I Abd ar-Rahman I 3735 Abd ar-Rahman (sultan of Morocco) 232
Abd-ar-Rahman II Abd ar-Rahman II 247 Abd ar-Rahman II (Spanish Umayyad ruler) 123
Abd-ar-Rahman III Abd-ar-Rahman III 3075 Abd al-Rahman III (Umayyad caliph) 742
Abd-el-Kader Abd al-Qadir 1249 Abdelkader (Algerian leader) 978
Abd-el-Krim Abd el-Krim 931 Abd el-Krim (Berber leader) 477
Muhammad Abduh Muhammad Abduh 981 Muhammad 'Abduh (Egyptian scholar and jurist) 306
Tunka Putra Abdul Rahman 0 0
Abd-ul-Aziz Abdul Aziz [disambiguated] 733 Abdulaziz (Ottoman sultan) 307
Abd-ul-Hamid II Abdul Hamid II 5257 Abdulhamid II (Ottoman sultan) 406
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 4439 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (American basketball player) 448
Abdullah Abdullah of Saudi Arabia 1400 0
Abdullah ibn Hussein 0 0
Abdullah ibn Hussein 0 0
Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Sheikh Abdullah 3780 Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah (Indian political leader) 430
Abdüllhak Hamid Tarhan 0 0
Abd-ul-Medjid 0 Abdulmecid I (Ottoman sultan) 450
Abe Kobo Kōbō Abe 735 Abe Kobo (Japanese author) 477
Richard Abegg Richard Abegg 415 Richard Wilhelm Heinrich Abegg (German chemist) 119
John Jacob Abel John Jacob Abel 209 John Jacob Abel (American physiological chemist) 103
Niels Henrik Abel Niels Henrik Abel 2034 Niels Henrik Abel (Norwegian mathematician) 661
Sir Frederick Augustus Abel Frederick Abel 541 Sir Frederick Augustus Abel (British chemist) 176
Peter Abelard OR Abailard Peter Abelard 2992 Peter Abelard (French theologian and poet) 935
Kjeld Abell Kjeld Abell 553 Kjeld Abell (Danish dramatist) 129
Philip Hauge Abelson Philip Abelson 867 Philip Hauge Abelson (American scientist) 264
Sir Patrick Abercrombie Patrick Abercrombie 437 Sir Patrick Abercrombie (British architect) 270
Sir Ralph Abercromby Ralph Abercromby 1303 Sir Ralph Abercromby (British general) 223
Henry Austin Bruce 1st Baron Aberdare Henry Bruce, 1st Baron Aberdare 776 0
George Hamilton Gordon 4th Earl of Aberdeen George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen 856 George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th earl of Aberdeen (prime minister of ... 355
James Campbell Hamilton Gordon 7th Earl of Aberdeen and 1st Marquis 0 0
William Aberhart William Aberhart 2648 William Aberhart (Canadian politician) 197
Ralph David Abernathy Ralph Abernathy 2745 Ralph David Abernathy (American religious leader and civil-rights ... 305
Frances Abington Frances Abington 354 Fanny Abington (British actress) 205
Moshood Kastumawo Abiola 0 0
Sir William de Wiveleslie Abney William de Wiveleslie Abney 337 Sir William de Wiveleslie Abney (British chemist and photographer ... 126
Edmond François Valentin About Edmond François Valentin About 589 0
Abraham OR Abram Abraham 3892 Abraham (Hebrew patriarch) 2050
Sir Edward Penley Abraham Edward Abraham 202 Sir Edward Penley Abraham (British biochemist) 95
William Abraham William Abraham [disambiguated] 156 0
Creighton Williams Abrams Creighton Abrams 1403 Creighton Williams Abrams, Jr. (United States general ... 367
Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov 407 0
Absalom Absalom 1491 Absalom (biblical figure) 210
Absalon OR Axel Axel [disambiguated] 114 Richard Axel (American scientist) 321
Dannie Abse Dannie Abse 314 Dannie Abse (British writer) 336
Tomma Abts Tomma Abts 645 0
Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani 328 0
Abu al-Fida Abu'l-Fida 286 Abu al-Fida' (Ayyubid ruler and author) 236
Abu Bakr Abu Bakr 9600 Abu Bakr (Muslim caliph) 216
Abu Nidal Abu Nidal 7817 Abu Nidal (Palestinian leader) 441
Abu Nuwas Abu Nuwas 979 Abu Nuwas (Persian poet) 233
Abu Tammam Abu Tammam 442 Abu Tammam (Syrian poet) 190
Abdulsalam Abubakar Abdulsalami Abubakar 518 Abdusalam Abubakar (head of state of Nigeria) 227
Bella Abzug Bella Abzug 915 Bella Abzug (American politician) 474
Friedrich Accum Friedrich Accum 5089 0
Franz Karl Achard Franz Karl Achard 643 Franz Karl Achard (German chemist) 89
Ignatius Katu Acheampong 0 0
Chinua Achebe Chinua Achebe 9479 Chinua Achebe (Nigerian author) 501
Andreas Achenbach Andreas Achenbach 211 Andreas Achenbach (German painter) 100
Dean Gooderham Acheson Dean Acheson 1726 Dean Acheson (United States statesman) 490
Edward Goodrich Acheson Edward Goodrich Acheson 301 Edward Goodrich Acheson (American inventor) 227
Gerrit Achterberg Gerrit Achterberg 472 Gerrit Achterberg (Dutch poet) 238
Janet Achurch Janet Achurch 377 0
Kathy Acker 0 0
J R Ackerley J. R. Ackerley 1976 J.R. Ackerley (British writer and editor) 285
Rudolph Ackermann Rudolph Ackermann 309 0
Peter Ackroyd Peter Ackroyd 810 Peter Ackroyd (British author, biographer, critic and scholar ... 234
Sir Arthur Herbert Dyke Acland 0 0
Sir Richard Thomas Dyke Acland Richard Acland 414 0
Gabriel Acosta 0 Uriel Acosta (Jewish philosopher) 299
John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton 1st Baron Acton John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton 2099 John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, 1st Baron Acton (English ... 241
Sir Harold Mario Acton Harold Acton 886 Sir Harold Mario Mitchell Acton (British writer) 253
Sir John Francis Edward Acton 0 Sir John Francis Edward Acton, 6th Baronet (prime minister of the ... 294
John Adair John Adair 1328 John Adair (Scottish surveyor) 181
John Eric Adair John Adair (author) 206 0
Red Adair Red Adair 700 Red Adair (American firefighter) 223
Adalbert Adalbert of Prague 1233 Saint Adalbert (bishop of Prague) 217
St Adalbert Saint Adalbert [disambiguated] 1233 Saint Adalbert (bishop of Prague) 217
St Adalbert Saint Adalbert [disambiguated] 1233 Saint Adalbert (bishop of Prague) 217
Adolphe Charles Adam Adolphe Adam 451 Adolphe Adam (French composer) 115
James Adam James Adam [disambiguated] 290 The Works in Architecture of Robert and James Adam (work by Adam ... 95
Juliette Adam Juliette Adam 333 0
Lambert Sigisbert Adam Lambert-Sigisbert Adam 738 Lambert-Sigisbert Adam (French sculptor) 118
Leonhard Adam 0 0
Adam of Bremen Adam of Bremen 651 Adam Of Bremen (German historian) 167
Paul Auguste Marie Adam 0 0
Robert Adam Robert Adam 1651 Robert Adam (Scottish architect) 1836
Louis Adamic Louis Adamic 683 Louis Adamic (American author) 259
Arthur Adamov Arthur Adamov 405 Arthur Adamov (French author) 433
Abigail Adams Abigail Adams 1975 Abigail Adams (American first lady) 1081
Ansel Easton Adams Ansel Adams 4947 0
Brooks Adams Brooks Adams 247 Brooks Adams (American historian) 348
Bryan Guy Adams Bryan Adams 4445 0
Charles Francis Adams Charles Francis Adams [disambiguated] 233 Charles Francis Adams (American diplomat) 491
Douglas Noël Adams Douglas Adams 6240 Douglas Adams (British author) 269
Eddie Adams Eddie Adams (photographer) 351 Eddie Adams (American photojournalist) 118
Gerry Adams Gerry Adams 3144 Gerry Adams (Irish leader) 678
Hannah Adams Hannah Adams 484 Hannah Adams (American historian) 347
Henry Brooks Adams Henry Adams 1726 Henry Adams (American historian) 1453
Herbert Baxter Adams Herbert Baxter Adams 395 Herbert Baxter Adams (American historian and educator ... 231
James Truslow Adams James Truslow Adams 765 0
John Adams John Adams 7579 John Adams (president of United States) 2789
John Adams John Adams 7579 John Adams (president of United States) 2789
John Coolidge Adams John Adams (composer) 3920 John Adams (American composer and conductor) 853
John Couch Adams John Couch Adams 2273 John Couch Adams (British astronomer) 211
John Quincy Adams John Quincy Adams 4446 John Quincy Adams (president of United States) 3463
Maude Adams Maude Adams 1988 Maude Adams (American actress) 229
Richard George Adams Richard Adams 555 0
Samuel Adams Samuel Adams 8504 Samuel Adams (American politician) 920
Sir Grantley Herbert Adams Grantley Herbert Adams 479 0
Sir John Adams John Adams (physicist) 198 0
Truda Adams 0 0
Walter Sydney Adams Walter Sydney Adams 271 Walter Adams (American astronomer) 124
Will Adams William Adams (sailor) 5513 William Adams (English navigator) 203
William Bridges Adams William Bridges Adams 579 0
Joy Friederike Victoria Adamson Joy Adamson 1797 Joy Adamson (conservationist) 216
Robert Adamson Robert Adamson [disambiguated] 194 Robert Adamson (Scottish photographer) 192
Michel Adanson Michel Adanson 731 Michel Adanson (French botanist) 220
Fleur Adcock Fleur Adcock 233 Fleur Adcock (New Zealand poet) 182
Charles Samuel Addams Charles Addams 1522 Charles Addams (American cartoonist) 195
Jane Addams Jane Addams 2312 Jane Addams (American social reformer) 567
Christopher Addison 1st Viscount Addison Christopher Addison, 1st Viscount Addison 1585 Christopher Addison, Ist Viscount Addison (British statesman ... 342
Joseph Addison Joseph Addison 2203 Joseph Addison (English author) 1387
Thomas Addison Thomas Addison 1034 Thomas Addison (British physician) 147
George Ade George Ade 779 George Ade (American playwright) 212
Adela Adela [disambiguated] 956 Adela Rogers St. Johns (American journalist and writer ... 405
Queen Adelaide Crown of Queen Adelaide 365 Queen Adelaide Province (historical colony, Southern Africa ... 84
St Adelaide 0 Saint Adelaide (empress of Italy) 331
Adelard Adelard of Bath 586 Adelard Of Bath (English philosopher) 145
Konrad Adenauer Konrad Adenauer 4621 Konrad Adenauer (chancellor of West Germany) 1027
Clément Ader Clément Ader 752 Clement Ader (French inventor) 445
Thomas Joseph Edmund Adès Thomas Adès 1541 Thomas Ades (British composer) 84
Kate Adie Kate Adie 578 0
Isabelle Jasmine Adjani Isabelle Adjani 581 0
Alfred Adler Alfred Adler 4341 Alfred Adler (Austrian psychiatrist) 652
Cyrus Adler Cyrus Adler 235 Cyrus Adler (American scholar) 261
Dankmar Adler Dankmar Adler 184 Dankmar Adler (American architect) 218
Felix Adler Felix Adler [disambiguated] 1037 Felix Adler (American educator) 195
Jankel Adler Jankel Adler 451 0
Larry Adler Larry Adler 752 Larry Adler (American musician) 319
Stella Adler 0 0
Adolf Frederick Adolf Frederick of Sweden 616 0
St Adomnan OR Adamnan Adomnán 690 Saint Adamnan (Irish abbot and scholar) 270
Theodor Adorno Theodor W. Adorno 3768 Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno (German philosopher and music critic ... 316
Adrian IV Pope Adrian IV 1319 Adrian IV (pope) 326
Edgar Douglas Adrian 1st Baron Adrian Edgar Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian 571 Edgar Douglas Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian (British ... 235
Adrian VI Pope Adrian VI 1261 Adrian VI (pope) 215
Endre Ady Endre Ady 1066 Endre Ady (Hungarian poet) 434
Ælfric Ælfric [disambiguated] 1621 Aelfric (Anglo-Saxon scholar) 88
Aelian Aelian [disambiguated] 446 Aelian (Roman author and teacher) 154
Aenesidemus Aenesidemus 938 Aenesidemus (Greek philosopher) 79
Pieter Aertsen Pieter Aertsen 171 0
Aeschines Aeschines 650 Aeschines (Greek orator) 350
Aeschylus Aeschylus 1118 Aeschylus (Greek dramatist) 1973
Aesop OR Esop Aesop 2927 Aesop (legendary Greek fabulist) 260
Ailred of Rievaulx Ailred of Rievaulx 768 Saint Aelred of Rievaulx (Cistercian monk) 350
Flavius Aëtius Flavius Aetius 3471 Flavius Aetius (Roman general) 294
Michel Aflaq Michel Aflaq 2046 Michel 'Aflaq (Syrian political leader) 494
Sextus Julius Africanus Sextus Julius Africanus 645 Sextus Julius Africanus (Christian historian) 155
Aga Khan III Aga Khan III 1374 Aga Khan III (Nizari imam) 287
Karim Aga Khan IV Aga Khan IV 2066 Aga Khan IV (Nizari imam) 183
Abel Gazevich Aganbegyan 0 0
Andre Agassi Andre Agassi 4978 Andre Agassi (American tennis player) 637
Alexander Emmanuel Rodolphe Agassiz 0 Alexander Agassiz (Swiss scientist) 301
Elizabeth Cabot Cary Agassiz Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz 107 Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz (American educator and naturalist ... 368
Louis Agassiz Louis Agassiz 3370 Louis Agassiz (Swiss-American scientist and educator ... 844
James Evershed Agate James Agate 1577 James Agate (British author) 197
St Agatha St. Agatha, Maine 345 Saint Agatha (Sicilian martyr) 125
Agatharcos Agatharchus 373 0
Agathocles Agathocles 620 Agathocles (tyrant of Syracuse) 292
James Agee James Agee 1199 James Agee (American author) 507
Agesilaus Agesilaus II 1705 Agesilaus II (king of Sparta) 405
Sven Aggesen Sven Aggesen 717 0
Agis IV Agis IV 1129 Agis IV (king of Sparta) 297
Giovanni Agnelli Gianni Agnelli 1866 Giovanni Agnelli (Italian industrialist [1866-1945]) 247
St Agnes of Assisi Agnes of Assisi 403 Saint Clare of Assisi (Roman Catholic abbess) 339
St Agnes St Agnes, Cornwall 1083 0
Maria Gaetana Agnesi Maria Gaetana Agnesi 903 Maria Gaetana Agnesi (Italian mathematician) 286
Spiro T Agnew Spiro Agnew 2669 Spiro T. Agnew (vice president of United States) 507
Shmuel Yosef Agnon Shmuel Yosef Agnon 1667 0
Giacomo Agostini 0 0
Agostino di Duccio Agostino di Duccio 240 Agostino Di Duccio (Italian sculptor) 203
Marie de Flavigny Comtesse d' Agoult 0 0
Peter Courtland Agre 0 0
Georgius Agricola Georgius Agricola 1106 Georgius Agricola (German scholar and scientist) 517
Gnaeus Julius Agricola Gnaeus Julius Agricola 1557 Gnaeus Julius Agricola (Roman general) 237
Johann Agricola Johannes Agricola 521 Johann Agricola (German theologian) 369
Rudolphus Agricola Rodolphus Agricola 1043 0
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa 2722 Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (Roman leader) 1031
Henricus Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim 0 0
the Elder Agrippina Agrippina the Elder 2615 0
the Younger Agrippina Agrippina the Younger 3974 0
Henri François d' Aguesseau Henri François d'Aguesseau 855 0
Demetrio Aguilera Malta Demetrio Aguilera Malta 499 0
Marian Aguilo i Fuster 0 0
Emilio Aguinaldo Emilio Aguinaldo 2119 Emilio Aguinaldo (president of Philippines) 596
José Antonio Aguirre José Antonio Aguirre (politician) 1025 0
Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi 0 0
Jenny Agutter Jenny Agutter 657 0
Ahab Ahab 711 Ahab (king of Israel) 442
Bertie Ahern Bertie Ahern 8264 Bertie Ahern (prime minister of Ireland) 393
Ahmadou Ahidjo Ahmadou Ahidjo 961 Ahmadou Ahidjo (president of Cameroon) 380
Allan Ahlberg Janet and Allan Ahlberg 481 0
Raymond Perry Ahlquist 0 0
Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi 1162 0
Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan Syed Ahmed Khan 3655 Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan (Muslim scholar) 811
Ahmad Shah Durrani Ahmad Shah Durrani 3035 Ahmad Shah Durrani (ruler of Afghanistan) 342
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 5686 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (president of Iran) 996
Ahmed Arabi Ahmed Orabi 909 0
Ahmet I Ahmed I 433 0
Ahmet II Ahmed I 433 0
Ahmet III Ahmed III 778 0
Ahmose I Ahmose I 4475 Ahmose I (king of Egypt) 285
Ahmose II Ahmose [disambiguated] 4475 0
Hélène Ahrweiler Helene Ahrweiler 207 0
Ai Qing Ai Qing 444 Ai Qing (Chinese poet) 276
St Aidan Aidan [disambiguated] 192 Saint Aidan (bishop of Lindisfarne) 187
Mohamed Farah Aidid 0 0
Conrad Potter Aiken Conrad Aiken 914 Conrad Aiken (American writer) 414
Howard Hathaway Aiken Howard H. Aiken 414 Howard Hathaway Aiken (American mathematician and inventor ... 238
Joan Delano Aiken Joan Aiken 710 Joan Aiken (British author) 332
Alvin Ailey Jr Alvin Ailey 2159 Alvin Ailey, Jr. (American choreographer) 214
Pierre d' Ailly Pierre d'Ailly 495 Pierre d'Ailly (French cardinal) 432
Gustave Aimard Gustave Aimard 544 Gustave Aimard (French writer) 171
Max Emanuel Ainmiller OR Ainmüller Max Emanuel Ainmiller 280 0
William Harrison Ainsworth William Harrison Ainsworth 3482 William Harrison Ainsworth (British author) 250
Anna Airy Anna Airy 66 0
Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw 93 0
Sir George Biddell Airy George Biddell Airy 2632 Sir George Biddell Airy (British astronomer) 411
Aïshah Aisha 2327 A'ishah (wife of Muhammad) 275
John Aitken John Aitken (scientist) 249 John Aitken (British physicist and meteorologist) 102
Robert Grant Aitken Robert Grant Aitken 162 Robert Grant Aitken (American astronomer) 103
Sir Max Aitken Sir Max Aitken, 2nd Baronet 564 0
Akahito Yamabe no Yamabe no Akahito 133 Yamabe Akahito (Japanese poet) 69
Akbar the Great Tomb of Akbar the Great 389 India :: The reign of Akbar the Great 3239
Carl Ethan Akeley Carl Akeley 708 Carl E. Akeley (American naturalist and explorer) 300
George A Akerlof George Akerlof 663 George A. Akerlof (American economist) 242
Chantal Akerman Chantal Akerman 377 0
Benjamin Paul Akers Benjamin Paul Akers 135 0
Akhenaten Akhenaten 7476 0
Anna Akhmatova Anna Akhmatova 2881 Anna Akhmatova (Russian poet) 1315
Sergei Fyodorovich Akhromeyev Sergey Akhromeyev 314 0
Keiiti Aki Keiiti Aki 170 Keiiti Aki (Japanese seismologist) 254
Akihito Akihito 1117 Akihito (emperor of Japan [born 1933]) 283
Zoë Akins Zoë Akins 537 0
Akiva OR Akiba ben Joseph Akiva ben Joseph 7837 Akiba ben Joseph (Jewish sage and rabbinic founder) 874
Akong Tulku Rinpoche Akong Rinpoche 500 0
Sergei Timofeyevich Aksakov 0 Sergey Timofeyevich Aksakov (Russian author) 357
St Marguerite Marie Alacoque Marguerite Marie Alacoque 960 0
Alain-Fournier Alain-Fournier 588 Alain-Fournier (French author) 152
Lucas Alamán Lucas Alamán 799 Lucas Alaman (Mexican politician) 272
Alan Francis Brooke 1st Viscount Alanbrooke Alan Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke 3425 Alan Francis Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke (British field ... 280
Juan Ruiz de Alarcón Juan Ruiz de Alarcón 827 Juan Ruiz de Alarcon (Spanish dramatist) 239
Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Pedro Antonio de Alarcón 134 Pedro Antonio de Alarcon y Ariza (Spanish writer) 231
Alaric I Alaric I 2519 Alaric (leader of Visigoths) 428
Alaric II Alaric II 460 Alaric II (king of Visigoths) 148
Leopoldo Alas Leopoldo Alas 433 Leopoldo Alas (Spanish writer) 493
Don Miguel Ricardo de Alava 0 0
St Alban Saint Alban 1314 Saint Alban (British martyr) 128
Francesco Albani Francesco Albani 1012 Francesco Albani (Italian painter) 213
Louisa Caroline Countess of Albany 0 0
Damon Albarn Damon Albarn 2536 0
Edward Franklin III Albee Edward Albee 786 0
Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz Isaac Albéniz 1832 Isaac Albeniz (Spanish composer) 259
Juan Bautista Alberdi Juan Bautista Alberdi 861 Juan Bautista Alberdi (Argentine political philosopher ... 211
Giulio Alberoni Giulio Alberoni 1204 Giulio Alberoni (Italian statesman) 382
Josef Albers Josef Albers 770 Josef Albers (American painter) 360
Albert Albert Einstein 9910 Albert Einstein (American physicist) 4296
Albert Albert Einstein 9910 Albert Einstein (American physicist) 4296
Carl Bert Albert Carl Albert 1576 Carl Albert (American politician) 370
Eugen Francis Charles d' Albert 0 0
Albert I Albert I of Belgium 1921 Albert I (king of Belgium) 300
Albert I Albert I of Belgium 1921 Albert I (king of Belgium) 300
Albert II Albert II of Belgium 1164 Albert II (Holy Roman emperor) 147
Albert III Albert III, Duke of Austria 356 Albert III (duke of Austria) 242
Prince Albert Prince Albert piercing 997 Prince Albert (Saskatchewan, Canada) 162
Albert V Albert V, Duke of Bavaria 659 Albert V (duke of Bavaria) 79
Albert VII Albert VII [disambiguated] 2346 Albert VII (archduke of Austria) 270
Leon Battista Alberti Leon Battista Alberti 3667 Leon Battista Alberti (Italian architect and author) 1608
Rafael Merello Alberti Rafael Alberti 648 0
St Graf von Bollstädt Albertus Magnus Albertus Magnus 1981 0
Eleazar Albin Eleazar Albin 111 0
Tomasso Giovanni Albinoni Tomaso Albinoni 632 Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni (Italian composer) 169
Alboin Alboin 5448 Alboin (king of Lombardy) 234
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger Johann Georg Albrechtsberger 494 Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (Austrian composer) 205
Ivan Le Lorraine Albright Ivan Albright 963 Ivan Albright (American painter) 323
Madeleine Korbel Albright Madeleine Albright 3649 Madeleine Albright (United States statesman) 411
William Foxwell Albright William F. Albright 971 0
Albumazar OR Abu-Mashar Albumazar (play) 348 Albumazar (Muslim astrologer) 163
Afonso de Albuquerque Afonso de Albuquerque 5309 Afonso de Albuquerque, the Great (Portuguese conqueror ... 1003
Alcaeus Alcaeus [disambiguated] 233 Alcaeus (Greek poet) 758
Niceto Alcalá Zamora Niceto Alcalá-Zamora 1095 Niceto Alcala Zamora (president of Spain) 277
Alcamenes Alcamenes 291 Alcamenes (Greek sculptor) 93
Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour 1st Baron Alcester Beauchamp Seymour, 1st Baron Alcester 264 0
Alciati Enrique Alciati 348 0
Alcibiades Alcibiades 7579 Alcibiades (Athenian politician and general) 1027
Alciphron Alciphron 41 Alciphron (Greek rhetorician) 105
Alcmaeon Alcmaeon [disambiguated] 686 Alcmaeon (Greek philosopher and physiologist) 101
Sir John William Alcock John Alcock (RAF officer) 492 Sir John William Alcock (British aviator) 260
Bronson Alcott Amos Bronson Alcott 1827 Bronson Alcott (American philosopher and educator) 331
Louisa M Alcott Louisa May Alcott 1261 Louisa May Alcott (American author) 588
Joan Alcover 0 0
Alcuin Alcuin 2066 Alcuin (Anglo-Saxon scholar) 423
Alan Alda Alan Alda 1643 Alan Alda (American actor, director, and screenwriter ... 189
John Alden John Alden 760 John Alden and Priscilla Alden (English colonists) 373
Kurt Alder Kurt Alder 232 Kurt Alder (German chemist) 306
St Aldhelm OR Ealdhelm Aldhelm 1578 Aldhelm (abbot of Malmesbury) 284
Richard Aldington Richard Aldington 1638 Richard Aldington (English author) 268
Brian Wilson Aldiss Brian Aldiss 913 Brian W. Aldiss (English author) 192
Aldred OR Ealdred Ealdred (archbishop) 3611 Ealdred (Anglo-Saxon archbishop) 215
Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich Nelson W. Aldrich 890 Nelson W. Aldrich (United States senator) 171
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Thomas Bailey Aldrich 628 Thomas Bailey Aldrich (American writer) 175
James Aldridge 0 0
Ira Frederick Aldridge Ira Aldridge 993 Ira Frederick Aldridge (British actor) 169
Buzz Aldrin Buzz Aldrin 2630 Buzz Aldrin (American astronaut) 341
Ulisse Aldrovandi Ulisse Aldrovandi 547 Ulisse Aldrovandi (Italian naturalist) 286
Aldus Manutius Aldus Manutius 1783 Aldus Manutius the Elder (Italian printer) 356
Aleardo Count Aleardi 0 Aleardo, Count Aleardi (Italian poet and politician) 200
Ezekiel Alebua Ezekiel Alebua 127 0
Sholem Aleichem Sholem Aleichem 1448 Sholem Aleichem (Yiddish author) 278
Vicente Aleixandre Vicente Aleixandre 206 Vicente Aleixandre (Spanish poet) 266
Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine Alexander Alekhine 7249 0
Pavel Sergeyevich Aleksandrov Pavel Aleksandrov (footballer) 59 Pavel Sergeevich Aleksandrov (Soviet mathematician) 481
Mikhail Vasilevich Alekseyev 0 0
Vasily Alekseyev Vasiliy Alekseyev 471 Vasily Ivanovich Alekseyev (Soviet athlete) 317
Arnoldo Alemán Lacayo Arnoldo Alemán 1062 0
Mateo Alemán Mateo Alemán 354 Mateo Aleman (Spanish author) 191
Jean le Rond d' Alembert Jean le Rond d'Alembert 882 Jean Le Rond d'Alembert (French mathematician and philosopher ... 1803
Arturo Alessandri Palma Arturo Alessandri 1462 Arturo Alessandri Palma (president of Chile) 287
Galeazzo Alessi Galeazzo Alessi 180 0
Bill Alexander Bill Alexander (director) 80 0
Cecil Frances Alexander Cecil Frances Alexander 241 0
Franz Gabriel Alexander Franz Alexander 429 Franz Alexander (Hungarian physician and psychoanalyst ... 382
Alexander I Alexander I of Russia 4807 Alexander I (emperor of Russia) 2492
Alexander I Alexander I of Russia 4807 Alexander I (emperor of Russia) 2492
Alexander I Alexander I of Russia 4807 Alexander I (emperor of Russia) 2492
Alexander II Alexander II of Russia 3283 Alexander II (emperor of Russia) 399
Alexander II Alexander II of Russia 3283 Alexander II (emperor of Russia) 399
Alexander III Alexander III of Russia 2624 Alexander III (emperor of Russia) 1035
Alexander III Alexander III of Russia 2624 Alexander III (emperor of Russia) 1035
Alexander III Alexander III of Russia 2624 Alexander III (emperor of Russia) 1035
Jean Alexander Shana Alexander 529 0
John White Alexander John White Alexander 430 John White Alexander (American artist [1856-195]) 93
Alexander Nevsky Alexander Nevsky 1819 Saint Alexander Nevsky (prince of Russia) 932
Alexander of Hales Alexander of Hales 733 Alexander Of Hales (French theologian and philosopher ... 257
Alexander of Tralles Alexander of Tralles 456 0
Sir Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander 1st Earl Alexander 0 Harold Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander (British general ... 305
Samuel Alexander Samuel Alexander 1978 Samuel Alexander (British philosopher) 260
Alexander Severus Alexander Severus 988 Severus Alexander (Roman emperor) 386
Sir Kenneth John Wilson Alexander 0 0
Alexander the Great Alexander the Great 9403 Alexander the Great (king of Macedonia) 5381
Alexander VI Pope Alexander VI 5575 Alexander VI (pope) 947
Alexander VII Pope Alexander VII 22 Alexander VII (pope) 145
Alexander VIII Pope Alexander VIII 480 Alexander VIII (pope) 315
Ernst Frederick Werner Alexanderson Ernst Alexanderson 409 0
Alexandra Fyodorovna Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse) 7101 0
Princess Alexandra Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy 1491 0
Queen Alexandra Crown of Queen Alexandra 370 Queen Alexandra Range (mountains, Antarctica) 110
Alexis Alexis 462 Alexis de Tocqueville (French historian and political writer ... 1857
Alexis OR Aleksei I Mikhailovich Alexis of Russia 1307 0
Alexis OR Aleksei Petrovich 0 Alexis (prince of Russia [1690-1718]) 336
Alexius I Comnenus Alexios I Komnenos 2467 Alexius I Comnenus (Byzantine emperor) 798
Zhores I Alferov Zhores Alferov 560 Zhores Alferov (Russian physicist) 198
Vittorio Count Alfieri Vittorio Alfieri 2151 Vittorio, Count Alfieri (Italian author) 439
Raúl Ricardo Alfonsin Raúl Alfonsín 4503 Raul Alfonsin (president of Argentina) 489
Alfonso I Alfonso I of Asturias 304 Alfonso I (king of Aragon and Navarre) 269
Alfonso III Alfonso III of León 360 Alfonso III (king of Asturias) 196
Alfonso V Alfonso V of Aragon 1691 Alfonso V (king of Aragon and Naples) 219
Alfonso VIII Alfonso VIII of Castile 867 Alfonso VIII (king of Castile) 170
Alfonso X Alfonso X of Castile 2006 Alfonso X (king of Castile and Leon) 502
Alfonso XII Alfonso XII of Spain 1256 Alfonso XII (king of Spain) 345
Alfonso XIII Alfonso XIII of Spain 1907 Alfonso XIII (king of Spain) 501
Kenneth Alford Kenneth Alford 692 0
Alfred Alfred Pennyworth 3412 Alfred Eisenstaedt (American photographer) 276
Hannes Olof Gösta Alfvén Hannes Alfvén 1430 Hannes Alfven (Swedish physicist) 339
Hugo Emil Alfvén Hugo Alfvén 930 0
Alessandro Algardi Alessandro Algardi 1216 Alessandro Algardi (Italian sculptor) 500
Horatio Alger Horatio Alger, Jr. 1901 Horatio Alger (American author) 467
Nelson Algren Nelson Algren 2507 Nelson Algren (American writer) 484
Alhazen Alhazen 6846 0
Ali Muhammad Ali 6277 Muhammad Ali (American boxer) 1696
Ali Bey Ali Bey Al-Kabir 214 Ali Bey (Mamluk governor of Egypt) 167
Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali 6277 Muhammad Ali (American boxer) 1696
Maulana Muhammad Ali Maulana Muhammad Ali 343 Muhammad Ali (American boxer) 1696
Maulana Shaukat Ali Maulana Shaukat Ali 304 0
Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali 6277 Muhammad Ali (American boxer) 1696
Ali Pasha Ali Pasha 1471 Ali Pasha Mubarak (Egyptian administrator and author ... 273
Ramiz Alia Ramiz Alia 1004 Ramiz Alia (president of Albania) 434
Alice Maud Mary 0 0
Heydar Aliyevich Aliyev 0 0
Alkan Charles-Valentin Alkan 2409 Valentin Alkan (French pianist and composer) 260
Maurice Allais Maurice Allais 676 Maurice Allais (French economist) 287
David Allan David Allen [disambiguated] 1462 0
Sir Hugh Allan Hugh Allan 1275 Sir Hugh Allan (Canadian financier) 167
Sir William Allan William Allan (painter) 97 0
Iyad Allawi Ayad Allawi 3705 0
Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt Thomas Clifford Allbutt 114 Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt (British physician and inventor ... 186
Ethan Allen Ethan Allen 7667 Ethan Allen (United States soldier) 173
Florence Ellinwood Allen Florence Ellinwood Allen 2688 Florence Ellinwood Allen (American jurist) 336
George Allen George Allen (U.S. politician) 4173 George Allen (American football coach) 209
Gracie Allen Gracie Allen 2394 Gracie Allen (American comedian) 271
Ralph Allen Ralph Allen 652 Ralph Allen (British merchant) 143
Richard Allen Richard Allen (bishop) 1311 Richard Allen (American clergyman) 215
Sir Geoffrey Allen Geoffrey Allen 224 0
Sir Harry Brookes Allen Harry Brookes Allen 1279 0
Walter Ernest Allen Walter Allen 159 Walter Allen (British writer) 247
William Allen William Allen [disambiguated] 634 William Allen (English cardinal) 298
Hervey Allen Hervey Allen 248 Hervey Allen (American author) 233
Woody Allen Woody Allen 6346 Woody Allen (American actor and director) 651
Edmund Henry Hynman 1st Viscount Allenby Edmund Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby 3069 Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby (British field ... 309
Salvador Allende Salvador Allende 5227 Salvador Allende (president of Chile) 545
Isabel Allende Isabel Allende 1747 Isabel Allende (Chilean American author) 431
Rewi Alley Rewi Alley 1046 0
Edward Alleyn Edward Alleyn 1143 Edward Alleyn (English actor) 185
Sara Allgood Sara Allgood 223 Sara Allgood (Irish actress) 320
Margery Louise Allingham Margery Allingham 999 Margery Allingham (British author) 195
William Allingham William Allingham 453 0
Peter Alliss Peter Alliss 602 0
Yigal Allon Yigal Allon 722 Yigal Allon (Israeli politician) 342
Alessandro Allori Alessandro Allori 494 0
Samuel Allsopp Samuel Allsopp & Sons 368 0
Washington Allston Washington Allston 383 Washington Allston (American painter and author) 320
William Almack 0 0
Diego de Almagro Diego de Almagro 3105 Diego de Almagro (Spanish conquistador) 206
Brites de Almeida 0 0
Francisco de Almeida Francisco de Almeida 1444 Francisco de Almeida (viceroy of India) 235
João Baptista da Silva Leitão Almeida-Garrett Almeida Garrett 1536 Joao Baptista da Silva Leitao de Almeida Garrett, viscount de ... 365
Giorgio Almirante 0 0
Pedro Almodóvar Pedro Almodóvar 4843 Pedro Almodovar (Spanish director) 45
Almoravids 0 Almoravids (Berber confederation) 546
Carl Jonas Love Almquist OR Almqvist Carl Jonas Love Almqvist 424 Carl Jonas Love Almqvist (Swedish author) 338
Alicia Alonso 0 Alicia Alonso (Cuban dancer) 318
Dámaso Alonso Dámaso Alonso 378 Damaso Alonso (Spanish writer) 228
Mateo Alonso 0 Mateo Alonso (South American sculptor) 91
Alp Arslan Alp Arslan 1323 Alp-Arslan (Seljuq sultan) 809
Ralph Asher Alpher Ralph Asher Alpher 1683 Ralph Asher Alpher (American cosmologist) 106
Prospero Alpino Prospero Alpini 325 Prospero Alpini (Italian scientist) 180
Marin Alsop Marin Alsop 631 Marin Alsop (American conductor) 479
Will Alsop Will Alsop 1152 0
Richard John William Alston 0 0
Albrecht Altdorfer Albrecht Altdorfer 798 Albrecht Altdorfer (German artist) 284
David Alter David Alter 571 0
John Peter Altgeld John Peter Altgeld 1367 John Peter Altgeld (governor of Illinois, United States ... 338
Louis Althusser Louis Althusser 4541 Louis Althusser (French scholar) 518
Thomas Jonathan Jackson Altizer Thomas J. J. Altizer 695 Thomas J.J. Altizer (American theologian) 160
Robert Altman Robert Altman 2091 Robert Altman (American director) 441
Sidney Altman Sidney Altman 464 Sidney Altman (Canadian-American scientist) 477
Roger Edward Collingwood Altounyan Roger Altounyan 178 0
Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo Duke of Alva OR Alba Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba 1407 Fernando Alvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, 3er ducque de Alba (Spanish ... 1008
Pedro de Alvarado Pedro de Alvarado 1528 Pedro de Alvarado (Spanish conquistador) 357
José Álvarez Jose Alvarez (baseball) 205 Jose Alvarez de Pereira y Cubero (Spanish sculptor) 56
Luis Walter Alvarez Luis Walter Alvarez 3697 Luis W. Alvarez (American physicist) 470
Corrado Alvaro Corrado Alvaro 554 Corrado Alvaro (Italian author) 252
Alypius Alypius of Thagaste 209 Alypius (Greek author) 167
Alois Alzheimer Alois Alzheimer 437 Alois Alzheimer (German neuropathologist) 50
Amadeus VI Amadeus VI, Count of Savoy 667 Amadeus VI (count of Savoy) 375
the Peaceful Amadeus VIII 0 Amadeus VIII (antipope and duke of Savoy) 311
Jorge Amado Jorge Amado 842 Jorge Amado (Brazilian author) 296
Ushio Amagatsu 0 0
Amanullah Khan Amānullāh Khān 596 0
Amarasimha Amarakosha 297 0
Viktor Amazaspovich Ambartsumian 0 Viktor Amazaspovich Ambartsumian (Armenian astronomer ... 802
Bhimrao Ranji Ambedkar 0 0
Eric Ambler Eric Ambler 637 Eric Ambler (British author) 374
Georges d' Amboise Georges d'Amboise 864 Georges d'Amboise (French cardinal and minister of state ... 265
St Ambrose Ambrose 3842 Saint Ambrose (bishop of Milan) 927
Gene Myron Amdahl Gene Amdahl 699 0
Amenhotep II Amenhotep II 2557 Amenhotep II (king of Egypt) 262
Amenhotep III Amenhotep III 2714 Amenhotep III (king of Egypt) 404
John Amery John Amery 1224 0
L S Amery Leo Amery 2056 L.S. Amery (British politician) 251
James Barr Ames James Barr Ames 112 0
Joseph Ames Joseph Ames [disambiguated] 213 0
Leslie Ethelbert George Ames 0 Leslie Ames (British cricketer) 198
William Ames William Ames 1152 William Ames (English theologian) 289
Jeffrey Amherst 1st Baron Amherst Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst 1789 Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst (British army commander ... 273
William Pitt 1st Earl Amherst William Amherst, 1st Earl Amherst 749 William Pitt Amherst, lst Earl Amherst (British diplomat ... 173
Giovanni Battista Amici Giovanni Battista Amici 172 Giovanni Battista Amici (Italian astronomer) 211
Edmondo de Amicis Edmondo De Amicis 504 Edmondo De Amicis (Italian author) 146
Henri Frédéric Amiel Henri-Frédéric Amiel 946 Henri Frederic Amiel (Swiss writer) 105
Sir Hardy Amies Hardy Amies 1207 Sir Hardy Amies (British couturier) 133
Idi Amin Idi Amin 4100 0
Martin Louis Amis Martin Amis 5654 0
Sir Kingsley Amis Kingsley Amis 2976 Sir Kingsley Amis (British author) 342
Jakob Amman Jakob Ammann 492 0
Bartolommeo Ammanati Bartolomeo Ammanati 508 Bartolommeo Ammannati (Italian sculptor and architect ... 340
Othmar Hermann Ammann Othmar Ammann 467 Othmar Herman Ammann (American engineer) 348
Ammianus Marcellinus Ammianus Marcellinus 919 Ammianus Marcellinus (Roman historian) 363
Ammonius Ammonius Saccas 803 Ammonius Saccas (Neoplatonic philosopher) 365
Guillaume Amontons Guillaume Amontons 1158 Guillaume Amontons (French physicist) 142
Derick Heathcoat Amory 1st Viscount Amory Derick Heathcoat-Amory, 1st Viscount Amory 295 0
Thomas Amory Thomas Amory 122 Thomas Amory (British author) 114
Amos Amos (prophet) 831 Amos (Hebrew prophet) 391
Valerie Ann Baroness Amos Valerie Amos, Baroness Amos 899 Valerie Ann Amos, Baroness Amos of Brondesbury (British politician ... 180
Elizabeth Isabel Amour 0 0
André Marie Ampère André-Marie Ampère 662 Andre-Marie Ampere (French physicist) 494
Amr ibn al-'As 'Amr ibn al-'As 1137 Amr ibn al-'As (Arab general) 265
Roald Engelbreth Gravning Amundsen 0 0
Jacques Amyot OR Amiot Jacques Amyot 570 Jacques Amyot (French scholar) 302
Anacharsis Anacharsis 853 Anacharsis (legendary Scythian prince) 125
Anacreon Anacreon 1703 Anacreon (Greek poet) 545
Mulk Raj Anand Mulk Raj Anand 637 Mulk Raj Anand (Indian author) 263
Anastasia Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia 6098 Anastasia (Russian duchess) 285
Anaxagoras Anaxagoras 1074 Anaxagoras (Greek philosopher) 507
Anaximander Anaximander 3809 Anaximander (Greek philosopher) 513
Anaximenes Anaximenes of Miletus 640 Anaximenes Of Miletus (Greek philosopher) 448
Johan Jakob Anckarström Jacob Johan Anckarström 586 0
Michael Andrew Foster Jude Kerr Earl of Ancram Michael Ancram 942 0
Baron de Lussigny Marquis d' Ancre 0 0
Ancus Marcius Ancus Marcius 508 Ancus Marcius (king of Rome) 78
Władysław Anders Władysław Anders 874 Wladyslaw Anders (Polish officer) 229
Hans Christian Andersen Hans Christian Andersen 3213 Hans Christian Andersen (Danish author) 650
Carl David Anderson Carl David Anderson 420 Carl David Anderson (American physicist) 274
Dame Judith Anderson Judith Anderson 1335 Dame Judith Anderson (Australian actress) 217
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Elizabeth Garrett Anderson 853 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (British physician) 126
Ethel Anderson Ethel Anderson 307 0
Gerry Anderson Gerry Anderson 4817 0
James Anderson James Anderson [disambiguated] 151 0
James Anderson James Anderson [disambiguated] 151 0
John Anderson John Anderson (musician) 837 John B. Anderson (American politician) 213
John Anderson John Anderson (musician) 837 John B. Anderson (American politician) 213
John Stuart Anderson John Stuart Anderson 412 0
Lindsay Gordon Anderson Lindsay Anderson 1235 Lindsay Anderson (British critic and director) 278
Margaret C Anderson Margaret Caroline Anderson 1200 0
Marian Anderson Marian Anderson 3152 0
Maxwell Anderson Maxwell Anderson 1216 Maxwell Anderson (American playwright) 269
Philip Warren Anderson Philip Warren Anderson 369 Philip W. Anderson (American physicist) 150
Robert Anderson Robert Anderson (Civil War) 826 William Robert Anderson (American military officer) 119
Sherwood Anderson Sherwood Anderson 793 Sherwood Anderson (American author) 456
Sir James Norman Dalrymple Anderson Norman Anderson (missionary) 629 0
Sir Kenneth Arthur Noel Anderson Kenneth Arthur Noel Anderson 1784 0
Sir Robert Rowand Anderson Robert Rowand Anderson 945 0
Thomas Anderson Tom Anderson (MySpace) 276 Paul Thomas Anderson (American screenwriter and director ... 29
Bibi Andersson Bibi Andersson 453 Bibi Andersson (Swedish actress) 217
Dan Andersson Dan Andersson 861 Dan Andersson (Swedish author) 208
Johan Gunnar Andersson Johan Gunnar Andersson 656 Johan Gunnar Andersson (Swedish archaeologist and geologist ... 233
Karl Johan Andersson Charles John Andersson 496 0
Tadao Ando Tadao Ando 455 Ando Tadao (Japanese architect) 363
Edward Neville da Costa Andrade Edward Andrade 272 0
Julius Count Andrassy 0 Gyula, Count Andrassy (prime minister of Hungary) 399
Carl Andre Carl Andre 965 Carl Andre (American sculptor) 340
John André John André 2645 John Andre (British military officer) 201
Andrea da Firenze Andrea da Firenze 512 Andrea da Firenze (Italian painter) 168
Johann Valentin Andreä Johannes Valentinus Andreae 455 0
Lou Andreas-Salomé Lou Andreas-Salomé 1262 0
Giulio Andreotti Giulio Andreotti 1167 Giulio Andreotti (prime minister of Italy) 436
Mario Gabriele Andretti Mario Andretti 4419 Mario Andretti (American race-car driver) 263
Agnellus Matthew Andrew 0 0
Rob Andrew Rob Andrew 672 0
St Andrew Saint Andrew 2344 Saint Andrew (Christian Apostle) 275
Lancelot Andrewes Lancelot Andrewes 1602 Lancelot Andrewes (English theologian) 249
Charles Freer Andrews Charles Freer Andrews 1098 0
Dame Julie Andrews Julie Andrews 3667 Dame Julie Andrews (British actress and singer) 668
Eamon Andrews Eamonn Andrews 506 0
Ernest Clayton Andrews Ernest Clayton Andrews 270 0
Frank M Andrews Frank Maxwell Andrews 1755 Frank M. Andrews (United States general) 228
Roy Chapman Andrews Roy Chapman Andrews 949 Roy Chapman Andrews (American naturalist) 333
Thomas Andrews Thomas Andrews (shipbuilder) 1151 Thomas Andrews (Irish chemist and physicist) 113
Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev OR Andreev Leonid Andreyev 536 Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev (Russian author) 403
Nikolai Yefimovich Andrianov Nikolai Andrianov 200 0
Ivo Andrić Ivo Andrić 523 Ivo Andric (Serbo-Croatian author) 365
Andronicus Titus Andronicus 3161 Lucius Livius Andronicus (Roman author) 323
Andronicus I Comnenus Andronikos I Komnenos 1850 Andronicus I Comnenus (Byzantine emperor) 300
Andronicus II Palaeologus Andronikos II Palaiologos 828 Andronicus II Palaeologus (Byzantine emperor) 248
Andronicus III Palaeologus Andronikos III Palaiologos 975 Andronicus III Palaeologus (Byzantine emperor) 256
Andronicus of Rhodes Andronicus of Rhodes 229 Andronicus Of Rhodes (Greek philosopher) 123
Yuri Andropov Yuri Andropov 3231 0
Sir Edmund Andros Edmund Andros 721 Sir Edmund Andros (English colonial official) 238
Jerzy Andrzejewski Jerzy Andrzejewski 194 Jerzy Andrzejewski (Polish author) 427
Aneurin OR Aneirin Aneirin 448 Aneirin (Welsh poet) 163
Christian B Anfinsen Christian B. Anfinsen 209 Christian B. Anfinsen (American biochemist) 177
Ang Lee Ang Lee 2299 Ang Lee (film director) 440
George Fife Angas George Fife Angas 1116 0
St Angela Merici Angela Merici 699 Saint Angela Merici (Roman Catholic saint) 262
Fra Angelico Fra Angelico 2861 Fra Angelico (Italian painter) 1327
Sir Norman Angell Norman Angell 677 Sir Norman Angell (British economist) 199
Maya Angelou Maya Angelou 5062 Maya Angelou (American poet) 521
John Julius Angerstein John Julius Angerstein 617 John Julius Angerstein (British merchant) 67
Henry William Paget 1st Marquis of Anglesey Henry Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey 616 0
Sir William Charles Angliss William Charles Angliss 455 0
Louis Antoine de Bourbon Duc d' Angoulême 0 0
Anders Jonas Ångström Anders Jonas Ångström 513 Anders Jonas Angstrom (Swedish physicist) 253
Anna Comnena Anna Komnene 1306 Anna Comnena (Byzantine princess) 210
Anna Ivanovna 0 0
James Craig Annan 0 0
Kofi Atta Annan Kofi Annan 2649 Kofi Annan (Ghanaian statesman) 617
Thomas Annan Thomas Annan 202 Thomas Annan (British photographer) 93
Annas Annas 577 0
Anne Anne of Great Britain 4180 Anne (queen of Great Britain and Ireland) 718
Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn 7934 Anne Boleyn (queen of England) 370
Anne of Austria Anne of Austria 1409 Anne of Austria (queen of France) 460
Anne of Bohemia Anne of Bohemia 853 0
Anne of Brittany Anne of Brittany 2953 Anne Of Brittany (queen consort of France) 293
Anne of Cleves Anne of Cleves 1267 Anne Of Cleves (queen of England) 227
Anne of Denmark Anne of Denmark 4530 Anne of Denmark (queen consort of Great Britain and Ireland ... 178
Princess Anne Anne, Princess Royal 3020 0
St Anne Saint Anne 1028 0
James Annesley James Annesley 244 0
Pietro Annigoni Pietro Annigoni 1599 0
Mary Anning Mary Anning 5245 Mary Anning (English scientist) 83
Mitsumasa Anno Mitsumasa Anno 234 0
Jean Anouilh Jean Anouilh 960 Jean Anouilh (French dramatist) 621
Jacques Anquetil Jacques Anquetil 4324 0
Ottomar Anschütz Ottomar Anschütz 240 0
Elizabeth Margaret Anscombe 0 0
St Anselm 0 0
Sir Reginald Myles Ansett 0 0
Anskar Ansgar 1131 Anskar (biography by Saint Rembert) 79
George Anson Baron Anson George Anson, 1st Baron Anson 1522 George Anson, Baron Anson (British admiral) 255
F Anstey Anstey [disambiguated] 1868 0
Antalcidas Antalcidas 250 0
Antar Antar [disambiguated] 422 0
Antenor Antenor (mythology) 253 Antenor (Greek sculptor) 192
Susan B Anthony Susan B. Anthony 3011 Susan B. Anthony (American suffragist) 930
Antigonus Antigonus I Monophthalmus 1298 Antigonus I Monophthalmus (king of Macedonia) 702
Antigonus II Gonatas Antigonus II Gonatas 4189 Antigonus II Gonatas (king of Macedonia) 989
John Henry Antill John Antill 262 0
Antinous Antinous 887 Antinous (companion of Hadrian) 82
Antiochus I Antiochus I Soter 485 Antiochus I Soter (Seleucid king) 534
Antiochus II Antiochus II Theos 570 Antiochus II Theos (Seleucid king) 210
Antiochus III Antiochus III the Great 1173 Antiochus III (Seleucid king) 1268
Antiochus IV Antiochus IV Epiphanes 1116 Antiochus IV Epiphanes (Seleucid king) 706
Antipater Antipater 1254 Antipater (Idumaean governor of Judaea) 67
Antiphon Antiphon 698 Antiphon (Greek writer and statesman) 387
Antisthenes Antisthenes 982 Antisthenes (Greek philosopher) 232
Mark Matveyevich Antokolski Mark Antokolski 872 0
Francesco Antommarchi François Carlo Antommarchi 370 0
Giacomo Antonelli Giacomo Antonelli 766 Giacomo Antonelli (Italian cardinal) 331
Antonello da Messina Antonello da Messina 829 Antonello da Messina (Italian painter) 395
Ion Antonescu Ion Antonescu 18288 Ion Antonescu (ruler of Romania) 295
Antoninus Pius Antoninus Pius 1579 Antoninus Pius (Roman emperor) 309
Michelangelo Antonioni Michelangelo Antonioni 2021 Michelangelo Antonioni (Italian director) 184
Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov Oleg Antonov 916 0
Antony Antony Hegarty 1785 Mark Antony (Roman triumvir) 1580
Mark Antony Mark Antony 3818 Mark Antony (Roman triumvir) 1580
St Antony OR Anthony of Padua Anthony of Padua 784 Saint Anthony of Padua (Portuguese friar) 199
Emanuel Delaunay Comte d' Antraigues 0 0
Juan Bautista de Anza Juan Bautista de Anza 1234 0
Ludwig Anzengruber Ludwig Anzengruber 844 Ludwig Anzengruber (Austrian author) 136
Dionisio Anzilotti Dionisio Anzilotti 130 Dionisio Anzilotti (Italian law scholar) 104
Said Aouita Saïd Aouita 1138 0
Apelles Apelles 933 Apelles (Greek painter) 287
Marcus Gavius Apicius Marcus Gavius Apicius 715 0
Guillaume Apollinaire Guillaume Apollinaire 439 Guillaume Apollinaire (French poet) 522
Apollinaris Apollinaris of Laodicea 489 Apollinaris The Younger (Christian bishop) 134
Apollodorus Apollodorus 324 Apollodorus of Damascus (Greek architect and engineer ... 110
Apollonius Apollonius of Tyana 223 Apollonius of Rhodes (Greek poet) 331
Apollonius of Perga Apollonius of Perga 1674 Apollonius of Perga (Greek mathematician) :: Article 852
Apollonius of Tyana Apollonius of Tyana 223 Apollonius Of Tyana (Roman mystic) 131
Apollonius Rhodius Apollonius of Rhodes 1086 0
Karel Christian Appel 0 0
Nicolas François Appert Nicolas Appert 736 Nicolas Appert (French chef) 172
Adolphe Appia Adolphe Appia 561 Adolphe Appia (Swiss stage designer) 279
Appian of Alexandria 0 Appian of Alexandria (Greek historian) 271
Andrea Appiani Andrea Appiani 297 Andrea Appiani the Elder (Italian painter) 78
Appius Claudius Caecus Appius Claudius Caecus 374 Appius Claudius Caecus (Roman statesman) 430
Augustus Applegath Augustus Applegath 125 0
Sir Edward Victor Appleton Edward Victor Appleton 174 Sir Edward Victor Appleton (British physicist) 222
Albert Georg Count Apponyi 0 0
Fyodor Matveyevich Count Apraxin OR Apraksin Fyodor Apraksin 1074 0
Stepan Fyodorovich Count Apraxin OR Apraksin Stepan Fyodorovich Apraksin 350 0
Lucius Apuleius 0 Lucius Apuleius (Roman philosopher and scholar) 559
Claudius Aquaviva 0 0
Aquila Aquila (constellation) 655 Aquila (ancient biblical scholar) 189
St Thomas Aquinas Thomas Aquinas 5272 Saint Thomas Aquinas (Italian Christian theologian and philosopher ... 3389
Benigno Aquino Benigno Aquino, Jr. 3245 Benigno Simeon Aquino, Jr. (Filipino politician) 350
Cory Aquino Corazon Aquino 7141 Corazon Aquino (president of Philippines) 394
Yasser Arafat Yasser Arafat 9305 Yasir 'Arafat (Palestinian leader) 2504
François Arago François Arago 2351 Francois Arago (French physicist) 410
Louis Aragon Louis Aragon 1805 Louis Aragon (French author) 306
Sadao Araki Sadao Araki 1260 Araki Sadao (Japanese general and statesman) 276
Eugene Aram Eugene Aram 852 Eugene Aram (English scholar) 344
Sabino de Arana Goiri Sabino Arana 1499 0
Pedro Pablo Abarca y Bolea Conde de Aranda Pedro Pablo Abarca de Bolea, 10th Count of Aranda 506 Pedro Pablo Abarca de Bolea, count de Aranda (Spanish statesman ... 323
János Arany János Arany 412 Janos Arany (Hungarian poet) 383
Jón Arason Jón Arason 677 Jon Arason (Icelandic poet and bishop) 162
Aratus of Sicyon Aratus of Sicyon 2679 Aratus Of Sicyon (Greek statesman) 239
Jácobo Arbenz Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán 1352 Jacobo Arbenz (president of Guatemala) 374
Agnes Arber Agnes Arber 2035 Agnes Arber (British botanist) 166
Werner Arber Werner Arber 324 Werner Arber (Swiss microbiologist) 230
Diane Arbus Diane Arbus 3582 Diane Arbus (American photographer) 468
John Arbuthnot John Arbuthnot 2532 John Arbuthnot (British mathematician and author) 304
Aleksei Nikolayevich Arbuzov 0 0
Arcadius Arcadius Avellanus 189 0
Eddie Arcaro Eddie Arcaro 429 Eddie Arcaro (American jockey) 190
Arcesilaus OR Arcesilas Arcesilaus 715 Arcesilaus (Greek philosopher) :: Related Articles 121
Joseph Arch Joseph Arch 534 Joseph Arch (British labour leader) 170
John Frederick Archbold 0 0
Archelaus Herod Archelaus 514 Herod Archelaus (king of Judaea) 197
Archelaus Herod Archelaus 514 Herod Archelaus (king of Judaea) 197
Jeffrey Howard Archer Baron Archer Jeffrey Archer 3548 0
Robyn Archer Robyn Archer 842 0
Thomas Archer Thomas Archer 424 Thomas Archer (British architect) 199
Archilochus of Paros 0 0
Archimedes Archimedes 5396 Archimedes (Greek mathematician) 1894
Alexander Archipenko Alexander Archipenko 709 Alexander Archipenko (Ukrainian-American artist) 320
Giuseppe Arcimboldo Giuseppe Arcimboldo 659 Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Italian painter) 142
Ardashir I Ardashir I 1633 Ardashir I (Sasanian king) 342
Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden 1378 Elizabeth Arden (American businesswoman) 316
John Arden John Arden 342 John Arden (English playwright) 384
Edward Jeffrey Irving Ardizzone Edward Ardizzone 552 0
Reinaldo Arenas Reinaldo Arenas 893 Reinaldo Arenas (Cuban writer) 289
Hannah Arendt Hannah Arendt 739 Hannah Arendt (American political scientist) 627
Moshe Arens Moshe Arens 412 0
Anton Stepanovich Arensky Anton Arensky 288 Anton Arensky (Russian composer) 148
Aretaeus Aretaeus of Cappadocia 321 Aretaeus Of Cappadocia (Greek physician) 224
Arete of Cyrene Arete of Cyrene 394 0
Pietro Aretino Pietro Aretino 937 Pietro Aretino (Italian author) 461
Henrique de Arfe 0 0
Juan de y Villafane Arfe Juan de Arphe y Villafañe 239 0
Aimé Argand Aimé Argand 610 Aime Argand (Swiss inventor) 139
Jean-Robert Argand Jean-Robert Argand 331 Jean Robert Argand (French mathematician) 81
Friedrich Wilhelm August Argelander Friedrich Wilhelm Argelander 362 Friedrich Wilhelm August Argelander (Prussian astronomer ... 227
Bartolomé Leonardo de Argensola Bartolomé Leonardo de Argensola 162 0
René Louis Voyer Marquis d' Argenson 0 Rene-Louis de Voyer de Paulmy, marquis d'Argenson (French minister ... 227
La Argentina La Argentina 324 La Argentina (Spanish dancer) 234
Archibald 1st Duke of Argyll Archibald Campbell, 1st Duke of Argyll 205 Archibald Campbell, 10th earl and 1st duke of Argyll (Scottish ... 219
Archibald Campbell 2nd Earl of Argyll Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of Argyll 174 Archibald Campbell, 3rd duke of Argyll (British politician [1682 ... 217
Archibald Campbell 5th Earl of Argyll Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll 545 Archibald Campbell, 5th earl of Argyll (Scottish Protestant leader ... 156
Archibald Campbell 7th Earl of Argyll Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll 127 0
Archibald Campbell 9th Earl of Argyll Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll 103 Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll (Scottish Protestant leader ... 221
Archibald Campbell Marquis Argyll 0 0
John Campbell 2nd Duke of Argyll John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll 340 John Campbell, 2nd duke of Argyll (British official and soldier ... 272
John Douglas Sutherland Campbell 9th Duke of Argyll John Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll 880 0
Joannes Argyropoulos John Argyropoulos 945 John Argyropoulos (Byzantine educator) 145
Benito Arias Benito Arias Montano 432 0
Carlos Arias Navarro Carlos Arias-Navarro, 1st Marquis of Arias Navarro 610 Carlos Arias Navarro (prime minister of Spain) 174
Oscar Rafael de Jésus Arias Sanchez Óscar Arias 1308 0
Bonaventura Carles Aribau 0 0
Ludovico Ariosto Ludovico Ariosto 1063 Ludovico Ariosto (Italian author) 1116
Aristarchos OR Aristarchus of Samos Aristarchus of Samos 1387 Aristarchus of Samos (Greek astronomer) 590
Aristarchus of Samothrace Aristarchus of Samothrace 184 Aristarchus Of Samothrace (Greek critic and grammarian ... 122
Jean-Bertrand Aristide Jean-Bertrand Aristide 2155 Jean-Bertrand Aristide (president of Haiti) 563
Aristides Aristides 553 Aristides (Athenian philosopher) 410
Aristides Aristides 553 Aristides (Athenian philosopher) 410
Aristippus Aristippus 811 Aristippus (Greek philosopher) 144
Aristophanes Aristophanes 7987 Aristophanes (Greek dramatist) 1483
Aristotle Aristotle 7851 Aristotle (Greek philosopher) 9832
Aristoxenus of Tarentum 0 0
Arius Arius 4415 Arius (priest of Alexandria) 209
Sir Richard Arkwright Richard Arkwright 871 Sir Richard Arkwright (British industrialist and inventor ... 220
Harold Arlen Harold Arlen 1744 Harold Arlen (American composer) 325
Michael Arlen Michael Arlen 1576 Michael Arlen (British author) 259
Arletty Arletty 305 Arletty (French actress) 367
Henry Bennet 1st Earl of Arlington Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington 1716 Henry Bennet, 1st earl of Arlington (English statesman ... 362
George Arliss George Arliss 1052 George Arliss (British actor) 159
John Arlott John Arlott 1886 0
Roberto Arlt Roberto Arlt 675 Roberto Arlt (Argentine author) 185
Inessa Armand Inessa Armand 602 0
Giorgio Armani 0 0
Joan Anita Barbara Armatrading Joan Armatrading 1084 0
Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt 1252 Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt (Swedish statesman) 343
Arminius Arminius 3098 Arminius (German leader) 200
Jacobus Arminius Jacobus Arminius 756 Jacobus Arminius (Dutch theologian) 442
Edward Armitage Edward Armitage 1531 0
Karole Armitage Karole Armitage 1007 0
Kenneth Armitage Kenneth Armitage 214 Kenneth Armitage (English sculptor) 134
Mary Nicol Neill Armour 0 0
Henry Hugh Armstead Henry Hugh Armstead 233 0
Archy Armstrong Archibald Armstrong 688 0
Edwin Howard Armstrong Edwin Howard Armstrong 2866 Edwin H. Armstrong (American inventor) 355
Gillian May Armstrong Gillian Armstrong 192 0
Henry Armstrong Henry Armstrong 1247 Henry Armstrong (American athlete) 287
Henry Edward Armstrong Henry Edward Armstrong 575 Henry Edward Armstrong (British chemist) 243
John Armstrong John Armstrong [disambiguated] 170 John Armstrong (American diplomat) 158
Johnnie Armstrong Johnnie Armstrong 316 0
Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong 5936 Lance Armstrong (American cyclist) 583
Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong 6430 Louis Armstrong (American musician) 1093
Neil Alden Armstrong Neil Armstrong 7813 Neil Armstrong (American astronaut) 489
Robert Temple Armstrong Baron Armstrong 0 0
Samuel Chapman Armstrong Samuel C. Armstrong 1634 Samuel Chapman Armstrong (United States military officer and ... 265
Sir Walter Armstrong 0 0
William George Armstrong Baron Armstrong William Armstrong, 1st Baron Armstrong 2539 William George Armstrong, Baron Armstrong (British engineer ... 213
Ingólfur Arnarson Ingólfr Arnarson 365 Ingolfur Arnarson (Norse colonist) 135
Jón Árnason Jon Arnason 471 0
Henri Arnaud Henri Arnaud 696 Henri Arnaud (French clergyman) 257
Yvonne Germaine Arnaud Yvonne Arnaud 290 0
Angélique Arnauld Marie Angélique Arnauld 208 Jacqueline-Marie-Angelique Arnauld (French abbess) 247
Antoine Arnauld Antoine Arnauld 1121 Antoine Arnauld (French theologian) 447
Marie-Angélique Arnauld Marie Angélique Arnauld 208 Jacqueline-Marie-Angelique Arnauld (French abbess) 247
Ernst Moritz Arndt Ernst Moritz Arndt 1020 Ernst Moritz Arndt (German writer) 551
Thomas Augustine Arne Thomas Arne 714 Thomas Arne (British composer) 466
Carlos Arniches y Barrera Carlos Arniches 76 Carlos Arniches (Spanish dramatist) 98
Achim von Arnim Ludwig Achim von Arnim 337 Achim von Arnim (German writer) 153
Hans Georg von Arnim Hans Georg von Arnim-Boitzenburg 330 Hans Georg von Arnim (German soldier and statesman) 157
Jürgen Baron von Arnim 0 0
Mary Annette Countess von Arnim 0 0
Peter Arno Peter Arno 103 Peter Arno (American cartoonist) 213
Arnobius the Elder Arnobius the Younger 110 Arnobius The Elder (Christian apologist) 129
Aberhard Arnold Eberhard Arnold 650 0
Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold 6760 Benedict Arnold (American general) 522
Eve Arnold Eve Arnold 521 0
Henry Harley Arnold Henry H. Arnold 5988 Henry Harley Arnold (United States general) 402
Matthew Arnold Matthew Arnold 5172 Matthew Arnold (British critic) 1962
Arnold of Brescia Arnold of Brescia 718 Arnold of Brescia (Italian religious reformer) 450
Sir Edwin Arnold Edwin Arnold 718 Sir Edwin Arnold (British author) 191
Sir Malcolm Henry Arnold Malcolm Arnold 288 Sir Malcolm Henry Arnold (British composer and musician ... 159
Thomas Arnold Thomas Arnold 630 Thomas Arnold (British educator) 211
Arnolfo di Cambio Arnolfo di Cambio 390 Arnolfo di Cambio (Italian sculptor and architect) 281
Halton Christian Arp Halton Arp 1263 Halton Christian Arp (American astronomer) 289
Hans Arp Jean Arp 618 Jean Arp (French artist) 293
Árpád Árpád 622 Arpad dynasty (Hungarian history) 550
Fernando Arrabal Fernando Arrabal 1032 Fernando Arrabal (French author and playwright) 317
Claudio Arrau Claudio Arrau 1538 Claudio Arrau (American musician) 162
Svante August Arrhenius Svante Arrhenius 1657 Svante August Arrhenius (Swedish chemist) 940
Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga 500 Juan Crisostomo Arriaga (Spanish composer) 116
Manoel José de Arriaga Manuel de Arriaga 2332 Manuel Jose de Arriaga (president of Portugal) 87
Arrian Arrian 1825 Arrian (Greek historian) 356
Sir William Arrol William Arrol 749 0
Kenneth Joseph Arrow Kenneth Arrow 1046 Kenneth J. Arrow (American economist) 345
Aaron Arrowsmith Aaron Arrowsmith 359 Aaron Arrowsmith (British geographer and cartographer ... 193
Arsinoë Arsinoe II 435 Arsinoe IV (Egyptian noble) 177
Arsène d' Arsonval Jacques-Arsène d'Arsonval 127 Arsene d'Arsonval (French physician and physicist) 122
Artachaies 0 0
Antonin Marie Joseph Artaud Antonin Artaud 2514 Antonin Artaud (French author and actor) 390
Artaxerxes I Artaxerxes I of Persia 614 Artaxerxes I (king of Persia) 173
Artaxerxes II Artaxerxes II of Persia 492 Artaxerxes II (king of Persia) 503
Artaxerxes III Artaxerxes III 2672 Artaxerxes III (king of Persia) 279
Peter Artedi Peter Artedi 215 0
Artemisia II Artemisia II of Caria 419 Artemisia II (queen of Caria) 80
Jacob van Artevelde Jacob van Artevelde 261 Jacob van Artevelde (Flemish leader) 595
Arthur Arthur (TV series) 933 Arthur Cayley (British mathematician) 731
Chester Alan Arthur Chester A. Arthur 4311 Chester A. Arthur (president of United States) 1015
Jean Arthur 0 Jean Arthur (American actress) 250
Prince Arthur Arthur, Prince of Wales 2758 0
Prince Arthur Arthur, Prince of Wales 2758 0
Sir George Arthur Sir George Arthur, 1st Baronet 769 Sir George Arthur, 1st Baronet (British official) 271
Yann Marie Arthus-Bertrand 0 0
José Gervasio Artigas José Gervasio Artigas 1309 Jose Gervasio Artigas (Uruguayan revolutionary) 249
Emil Artin Emil Artin 5241 Emil Artin (German mathematician) 230
Boris Artzybashev 0 0
Thomas Arundel Thomas Arundel 1046 Thomas Arundel (archbishop of Canterbury) 244
Sir Ove Nyquist Arup Ove Arup 764 0
Dorothy Arzner Dorothy Granger 1877 0
Asada Goryu Asada Goryu 113 0
Shoko Asahara Shoko Asahara 1152 Shoko Asahara (Japanese religious leader) 437
Cosmas Damian Asam Cosmas Damian Asam 501 Cosmas Damian Asam (German painter) 286
Peter Christian Asbjørnsen 0 0
Francis Asbury Francis Asbury 844 Francis Asbury (American clergyman) 289
Sholem Asch Sholem Asch 527 Sholem Asch (American writer) 526
Roger Ascham Roger Ascham 2325 Roger Ascham (English scholar) 298
Asclepiades Asclepiades [disambiguated] 213 Asclepiades Of Bithynia (Greek physician) 125
Graziadio Isaia Ascoli Graziadio Isaia Ascoli 303 Graziadio Isaia Ascoli (Italian linguist) 129
Gasparo Aselli Gaspare Aselli 79 0
al-Ash'arī Abu al-Hasan al-Ash'ari 910 Abu al-Hasan al-Ash'ari (Muslim theologian) 725
Charles Robert Ashbee Charles Robert Ashbee 712 Charles Robert Ashbee (British architect and designer ... 260
John Lawrence Ashbery 0 John Ashbery (American poet) 270
Michael Ashburner Michael Ashburner 421 0
Dame Margery Irene Ashby Margery Corbett Ashby 156 0
Eric Ashby Baron Ashby Eric Ashby, Baron Ashby 321 0
Winifred Ashby Winifred Ashby 133 0
Dame Peggy Ashcroft Peggy Ashcroft 609 Dame Peggy Ashcroft (British actress) 293
Frances Mary Ashcroft 0 0
John Ashcroft John Ashcroft 3041 John Ashcroft (American politician) 485
Paddy Baron Ashdown Paddy Ashdown 1994 0
Arthur Robert Ashe Jr Arthur Ashe 1843 Arthur Ashe (American athlete) 302
Jane Asher Jane Asher 1432 0
Vladimir Ashkenazy Vladimir Ashkenazy 691 Vladimir Ashkenazy (Icelandic musician) 195
Laura Ashley Laura Ashley 1809 Laura Ashley (British designer) 222
Elias Ashmole Elias Ashmole 2924 0
Jehudi Ashmun Jehudi Ashmun 278 Jehudi Ashmun (American settler) 90
Julian Rossi Ashton Julian Ashton 606 0
Sir Frederick William Mallandaine Ashton Frederick Ashton 616 Sir Frederick Ashton (British choreographer) 308
Sir John William Ashton Will Ashton 485 0
Sylvia Constance Ashton-Warner Sylvia Ashton-Warner 315 Sylvia Ashton-Warner (New Zealand writer) 164
Ashurbanipal Ashurbanipal 2300 Ashurbanipal (king of Assyria) 1219
Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov 8510 Isaac Asimov (American author) 294
Robert Aske Robert Aske (political leader) 427 Robert Aske (English insurgent) 93
Anne Askew Anne Askew 1064 0
Arthur Askey Arthur Askey 734 0
Aśoka OR Ashoka Ashoka 8274 Ashoka (emperor of India) 809
Aspasia Aspasia 2962 Aspasia (mistress of Pericles) 165
Joseph Aspdin Joseph Aspdin 1443 Joseph Aspdin (British mason) 166
Hans Asperger Hans Asperger 738 0
Sir John Audley Frederick Aspinall John Aspinall (engineer) 384 0
Erik Gunnar Asplund Gunnar Asplund 226 Gunnar Asplund (Swedish architect) 163
H H 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith Asquith Julian Asquith, 2nd Earl of Oxford and Asquith 483 H.H. Asquith, 1st earl of Oxford and Asquith (prime minister of ... 1096
Margot Asquith Margot Asquith, Countess of Oxford and Asquith 774 0
Bashar al-Assad OR Asad Bashar al-Assad 1755 Bashar al-Assad (president of Syria) 366
Hafez al-Assad OR Asad 0 0
Jan Asselyn Jan Asselijn 439 0
Asser Asser 3884 Asser (Welsh monk) 203
Tobias Michael Carel Asser Tobias Michael Carel Asser 226 Tobias Michael Carel Asser (Dutch jurist) 191
Adele Astaire Adele Astaire 487 Adele Astaire (American dancer) 77
Fred Astaire Fred Astaire 5603 Fred Astaire (American dancer and singer) 902
William Thomas Astbury William Astbury 982 0
Mary Astell Mary Astell 533 Mary Astell (English author) 78
Philip Astley Philip Astley 946 Philip Astley (British circus manager) 162
Francis William Aston Francis William Aston 942 Francis William Aston (British physicist and chemist ... 258
John Jacob Astor John Jacob Astor 1402 John Jacob Astor (American businessman [1763-1848]) 254
John Jacob Astor John Jacob Astor 1402 John Jacob Astor (American businessman [1763-1848]) 254
Mary Astor Mary Astor 3502 Mary Astor (American actress) 384
Nancy Witcher Astor Viscountess Astor Nancy Astor, Viscountess Astor 4734 Nancy Witcher Astor, Viscountess Astor (British politician ... 267
John Jacob Astor Baron Astor John Jacob Astor, 1st Baron Astor of Hever 625 John Jacob Astor (British journalist [1886-1971]) 213
Waldorf Astor 2nd Viscount Astor Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor 964 Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor (British politician ... 186
William Backhouse Astor William Backhouse Astor, Sr. 1042 William Backhouse Astor (American businessman) 153
William Waldorf Astor 1st Viscount Astor William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor 901 Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor (British politician ... 186
Nora Astorga 0 0
Jean Astruc Jean Astruc 686 0
Miguel Angel Asturias Miguel Ángel Asturias 5373 Miguel Angel Asturias (Guatemalan author and diplomat ... 337
Atahualpa Atahualpa 1603 Atahuallpa (emperor of the Incas) 499
John Vincent Atanasoff John Vincent Atanasoff 1821 John V. Atanasoff (American mathematician and physicist ... 110
Mustapha Kemal Atatürk Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 12138 Kemal Ataturk (president of Turkey) 4212
Eugène Atget Eugène Atget 1146 Eugene Atget (French photographer) 1062
Athanaric Athanaric 430 Athanaric (Visigoth chieftain) 90
St Athanasius Church of St Athanasius of Mouzaki 171 Saint Athanasius (Egyptian theologian) 340
Athelstan OR Æthelstan Athelstan of England 130 Athelstan (king of England) 204
Athenaeus Athenaeus 597 Athenaeus (Greek grammarian and author) 143
David Atherton David Atherton 719 0
Gertrude Franklin Atherton Gertrude Atherton 1736 Gertrude Atherton (American author) 420
Katharine Marjory Stewart-Murray Duchess of Atholl Katharine Stewart-Murray, Duchess of Atholl 553 0
Sir Michael Francis Atiyah Michael Atiyah 5562 Sir Michael Francis Atiyah (British mathematician) 365
Anna Atkins Anna Atkins 850 Anna Atkins (English photographer) 337
Chet Atkins Chet Atkins 2763 Chet Atkins (American musician) 222
Kate Atkinson Kate Atkinson 352 0
Rowan Sebastian Atkinson Rowan Atkinson 1616 Rowan Atkinson (British actor) 487
Thomas Wittlam Atkinson 0 0
Charles Atlas Charles Atlas 1214 Charles Atlas (American bodybuilder) 360
Richard Samuel Attenborough Baron Attenborough Richard Attenborough 1261 Richard Attenborough (British actor, director, and producer ... 424
Sir David Frederick Attenborough David Attenborough 6089 Sir David Attenborough (English broadcaster and author ... 267
Francis Atterbury Francis Atterbury 2071 Francis Atterbury (British bishop) 234
Titus Pomponius Atticus Titus Pomponius Atticus 646 Titus Pomponius Atticus (Roman author) 428
Attila Attila 3390 Attila (king of the Huns) 560
Clement Richard Attlee 1st Earl Attlee Clement Attlee 6938 Clement Attlee (prime minister of United Kingdom) 1177
Crispus Attucks Crispus Attucks 1711 Crispus Attucks (American leader) 288
Mabel Lucie Attwell Mabel Lucie Attwell 179 0
Thomas Attwood Thomas Attwood (composer) 377 Thomas Attwood (British economist) 166
Winifred Atwell 0 0
Margaret Eleanor Atwood Margaret Atwood 1746 Margaret Atwood (Canadian author) 439
Daniel-François-Esprit Auber Daniel Auber 948 Daniel-Francois-Esprit Auber (French composer) 267
Jean Baptiste Christophe Fusée Aublet 0 0
John Aubrey John Aubrey 1060 John Aubrey (English writer) 300
Claude Aubriet Claude Aubriet 157 0
Pierre d' Aubusson Pierre d'Aubusson 732 Pierre d' Aubusson (French cardinal) 234
Louis Stanton Auchincloss Louis Auchincloss 505 Louis Auchincloss (American author) 417
Sir Claude John Eyre Auchinleck Claude Auchinleck 2900 0
Willie Auchterlonie William Auchterlonie 200 0
W H Auden W. H. Auden 5820 W. H. Auden (British poet) 292
Thomas Audley Baron Audley Thomas Audley, 1st Baron Audley of Walden 662 Thomas Audley, Baron Audley (lord chancellor of England ... 196
Sir James Audley James Audley 342 0
Jean Victor Audouin Jean Victoire Audouin 212 0
John James Audubon John James Audubon 4024 John James Audubon (American artist) 485
Leopold Auenbrugger Leopold Auenbrugger 581 Leopold Auenbrugger von Auenbrugg (Austrian physician ... 112
Karl Baron von Welsbach Auer Carl Auer von Welsbach 698 0
Berthold Auerbach Berthold Auerbach 279 Berthold Auerbach (German novelist) 146
Charlotte Auerbach Charlotte Auerbach 104 0
Frank Auerbach Frank Auerbach 1287 0
Anton Alexander Graf von Auersperg Count Anton Alexander von Auersperg 597 0
Pierre Victor Auger Pierre Victor Auger 464 0
Pierre François Charles Duc de Castiglione Augereau Pierre Augereau 846 Pierre-Francois-Charles Augereau, duke de Castiglione (French army ... 334
Émile Augier Émile Augier 519 Emile Augier (French dramatist) 175
Anita Johanna Theodora Sophie Augspurg OR Augsburg 0 0
Bille August Bille August 289 0
St Augustine of Canterbury Augustine of Canterbury 3212 Saint Augustine of Canterbury (archbishop of Canterbury ... 442
St Augustine of Hippo Augustine of Hippo 3064 Saint Augustine (Christian bishop and theologian) 4491
Octavianus Augustus 0 0
the Strong Augustus II Augustus II the Strong 2565 Augustus II (king of Poland and elector of Saxony) 472
Olav Lom Aukrust Olav Aukrust 215 0
Gustaf Emmanuel Hildebrand Aulén Gustaf Aulén 519 0
Gae Aulenti Gae Aulenti 146 0
Marie Catherine Jumelle de Barneville Comtesse d' Aulnoy 0 0
Henri-Eugène-Philippe-Louis d'Orléans Duc d' Aumale 0 Henri-Eugene-Philippe-Louis d'Orleans, duke d'Aumale (French noble ... 113
Robert J Aumann Robert Aumann 1126 Robert J. Aumann (Israeli mathematician) 282
Aung San Aung San 2066 Aung San (Myanmar nationalist) 483
Aung San Suu Kyi Aung San Suu Kyi 5070 Aung San Suu Kyi (Myanmar leader) 581
Aungerville Richard Aungerville 1431 0
Aurangzeb Aurangzeb 4654 Aurangzeb (Mughal emperor) 682
Aurelian Aurelian 2471 Aurelian (Roman emperor) 567
Georges Auric Georges Auric 423 Georges Auric (French composer) 200
Jacqueline Auriol Jacqueline Auriol 150 Jacqueline-Marie-Therese-Suzanne Auriol (French pilot ... 109
Vincent Auriol Vincent Auriol 1000 Vincent Auriol (president of France) 191
Sri Aurobindo Sri Aurobindo 8467 Sri Aurobindo (Indian philosopher and nationalist) 378
Decimus Magnus Ausonius 0 Decimus Magnus Ausonius (Latin poet and rhetorician) 357
Jane Austen Jane Austen 5182 Jane Austen (English novelist) 890
Paul Benjamin Auster Paul Auster 1252 Paul Auster (American author) 345
Alfred Austin Alfred Austin 493 Alfred Austin (British poet) 175
John Austin John Austin [disambiguated] 347 John Austin (English jurist) 634
J L Austin J. L. Austin 2254 0
Herbert Austin 1st Baron Austin Herbert Austin, 1st Baron Austin 925 Herbert Austin, Baron Austin (British industrialist) 123
Robert Sargent Austin Robert Austin (artist) 301 0
Stephen Fuller Austin Stephen F. Austin 2471 Stephen Austin (American pioneer) 314
Florence Austral Florence Austral 967 0
Daniel Auteuil Daniel Auteuil 119 0
Richard Avedon Richard Avedon 1403 Richard Avedon (American photographer) 263
Aventinus Aventinus [disambiguated] 852 Aventinus (German humanist and historian) 120
Avenzoar 0 0
Averroës Averroes 739 Averroes (Muslim philosopher) 2676
Milton Clark Avery Milton Avery 839 0
Oswald Theodore Avery Oswald Avery 940 Oswald Avery (American bacteriologist) 416
Tex Avery Tex Avery 2625 Tex Avery (American director) 565
Avicebrón 0 0
Avicenna Avicenna 9240 Avicenna (Persian philosopher and scientist) 1605
Manuel Ávila Camacho Manuel Ávila Camacho 565 Manuel Avila Camacho (president of Mexico) 292
Charles Avison Charles Avison 420 Charles Avison (English composer) 192
Amedeo Carlo Avogadro Amedeo Avogadro 533 Amedeo Avogadro (Italian physicist) 815
W V Awdry 0 0
Chief Obafemi Awolowo Obafemi Awolowo 867 Obafemi Awolowo (Nigerian politician) 494
Richard Axel Richard Axel 1658 Richard Axel (American scientist) 321
Julius Axelrod Julius Axelrod 859 Julius Axelrod (American biochemist) 306
Francisco Ayala Francisco Ayala (novelist) 966 Francisco Ayala (Spanish author and sociologist) 383
Sir Alan Ayckbourn Alan Ayckbourn 3142 Sir Alan Ayckbourn (British playwright) 275
Sir A J Ayer 0 Sir A.J. Ayer (British philosopher) 1562
Sir Henry Ayers Henry Ayers 766 0
John Ayliffe 0 0
John Aylmer John Aylmer [disambiguated] 313 John Aylmer (bishop of London) 282
Sir Felix Edward Aylmer Felix Aylmer 228 0
Gladys Aylward Gladys Aylward 362 0
Patricio Aylwin Patricio Aylwin 810 0
Jacob Ayrer Jakob Ayrer 267 Jakob Ayrer (German dramatist) 202
Gillian Ayres Gillian Ayres 269 0
Hertha Ayrton Hertha Marks Ayrton 247 0
Michael Ayrton Michael Ayrton 302 0
William Edward Ayrton William Edward Ayrton 394 0
Sir Robert Ayton Robert Ayton 291 Sir Robert Ayton (Scottish poet) 141
William Edmonstoune Aytoun William Edmondstoune Aytoun 445 0
Mohammed Ayub Khan Ayub Khan 2817 Mohammad Ayub Khan (president of Pakistan) 398
Manuel Azaña Manuel Azaña 1992 Manuel Azana y Diaz (president of Spain) 575
Vedanayakam Samuel Azariah 0 Vedanayakam Samuel Azariah (Indian bishop) 147
José Simon Azcona del Hoyo José Azcona del Hoyo 443 Jose Simon Azcona del Hoyo (Honduran politician) 113
Massimo Taparelli Marquese d' Azeglio 0 Massimo Taparelli, marquis d'Azeglio (Italian author and statesman ... 274
Ismail al-Azhari Ismail al-Azhari 1120 Isma'il al-Azhari (prime minister of The Sudan) 247
Nnamdi Azikiwe Nnamdi Azikiwe 754 Nnamdi Azikiwe (president of Nigeria) 383
José María Aznar López José María Aznar 3268 Jose Maria Aznar (prime minister of Spain) 488
Azorín Premio Azorín 126 Azorin (Spanish literary critic) 370
Ba Jin Ba Jin 1103 Ba Jin (Chinese author) 424
Walter Baade Walter Baade 269 Walter Baader (German astronomer) 260
Andreas Baader Andreas Baader 1385 Andreas Baader (German radical) 54
Franz Xaver von Baader Franz Xaver von Baader 1405 Franz Xaver von Baader (German theologian) 205
Baal-Shem-Tov Baal Shem Tov 4638 Ba'al Shem Tov (Polish rabbi) 281
Ibrahim Babangida Ibrahim Babangida 1740 Ibrahim Babangida (head of state of Nigeria) 489
Charles Babbage Charles Babbage 2904 Charles Babbage (British inventor and mathematician) 289
Irving Babbitt Irving Babbitt 838 Irving Babbitt (American critic) 190
Isaac Babbitt Isaac Babbitt 36 Isaac Babbitt (American inventor) 153
Milton Byron Babbitt Milton Babbitt 1924 Milton Babbitt (American composer) 465
Harold Delos Babcock Harold D. Babcock 103 Harold Delos Babcock (American scientist) 89
Stephen Moulton Babcock Stephen Moulton Babcock 1091 Stephen Moulton Babcock (American chemist) 134
Bâb-ed-Din 0 0
Isaak Emmanuilovich Babel Isaak Babel 5098 Isaak Emmanuilovich Babel (Russian author) 405
François-Noël Babeuf François-Noël Babeuf 1990 Francois-Noel Babeuf (French political journalist) 484
Jean Babilée Jean Babilée 157 0
Jacques Babinet Jacques Babinet 409 0
Antony Babington Anthony Babington 799 Anthony Babington (English conspirator) 513
Joseph François Felix Babinski Joseph Babinski 430 0
Mihály Babits Mihály Babits 361 Mihaly Babits (Hungarian author) 194
Babrius Babrius 740 Babrius (fabulist) 123
Babur Babur 4701 Babur (Mughal emperor) 353
Lauren Bacall Lauren Bacall 2338 Lauren Bacall (American actress) 463
Riccardo Bacchelli Riccardo Bacchelli 259 Riccardo Bacchelli (Italian author) 429
Bacchylides Bacchylides 4116 Bacchylides (Greek lyric poet) 550
Maria Anna Elisa Bacciochi 0 0
Alexander Baron von Bach Baron Alexander von Bach 294 Alexander, baron von Bach (Austrian politician) 72
C P E Bach 0 0
Johann Christian Bach Johann Christian Bach 827 Johann Christian Bach (German composer) 337
Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach 2428 Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (German composer) 141
Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Sebastian Bach 5091 Johann Sebastian Bach (German composer) 5061
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 2850 Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (German composer) 275
Burt Freeman Bacharach Burt Bacharach 2325 0
Alexander Dallas Bache Alexander Dallas Bache 420 0
Gaston Bachelard Gaston Bachelard 1144 Gaston Bachelard (French writer) 71
John Bachman John Bachman 364 John Bachman (American naturalist and minister) 173
Johann Jakob Bachofen 0 Johann Jakob Bachofen (Swiss jurist and anthropologist ... 204
Baciccia 0 Baciccio (Italian painter) 172
Sir George Back George Back 518 Sir George Back (British explorer) 143
Ludolf Backhuysen OR Backhuizen Ludolf Bakhuizen 321 Ludolf Backhuysen (Dutch painter) 76
Steve Backley Steve Backley 1445 0
John Backus John Backus 626 John W. Backus (American mathematician) 78
Delia Salter Bacon 0 Delia Salter Bacon (American author) 368
Francis Bacon Francis Bacon (artist) 6010 Francis Bacon (British painter) 315
Francis Baron Verulam of Verulam Bacon Francis Bacon 4861 0
John Bacon John Bacon [disambiguated] 470 John Bacon (British sculptor [1740-1799]) 199
Leonard Bacon Leonard Bacon 745 0
Nathaniel Bacon Nathaniel Bacon [disambiguated] 162 Nathaniel Bacon (American colonist) 156
Roger Bacon Roger Bacon 2625 Roger Bacon (English philosopher and scientist) 1317
Sir Nicholas Bacon Nicholas Bacon [disambiguated] 700 Sir Nicholas Bacon (English government official) 175
Baconthorpe John Baconthorpe 147 John Baconthorpe (English theologian and philosopher ... 293
George Bacovia George Bacovia 1421 George Bacovia (Romanian author) 122
Sophia Baddeley Sophia Baddeley 222 0
Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell 1st Baron Baden-Powell Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell 3121 Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell ... 362
Sir Douglas Robert Stuart Bader Douglas Bader 5241 0
Domingo Badía-y-Leblich 0 0
Pietro Badoglio Pietro Badoglio 1208 Pietro Badoglio (Italian general and statesman) 378
Leo Baeck Leo Baeck 567 Leo Baeck (German theologian) 1080
Karl Baedeker Karl Baedeker 291 Karl Baedeker (German publisher) 220
Leo Hendrik Baekeland Leo Baekeland 768 Leo Hendrik Baekeland (American chemist) 199
Karl Ernst Ritter von Baer Karl Ernst von Baer 823 Karl Ernst, Ritter von Baer (Prussian embryologist) 932
Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer Adolf von Baeyer 421 Adolf von Baeyer (German chemist) 251
Joan Baez Joan Baez 6502 Joan Baez (American singer and political activist) 505
William Baffin William Baffin 542 William Baffin (English navigator) 231
Jean-Baptiste Bagaza Jean-Baptiste Bagaza 79 0
Walter Bagehot Walter Bagehot 419 Walter Bagehot (British economist and journalist) 1072
John Bagford John Bagford 224 0
Bahaullah Bahá'u'lláh 4300 0
Hermann Bahr Hermann Bahr 397 Hermann Bahr (Austrian writer) 209
Jean Antoine de Baïf Jean-Antoine de Baïf 334 Jean-Antoine de Baif (French poet) 327
William Balfour Baikie William Balfour Baikie 586 William Balfour Baikie (British explorer) 187
Bill Bailey Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey 1051 0
David Royston Bailey David Bailey (photographer) 937 0
F Lee Bailey F. Lee Bailey 1246 0
Liberty Hyde Bailey Liberty Hyde Bailey 1204 Liberty Hyde Bailey (American botanist) 281
Nathan Bailey Nathan Bailey 133 Nathan Bailey (British lexicographer) 86
Sir Donald Coleman Bailey Donald Bailey 344 Sir Donald Coleman Bailey (British engineer) 184
Dame Isobel Baillie Isobel Baillie 258 0
John Baillie John Baillie [disambiguated] 290 0
Matthew Baillie Matthew Baillie 174 Matthew Baillie (Scottish pathologist) 113
Robert Baillie Robert Baillie 224 Robert Baillie (Scottish rebel) 171
William Lawrence Baillieu William Baillieu 617 0
Jean Sylvain Bailly Jean Sylvain Bailly 615 Jean-Sylvain Bailly (French astronomer) 459
Edward Hodges Baily Edward Hodges Baily 444 Edward Hodges Baily (British sculptor) 67
Francis Baily Francis Baily 473 Francis Baily (British astronomer) 137
Alexander Bain Alexander Bain 1470 Alexander Bain (Scottish philosopher) 258
Aly Bain Aly Bain 227 0
Dame Beryl Margaret Bainbridge 0 0
Edgar Leslie Bainton Edgar Bainton 1178 0
Roland Bainton Roland Bainton 234 0
Mustafa Bairakdar 0 0
John Logie Baird John Logie Baird 2033 John Logie Baird (British inventor) 143
Spencer Fullerton Baird Spencer Fullerton Baird 637 Spencer Fullerton Baird (American naturalist) 261
Bruce Bairnsfather Bruce Bairnsfather 897 Bruce Bairnsfather (British cartoonist) 225
Vadim Viktorovich Bakatin Vadim Bakatin 189 0
Chet Baker Chet Baker 1725 Chet Baker (American musician and vocalist) 500
Dame Janet Abbott Baker Janet Baker 829 Dame Janet Baker (English opera singer) 266
Howard Henry Baker Jr Howard Baker 977 0
James Addison III Baker James Baker 1603 James Addison Baker, III (American statesman) 469
Josephine Baker Josephine Baker 3118 Josephine Baker (French entertainer) 408
Kenneth Wilfred Baker Baron Baker 0 0
Sir Benjamin Baker Benjamin Baker [disambiguated] 1655 Sir Benjamin Baker (British engineer) 264
Sir Herbert Baker Herbert Baker 2139 0
Sir Samuel White Baker Samuel Baker 2396 Sir Samuel White Baker (British explorer) 212
Sir Stanley Baker Stanley Baker 631 0
Joan Dawson Bakewell Joan Bakewell 973 0
Robert Bakewell Robert Bakewell [disambiguated] 824 Robert Bakewell (British agriculturalist) 176
Leon Bakst Léon Bakst 504 Leon Bakst (Russian artist) 238
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin Mikhail Bakunin 6027 Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin (Russian anarchist) 802
Joaquín Balaguer 0 Joaquin Balaguer (president of Dominican Republic) 466
Mili Alekseyevich Balakirev 0 0
George Balanchine George Balanchine 1987 George Balanchine (Russian-American choreographer) 724
Antoine Jérôme Balard Antoine Jérôme Balard 355 Antoine-Jerome Balard (French chemist) 126
Iolanda Balas Iolanda Balaş 212 Iolanda Balas (Romanian athlete) 224
Bálint Balassi OR Balassa Bálint Balassi 642 Balint Balassi (Hungarian poet) 152
Cesare Balbo Cesare Balbo 530 Cesare, Count Balbo (prime minister of Sardinia-Piedmont ... 300
Italo Count Balbo 0 0
Vasco Núñez de Balboa Vasco Núñez de Balboa 4666 Vasco Nunez de Balboa (Spanish explorer) 517
Bernardo de Balbuena Bernardo de Balbuena 527 Bernardo de Balbuena (Puerto Rican bishop and poet) 157
Leszek Balcerowicz Leszek Balcerowicz 629 0
Emily Greene Balch Emily Greene Balch 200 Emily Greene Balch (American political scientist) 435
Bernt Balchen Bernt Balchen 1301 0
Sir Michael Elias Balcon Michael Balcon 815 0
Antonio Baldini 0 0
Filippo Baldinucci Filippo Baldinucci 610 Filippo Baldinucci (Italian art historian) 112
Alesso Baldovinetti Alesso Baldovinetti 644 Alessio Baldovinetti (Italian painter) 355
Hans Baldung Hans Baldung 894 Hans Baldung (German artist) 387
Baldwin Baldwin brothers [disambiguated] 252 James Baldwin (American author) 445
Baldwin I Baldwin I of Jerusalem 2260 Baldwin I (count of Flanders) 135
Baldwin II Baldwin II of Jerusalem 1229 Baldwin II (king of Jerusalem) 246
Baldwin II Baldwin II of Jerusalem 1229 Baldwin II (king of Jerusalem) 246
Baldwin III Baldwin III of Jerusalem 1819 Baldwin III (king of Jerusalem) 229
James Arthur Baldwin James Baldwin (writer) 1748 James Baldwin (American author) 445
James Mark Baldwin James Mark Baldwin 1859 James Mark Baldwin (American philosopher and psychologist ... 296
Mark Baldwin 0 0
Matthias William Baldwin Matthias W. Baldwin 642 Matthias William Baldwin (American manufacturer) 120
Stanley Baldwin 1st Earl Baldwin Stanley Baldwin 7561 Stanley Baldwin (prime minister of United Kingdom) 715
Robert Baldwin Robert Baldwin 728 Robert Baldwin (Canadian statesman) 327
Roger Nash Baldwin Roger Nash Baldwin 582 Roger Nash Baldwin (American activist) 286
John Bale John Bale 2208 John Bale (English bishop and author) 287
Cristóbal Balenciaga Cristóbal Balenciaga 412 Cristobal Balenciaga (Spanish designer) 167
Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Abubakar Tafawa Balewa 682 Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (prime minister of Nigeria ... 274
Dewey Balfa Dewey Balfa 289 0
Michael William Balfe Michael William Balfe 1244 Michael William Balfe (Irish musician) 274
Arthur James Balfour 1st Earl of Balfour Arthur Balfour 3924 Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl Balfour (prime minister of United ... 746
Francis Maitland Balfour Francis Maitland Balfour 599 Francis Maitland Balfour (British zoologist) 235
George Balfour George Balfour 134 0
Iona Margaret Balfour 0 0
John Hutton Balfour John Hutton Balfour 557 0
Lady Frances Balfour 0 0
Sir James Balfour Sir James Balfour, 1st Baronet 145 Sir James Balfour (Scottish judge) 259
Hugo Ball Hugo Ball 431 Hugo Ball (German author and social critic) 138
John Ball John Ball (priest) 686 John Ball (English clergyman) 173
John Ball John Ball (priest) 686 John Ball (English clergyman) 173
Lucille Desirée Ball 0 0
Giacomo Balla Giacomo Balla 334 Giacomo Balla (Italian artist) 402
Edouard Balladur Édouard Balladur 1288 Edouard Balladur (prime minister of France) 302
James Ballantyne James Ballantyne 68 James Ballantyne Hannay (Scottish chemist) 83
Robert Michael Ballantyne Robert Michael Ballantyne 1068 0
J G Ballard J. G. Ballard 2617 J.G. Ballard (British author) 426
Robert Duane Ballard Robert Ballard 3081 Robert Ballard (American oceanographer) 513
Seve Ballesteros Severiano Ballesteros 1950 Seve Ballesteros (Spanish golfer) 261
Balliol Balliol College, Oxford 2926 Balliol family (British family) 321
Balliol OR Baliol Balliol College, Oxford 2926 Balliol family (British family) 321
Edward de Balliol OR Baliol Edward Balliol 338 0
Hosea Ballou Hosea Ballou 499 Hosea Ballou (American theologian [1771-1852]) 330
José Manuel Balmaceda José Manuel Balmaceda 1636 Jose Manuel Balmaceda (president of Chile) 134
Pierre Alexandre Balmain Pierre Balmain 453 Pierre Balmain (French couturier) 202
Johann Jakob Balmer Johann Jakob Balmer 395 Johann Jakob Balmer (Swiss mathematician) 110
Arthur Elphinstone 6th Baron Balmerino 0 0
Konstantin Dmitriyevich Balmont Konstantin Balmont 291 0
Henry Balnaves Henry Balnaves 596 0
Hans Urs von Balthasar Hans Urs von Balthasar 974 0
Count Balthasar Klossowski de Rola Balthus 0 0
David Baltimore David Baltimore 1300 David Baltimore (American virologist) 569
George Calvert 1st Baron Baltimore George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore 4546 George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore (British statesman ... 361
Honoré de Balzac Honoré de Balzac 5655 Honore de Balzac (French author) 1026
Ban Gu Ban Gu 333 Ban Gu (Chinese historian) 1249
Ban Ki-moon Ban Ki-moon 4548 Ban Ki-moon (South Korean statesman and secretary-general of the ... 420
Ban Zhao Ban Zhao 315 Ban Zhao (Chinese scholar) 198
Stefan Banach Stefan Banach 1263 Stefan Banach (Polish mathematician) 390
Nanni di Banco Nanni di Banco 187 Nanni di Banco (Italian sculptor) 233
Anne Bancroft Anne Bancroft 1442 Anne Bancroft (American actress) 270
George Bancroft George Bancroft 1471 George Bancroft (American historian) 453
Hubert Howe Bancroft Hubert Howe Bancroft 861 Hubert Howe Bancroft (American historian) 485
Richard Bancroft Richard Bancroft 627 Richard Bancroft (archbishop of Canterbury) 215
Sir Squire Bancroft Squire Bancroft 490 Sir Squire Bancroft (British actor and manager) 211
Hastings Kamuzu Banda Hastings Banda 3439 Hastings Kamuzu Banda (president of Malawi) 563
Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike Sirimavo Bandaranaike 1219 Sirimavo R.D. Bandaranaike (prime minister of Sri Lanka ... 629
S W R D Bandaranaike S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike 834 0
Adolf Francis Alphonse Bandelier Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier 219 0
Matteo Bandello Matteo Bandello 274 Matteo Bandello (Italian author and bishop) 264
Attilio Bandiera 0 Attilio Bandiera (Italian revolutionary) 214
Baccio Bandinelli Bartolommeo Bandinelli 736 Baccio Bandinelli (Italian sculptor) 237
Sir Surendranath Banerjea Surendranath Banerjee 892 Sir Surendranath Banerjea (Indian politician) 390
Bibhuti Bhusan Banerji 0 0
Dezsö Bánffy Baron Bánffy Dezső Bánffy 521 0
Bernhard Bang Bernhard Lauritz Frederik Bang 137 Bernhard Lauritz Frederik Bang (Danish veterinarian) 106
John Banim John Banim 679 John Banim (Irish author) 204
Abolhassan Bani-Sadr 0 0
Lady Mary Bankes Mary Bankes 665 0
Tallulah Bankhead 0 0
Don Banks Don Banks 221 0
Gordon Banks Gordon Banks 3867 0
Iain Menzies Banks Iain Banks 662 0
Lynne Reid Banks Lynne Reid Banks 436 0
Nathaniel Prentiss Banks Nathaniel P. Banks 2468 Nathaniel P. Banks (United States politician and general ... 293
Sir Joseph Banks Joseph Banks 2326 Sir Joseph Banks, Baronet (British naturalist) 305
Thomas Banks Thomas Banks 375 0
Banksy Banksy 4218 Banksy (British graffiti artist) 516
George Bannatyne George Bannatyne 256 George Bannatyne (Scottish compiler) 145
Benjamin Banneker Benjamin Banneker 5159 Benjamin Banneker (American scientist) 192
Ian Bannen Ian Bannen 520 Ian Bannen (Scottish actor) 91
Helen Brodie Bannerman 0 0
Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister Roger Bannister 2559 Sir Roger Bannister (British athlete) 220
Sir Frederick Grant Banting Frederick Banting 1578 Sir Frederick Grant Banting (Canadian physician) 424
Sir Granville Bantock Granville Bantock 2152 Sir Granville Bantock (English composer) 142
Théodore de Banville Théodore de Banville 332 Theodore de Banville (French poet) 192
John Banville John Banville 865 John Banville (Irish writer) 282
Bao Dai Bảo Đại 1735 Bao Dai (Vietnamese emperor) 345
Bar Hebraeus Bar-Hebraeus 595 Bar Hebraeus (Syrian philosopher) 309
Simon Bar Kokhba Simon bar Kokhba 1178 0
Barabbas Barabbas 1126 Barabbas (biblical figure) 191
Ehud Barak Ehud Barak 1519 Ehud Barak (prime minister of Israel) 707
Amiri Baraka Amiri Baraka 1709 Amiri Baraka (American writer) 245
Robert Bárány Robert Bárány 291 Robert Barany (Swedish otologist) 160
St Madeleine Sophie Barat Madeleine Sophie Barat 348 Saint Madeleine-Sophie Barat (French nun) 205
Porfirio Barba Jacob Porfirio Barba-Jacob 395 0
Jacopo de' Barbari Jacopo de' Barbari 1294 Jacopo de' Barbari (Italian painter) 128
Khair-ed-din Barbarossa Khair ad-Din [disambiguated] 437 0
Chris Barber Chris Barber 1125 0
Francis Barber Francis Barber 528 0
Samuel Barber Samuel Barber 1961 Samuel Barber (American composer) 455
Joseph Roland Barbera Joseph Barbera 2888 Joseph Roland Barbera (American animator) 199
Jules Barbey D'Aurevilly Jules Amédée Barbey d'Aurevilly 399 Jules-Amedee Barbey d'Aurevilly (French author and critic ... 315
Klaus Barbie Klaus Barbie 1054 Klaus Barbie (Nazi leader) 324
Henri Auguste Barbier Henri Auguste Barbier 170 0
Jules Barbier Jules Barbier 167 0
Sir John Barbirolli John Barbirolli 4793 Sir John Barbirolli (English musician) 231
Henri Barbusse Henri Barbusse 802 Henri Barbusse (French author) 228
Alexander Barclay Alexander Barclay 360 Alexander Barclay (English poet) 133
Mikhail Bogdanovich Prince Barclay de Tolly 0 Mikhail Bogdanovich, Prince Barclay de Tolly (Russian military ... 298
John Barclay John Barclay [disambiguated] 251 John Barclay (Scottish writer) 204
Robert Barclay Robert Barclay 649 Robert Barclay (Scottish Quaker leader) 277
Robert Barclay Robert Barclay 649 Robert Barclay (Scottish Quaker leader) 277
William Barclay James William Barclay 403 0
Robert Barclay-Allardice Robert Barclay Allardice 1049 0
Sir Joseph Barcroft Joseph Barcroft 241 0
John Bardeen John Bardeen 3406 John Bardeen (American physicist) 301
Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Bardot 3026 Brigitte Bardot (French actress) 218
Praise-God Barebone OR Barbon Praise-God Barebone 691 Praise-God Barbon (English preacher) 248
Daniel Barenboim Daniel Barenboim 3124 Daniel Barenboim (Israeli musician) 407
Willem Barents Willem Barentsz 1608 Willem Barents (Dutch navigator) 202
Bertrand Barère Bertrand Barère 1483 Bertrand Barere (French revolutionary) 433
Giuseppe Marc Antonio Baretti Giuseppe Marc'Antonio Baretti 212 0
Richard Harris Barham Richard Harris Barham 540 0
Muhammad Abdul Bari Abdul Bari (squash player) 133 0
Alexander 1st Baron Ashburton Baring Alexander Baring, 1st Baron Ashburton 546 Alexander Baring, 1st Baron Ashburton (British diplomat ... 173
Evelyn Baron Howick of Glendale Baring Evelyn Baring, 1st Baron Howick of Glendale 191 0
Maurice Baring Maurice Baring 376 Maurice Baring (British author) 208
Sabine Baring-Gould Sabine Baring-Gould 1181 0
James Barke 0 0
Barker Family 0 0
George Granville Barker George Barker (poet) 529 George Barker (English poet) 163
Howard Barker Howard Barker 606 0
Thomas Barker Thomas Barker 632 0
Pat Margaret Barker Pat Barker 1190 0
Robert Barker Robert Barker [disambiguated] 45 Robert Barker (Scottish artist) 77
Ronnie Barker Ronnie Barker 4107 Ronnie Barker (British comedian, writer, and actor) 137
Sir Ernest Barker Ernest Barker 141 0
Heinrich Georg Barkhausen Heinrich Barkhausen 178 Heinrich Georg Barkhausen (German physicist) 189
Charles Glover Barkla Charles Glover Barkla 357 Charles Glover Barkla (British physicist) 160
Charles Barkley Charles Barkley 4589 0
Ernst Barlach Ernst Barlach 1136 Ernst Barlach (German sculptor) 339
Joel Barlow Joel Barlow 808 Joel Barlow (American writer) 347
Peter Barlow Peter Barlow [disambiguated] 352 Peter Barlow (English optician and mathematician) 201
Thomas Barlow Thomas Barlow [disambiguated] 286 0
Barna da Siena Barna da Siena 153 0
Viktor Barna Viktor Barna 444 0
Christiaan Neethling Barnard Christiaan Barnard 1582 Christiaan Barnard (South African surgeon) 264
Edward Emerson Barnard Edward Emerson Barnard 729 Edward Emerson Barnard (American astronomer) 191
Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard 464 Frederick Barnard (American educator) 205
Henry Barnard Henry Barnard 446 Henry Barnard (American educator) 276
Marjorie Faith Barnard Marjorie Barnard 1781 0
Thomas John Barnardo Thomas John Barnardo 755 Thomas John Barnardo (British social worker) 151
Barney Barnato Barney Barnato 715 Barney Barnato (British financier) 319
Antoine Barnave Antoine Barnave 1344 Antoine Barnave (French politician) 462
Dame Josephine Barnes Josephine Barnes 176 0
Djuna Barnes Djuna Barnes 3251 Djuna Barnes (American author) 258
Julian Patrick Barnes Julian Barnes 875 Julian Barnes (British author and critic) 345
Peter Barnes John Peter Barnes 185 Peter Barnes (British playwright and screenwriter) 84
Sydney Francis Barnes Sydney Barnes 1008 0
Thomas Barnes Thomas G. Barnes 610 Thomas Barnes (British journalist) 223
William Barnes William Barnes 772 William Barnes (English poet) 226
Samuel Augustus Barnett Samuel Augustus Barnett 603 Samuel A. Barnett (British clergyman) 100
Matthew Barney Matthew Barney 781 Matthew Barney (American artist) 201
Natalie Clifford Barney Natalie Clifford Barney 5483 Natalie Clifford Barney (American expatriate) 89
Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Wilhelmina Barns-Graham 1115 0
Phineas Taylor Barnum Category:Phineas Taylor Barnum 190 0
Federico Barocci OR Baroccio Federico Barocci 1178 Federico Barocci (Italian painter) 246
Pío Baroja y Nessi Pío Baroja 596 Pio Baroja (Spanish writer) 298
Salo Wittmayer Baron Salo Wittmayer Baron 512 Salo Wittmayer Baron (American historian) 184
Archibald Barr 0 0
Robert Barr Smith Robert Barr Smith 490 0
Paul François Jean Nicolas Comte de Barras Paul François Jean Nicolas, vicomte de Barras 712 0
Jean-Louis Barrault Jean-Louis Barrault 265 Jean-Louis Barrault (French actor and director) 438
Mohamed Siad Barre Siad Barre 3025 Mohamed Siad Barre (president of Somalia) 277
Raymond Barre Raymond Barre 1588 Raymond Barre (prime minister of France) 270
Maurice Barrès Maurice Barrès 1877 Maurice Barres (French author and politician) 381
J M Barrie J. M. Barrie 2965 J.M. Barrie (Scottish author) 616
George Barrington George Barrington 395 George Barrington (Irish adventurer) 231
Sir Jonah Barrington Jonah Barrington (judge) 864 0
Eduardo Barrios Eduardo Barrios 163 Eduardo Barrios (Chilean writer) 271
Clarence Walker Barron Clarence W. Barron 765 Clarence W. Barron (American publisher) 162
João de Barros João de Barros 659 Joao de Barros (Portuguese historian) 305
José Manuel Durão Barroso José Manuel Barroso 1529 Jose Manuel Barroso (prime minister of Portugal) 315
Clyde Barrow 0 0
Dame Jocelyn Barrow Jocelyn Barrow 152 0
Errol Walton Barrow Errol Barrow 863 0
Isaac Barrow Isaac Barrow 1347 Isaac Barrow (English mathematician) 620
Sir John Barrow Sir John Barrow, 1st Baronet 756 0
Elizabeth Barry Elizabeth Barry 842 0
James Barry James Barry (painter) 1242 James Barry (Irish painter) 202
Marie Jeanne Comtesse du Barry 0 0
Philip Barry Philip Barry 1678 Philip Barry (American dramatist) 219
Sir Charles Barry Charles Barry 1025 Sir Charles Barry (British architect) 343
Spranger Barry Spranger Barry 271 0
Ethel Barrymore Ethel Barrymore 963 Ethel Barrymore (American actress) 351
John Barrymore John Barrymore 2220 John Barrymore (American actor) 285
Lionel Barrymore Lionel Barrymore 1352 Lionel Barrymore (American actor) 266
Francesco Barsanti Francesco Barsanti 309 0
Stan Barstow Stan Barstow 186 Stan Barstow (British novelist) 145
Lionel Bart Lionel Bart 1282 Lionel Bart (British composer) 67
Heinrich Barth Heinrich Barth 852 Heinrich Barth (German geographer and explorer) 321
John Simmons Barth John Barth 516 John Barth (American writer) 358
Karl Barth Karl Barth 2980 Karl Barth (Swiss theologian) 1247
Jean Barth OR Bart Jean Bart 612 Jean Bart (French military officer) 268
Jules Barthélemy Saint-Hilaire Jules Barthélemy-Saint-Hilaire 537 Jules Barthelemy-Saint-Hilaire (French philosopher, statesman, and ... 190
Donald Barthelme Donald Barthelme 2090 Donald Barthelme (American writer) 192
Roland Barthes Roland Barthes 4458 Roland Barthes (French critic) 474
Auguste Bartholdi Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi 777 Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi (French sculptor) 216
Caspar the Elder Bartholin Caspar Bartholin the Elder 232 0
Caspar the Younger Bartholin Caspar Bartholin the Younger 146 Caspar Berthelsen Bartholin (Danish physician and theologian ... 102
Erasmus Bartholin Rasmus Bartholin 551 Erasmus Bartholin (Danish physician and physicist) 117
Thomas the Elder Bartholin Thomas Bartholin 821 Thomas Bartholin (Danish anatomist and mathematician ... 86
Thomas the Younger Bartholin Thomas Bartholin 821 0
Paul Albert Bartholomé Albert Bartholomé 166 Albert Bartholome (French sculptor) 180
Bartholomew Bartholomew the Apostle 1409 Bartholomew Gosnold (English explorer) 274
John George Bartholomew John George Bartholomew 390 John George Bartholomew (Scottish cartographer and publisher [1860 ... 140
Jean Louis Barthou Louis Barthou 427 0
John Bartlett John Bartlett (publisher) 471 John Bartlett (American editor) 196
Neil Bartlett Neil Bartlett [disambiguated] 522 0
Sir Frederic C Bartlett 0 Sir Frederic C. Bartlett (British psychologist) 212
Béla Bartók Béla Bartók 4039 Bela Bartok (Hungarian composer) 552
Cecilia Bartoli Cecilia Bartoli 773 0
Lorenzo Bartolini Lorenzo Bartolini 495 Lorenzo Bartolini (Italian sculptor) 90
Fra Bartolommeo Fra Bartolomeo 707 Fra Bartolommeo (Italian painter) 402
Francesco Bartolozzi Francesco Bartolozzi 383 Francesco Bartolozzi (Italian engraver) 153
Bartolus Bartolus de Saxoferrato 576 Bartolus of Saxoferrato (Italian jurist) 211
Clara Barton Clara Barton 1235 Clara Barton (American humanitarian) 521
Elizabeth Barton Elizabeth Barton 390 Elizabeth Barton (English ecstatic) 230
Glenys Barton 0 0
John Bernard Adie Barton John Barton (director) 533 0
Sir Derek Harold Richard Barton Derek Barton 418 0
Sir Edmund Barton Edmund Barton 2253 Sir Edmund Barton (Australian statesman) 204
John Bartram John Bartram 1005 John Bartram (American naturalist) 180
Baruch Baruch [disambiguated] 1413 Baruch S. Blumberg (American physician) 395
Bernard Mannes Baruch Bernard Baruch 1715 Bernard Baruch (United States government official) 209
Sir Garfield Edward John Barwick Garfield Barwick 441 Sir Garfield Edward John Barwick (Australian government official ... 58
Heinrich Anton de Bary Heinrich Anton de Bary 1277 Heinrich Anton de Bary (German botanist) 224
Antoine Louis Barye Antoine-Louis Barye 382 Antoine-Louis Barye (French sculptor, painter, and printmaker ... 301
Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov Mikhail Baryshnikov 1595 Mikhail Baryshnikov (Russian-American dancer) 390
Luigi Barzini Luigi Barzini, Jr. 440 0
Georg Baselitz Georg Baselitz 1439 Georg Baselitz (German artist) 290
George Basevi George Basevi 199 0
Marya Konstantinovna Bashkirtseva 0 0
Matsuo Basho Matsuo Bashō 2163 0
Count Basie Count Basie 3544 Count Basie (American musician) 1020
Colonel W de Basil Wassily de Basil 296 Colonel W. de Basil (Soviet ballet director) 101
the Macedonian Basil I Basil I 1453 Basil I (Byzantine emperor) 706
Bulgaroctonus Basil II Basil II 3707 Basil II (Byzantine emperor) 937
St Basil the Great Order of Saint Basil the Great 860 Saint Basil the Great (bishop of Caesarea) 648
Basilides Basilides 177 Basilides (Syrian philosopher) 200
James Basire James Basire 229 James Basire (British engraver) 88
John Baskerville John Baskerville 445 John Baskerville (English printer) 230
Leonard Baskin Leonard Baskin 264 Leonard Baskin (American sculptor) 353
Nikolai Gennadevich Basov 0 0
George Bass George Bass (archaeologist) 177 George Bass (British explorer) 241
Michael Thomas Bass Michael Thomas Bass, Jr. 646 0
Saul Bass Saul Bass 1682 Saul Bass (American director) 117
Giorgio Bassani Giorgio Bassani 709 Giorgio Bassani (Italian author) 331
Jacopo da Bassano Jacopo Bassano 298 Jacopo Bassano (Italian painter) 401
Dame Shirley Bassey Shirley Bassey 3342 Dame Shirley Bassey (Welsh pop singer) 249
Agostino Maria Bassi 0 0
François de Bassompierre François de Bassompierre 544 Francois de Bassompierre (French soldier and diplomat ... 380
Adolf Bastian Adolf Bastian 1602 Adolf Bastian (German ethnologist) 250
Henry Charlton Bastian Henry Charlton Bastian 51 0
Jules Bastien-Lepage Jules Bastien-Lepage 636 Jules Bastien-Lepage (French painter) 115
Tomas Bata Tomáš Baťa 1403 Thomas John Bata (Czech-born shoe manufacturer) 191
Joy Batchelor Joy Batchelor 198 John Halas and Joy Batchelor (British directors) 183
Henry Mayo Bateman H. M. Bateman 412 0
Kate Josephine Bateman Kate Josephine Bateman 127 0
Daisy May Bates Daisy Bates (Australia) 1925 0
Henry Walter Bates Henry Walter Bates 1485 0
H E Bates H. E. Bates 849 H.E. Bates (British author) 320
Sir Alan Bates Alan Bates 1055 Sir Alan Arthur Bates (British actor) 267
Gregory Bateson Gregory Bateson 2952 Gregory Bateson (American anthropologist) 111
William Bateson William Bateson 493 William Bateson (British biologist) 423
Elizabeth Bathori Elizabeth Báthory 2052 0
Bathsheba Bathsheba 1076 Bathsheba (biblical figure) 118
Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar Fulgencio Batista 3691 Fulgencio Batista (Cuban dictator) 398
John Batman John Batman 682 John Batman (Australian settler) 166
Pompeo Girolamo Batoni OR Battoni Pompeo Batoni 542 Pompeo Girolamo Batoni (Italian painter) 119
Jean Batten Jean Batten 1200 0
Prince Alexander of Battenberg Prince Alexander of Battenberg [disambiguated] 1137 Alexander of Battenberg (prince of Bulgaria) 151
Prince Henry of Battenberg Prince Henry of Battenberg 714 0
Konstantin Nikolayevich Batyushkov Konstantin Batyushkov 202 Konstantin Nikolayevich Batyushkov (Russian poet) 221
Charles Pierre Baudelaire Charles Baudelaire 3970 Charles Baudelaire (French author) 2514
Baudouin I 0 Baudouin I (king of Belgium) 231
Paul Jacques Aimé Baudry Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry 352 0
Ferdinand Lucas Bauer Ferdinand Bauer 1193 0
Gustav Bauer Gustav Bauer 440 Gustav Bauer (chancellor of Germany) 219
Caspar Bauhin Gaspard Bauhin 406 Gaspard Bauhin (Swiss physician and botanist) 283
L Frank Baum L. Frank Baum 4390 L. Frank Baum (American author) 204
Vicki Baum Vicki Baum 512 Vicki Baum (American author) 244
Antoine Baumé Antoine Baumé 184 0
Willi Baumeister Willi Baumeister 3226 0
Gertrude Baumer 0 0
Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten 905 Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten (German philosopher) 304
Ferdinand Christian Baur Ferdinand Christian Baur 2161 Ferdinand Christian Baur (German theologian) 434
Pina Bausch Pina Bausch 365 Pina Bausch (German ballet dancer and choreographer) 225
Bavius Bavius 280 0
Nina Mary Bawden 0 0
Ernest Belfort Bax Ernest Belfort Bax 372 0
Sir Arnold Edward Trevor Bax Arnold Bax 2938 Sir Arnold Bax (British author and composer) 235
Leo Baxendale Leo Baxendale 275 0
George Baxter George Baxter 1128 George Baxter (British engraver and printer) 156
James Keir Baxter James K. Baxter 957 James K. Baxter (New Zealand poet) 137
John Baxter John Baxter (author) 406 John Baxter (British printer) 79
Richard Baxter Richard Baxter 2486 Richard Baxter (English minister) 311
Stanley Baxter Stanley Baxter 702 0
James Asheton Bayard James A. Bayard (elder) 1075 0
James Asheton Bayard James A. Bayard (elder) 1075 0
Pierre du Terrail Chevalier de Bayard 0 0
Richard Henry Bayard Richard H. Bayard 433 0
Thomas Francis Bayard Thomas F. Bayard 882 Thomas Francis Bayard (United States statesman) 330
Johann Bayer Johann Bayer 148 Johann Bayer (German astronomer) 185
Thomas Bayes Thomas Bayes 698 Thomas Bayes (English theologian and mathematician) 257
Bayezit I 0 0
Bayezit II Bayezid II 908 Bayezid II (Ottoman sultan) 772
Pierre Bayle Pierre Bayle 732 Pierre Bayle (French philosopher) 343
Sir Isaac Bayley Isaac Bayley Balfour 525 0
Lilian Mary Baylis Lilian Baylis 971 Lilian Mary Baylis (British theatrical manager) 192
Sir William Maddock Bayliss William Bayliss 111 Sir William Maddock Bayliss (British physiologist) 350
Barbara Janet Ainsleigh Baynton Barbara Baynton 373 0
Achille François Bazaine François Achille Bazaine 4622 Achille Bazaine (French marshal) 304
Jean René Bazaine Jean René Bazaine 1402 0
Sir Joseph William Bazalgette Joseph Bazalgette 1090 Sir Joseph William Bazalgette (British engineer) 164
René Bazin René Bazin 314 Rene Bazin (French author) 315
William Baziotes William Baziotes 294 William Baziotes (American painter) 142
Frank Ambrose Beach 0 0
Moses Yale Beach Moses Yale Beach 339 0
Mrs H H A Beach 0 0
George Wells Beadle George Wells Beadle 769 George Wells Beadle (American geneticist) 414
John Cawte Beaglehole John Cawte Beaglehole 985 0
Dorothea Beale Dorothea Beale 150 Dorothea Beale (English educator) 79
Lionel Smith Beale Lionel Smith Beale 94 0
Jessie Tarbox Beals 0 Jessie Tarbox Beals (American photographer) 332
Bob Beamon Bob Beamon 840 Bob Beamon (American athlete) 259
Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean Charles Bean 2421 0
Roy Bean Roy Bean 2009 Roy Bean (American lawman and saloonkeeper) 200
Sawney Beane Sawney Bean 2009 0
Charles Austin Beard Charles A. Beard 1832 Charles A. Beard (American historian) 560
James Beard James Beard 2086 James Beard (American culinary expert and cookbook author ... 92
Mary Ritter Beard Mary Ritter Beard 1342 Mary Ritter Beard (American historian) 81
Romare Bearden 0 0
Aubrey Vincent Beardsley Aubrey Beardsley 1019 Aubrey Beardsley (English artist) 344
David Beaton OR Bethune David Beaton 968 David Beaton (Scottish cardinal and statesman) 217
James Beaton OR Bethune James Beaton 351 James Beaton (chancellor of Scotland) 146
Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton Cecil Beaton 1963 Sir Cecil Beaton (British photographer and costume and production ... 331
Beatrix Beatrix of the Netherlands 2186 Beatrix (queen of The Netherlands) 230
David Beatty 1st Earl Beatty David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty 6375 David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty (British admiral) 391
Warren Beatty Warren Beatty 2026 Warren Beatty (American actor, director, and producer ... 522
Pierre Beauchamp Pierre Beauchamp 358 Pierre Beauchamp (French ballet dancer) 219
Duke of Beaufort Duke of Beaufort 946 Edmund Beaufort, 1st duke of Somerset (English noble ... 243
Henry Beaufort Henry Beaufort 746 Henry Beaufort (English cardinal) 409
Lady Margaret Countess of Richmond Beaufort Lady Margaret Beaufort 2077 0
Sir Francis Beaufort Francis Beaufort 1218 Sir Francis Beaufort (British admiral) 100
Alexandre Beauharnais Vicomte de Beauharnais Alexandre de Beauharnais 496 0
Eugène de Beauharnais Eugène de Beauharnais 1073 Eugene de Beauharnais (French soldier and viceroy) 287
Hortense Eugénie Cécile Beauharnais Hortense de Beauharnais 1009 0
Joséphine de Beauharnais Joséphine de Beauharnais 1338 Eugene de Beauharnais (French soldier and viceroy) 287
Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais Pierre Beaumarchais 1753 Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais (French author ... 306
Agnes Beaumont 0 0
Francis Beaumont Francis Beaumont 892 Francis Beaumont (English dramatist) 469
Sir John Beaumont Sir John Beaumont, 1st Baronet 498 Sir John Beaumont, 1st Baronet (English author) 113
William Beaumont William Beaumont 805 William Beaumont (United States army surgeon) 300
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard 0 0
Simone de Beauvoir Simone de Beauvoir 2736 Simone de Beauvoir (French writer) 578
Max 1st Baron Beaverbrook Max Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook 1893 Sir Maxwell Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook (British politician and ... 416
Ferdinand August Bebel August Bebel 401 0
Domenico Beccafumi Domenico di Pace Beccafumi 1008 Domenico Beccafumi (Italian painter) 259
Cesare Marchese de Beccaria Cesare Beccaria 172 Cesare Beccaria (Italian criminologist) 732
Johann Joachim Becher Johannes R. Becher 880 Johann Joachim Becher (German scientist) 161
Sidney Joseph Bechet Sidney Bechet 1338 0
Karl Bechstein Carl Bechstein 615 0
Jozef Beck Józef Beck 1863 Jozef Beck (Polish military officer) 201
Franz Beckenbauer Franz Beckenbauer 1948 Franz Beckenbauer (German soccer player) 226
Boris Becker Boris Becker 1580 Boris Becker (German athlete) 359
Carl Lotus Becker Carl L. Becker 95 Carl Becker (American historian) 310
Gary S Becker Gary Becker 1717 Gary S. Becker (American economist) 305
Isaac Becket Isaac Beckett 232 0
Thomas Becket Thomas Becket 3380 Saint Thomas Becket (archbishop of Canterbury) 1868
Margaret Mary Beckett Margaret Beckett 2401 Margaret Beckett (British politician) 437
Samuel Barclay Beckett Samuel Beckett 2971 Samuel Beckett (Irish author) 2036
William Thomas Beckford William Thomas Beckford 2119 0
David Robert Joseph Beckham David Beckham 6753 David Beckham (British athlete) 476
Ernst Otto Beckmann Ernst Otto Beckmann 830 0
Max Beckmann Max Beckmann 1108 Max Beckmann (German painter) 403
Henry Becque Henry Becque 236 Henry-Francois Becque (French dramatist) 204
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer 1917 Gustavo Adolfo Becquer (Spanish author) 286
Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel 0 Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel (French physicist) 92
Antoine César Becquerel Antoine César Becquerel 393 Antoine-Cesar Becquerel (French physicist) 99
Antoine Henri Becquerel Henri Becquerel 504 Henri Becquerel (French physicist) 721
Myriam Bedard Myriam Bédard 603 Myriam Bedard (Canadian athlete) 239
Charles Eugène Bedaux Charles Bedaux 664 Charles Eugene Bedaux (American efficiency engineer) 198
Thomas Beddoes Thomas Beddoes 511 Thomas Lovell Beddoes (English poet) 290
Thomas Lovell Beddoes Thomas Lovell Beddoes 251 Thomas Lovell Beddoes (English poet) 290
Bede Bede 1445 Saint Bede the Venerable (Anglo-Saxon historian) 562
John of Lancaster Duke of Bedford John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford 689 0
Charles Marie Joseph Bédier 0 Joseph Bedier (French scholar) 180
Alfonso de Cueva Marqués de Bedmar Alfonso de la Cueva, 1st Marquis of Bedmar 1427 Alonso de la Cueva, marques de Bedmar (Spanish diplomat ... 155
Georg Bednorz Johannes Georg Bednorz 252 J. Georg Bednorz (German physicist) 180
St Bee OR Begh OR Bega Saint Bega 1570 0
William Beebe William Beebe 796 William Beebe (American biologist and explorer) 166
Sir Thomas Beecham Thomas Beecham 6383 Sir Thomas Beecham, 2nd Baronet (British conductor) 429
Catharine Esther Beecher Catharine Beecher 1393 Catharine Esther Beecher (American educator and author ... 416
Henry Ward Beecher Henry Ward Beecher 2129 Henry Ward Beecher (American minister) 434
Lyman Beecher Lyman Beecher 656 Lyman Beecher (American minister) 193
Sir William Beechey William Beechey 402 0
Richard Beeching Baron Beeching Richard Beeching 2427 0
Michael Beer Michael Lewis (wide receiver) 564 0
Sir Max Beerbohm Max Beerbohm 2107 Sir Max Beerbohm (British humorist) 372
Auguste Beernaert Auguste Marie François Beernaert 170 Auguste-Marie-Francois Beernaert (Belgian-Flemish statesman ... 124
Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven 7155 Ludwig van Beethoven (German composer) 6628
Mrs Isabella Mary Beeton Mrs Beeton 830 0
Menachem Begin Menachem Begin 4971 Menachem Begin (prime minister of Israel) 499
Martin Behaim Martin Behaim 1477 Martin Behaim (Portuguese geographer and navigator) 208
Barthel Beham Barthel Beham 193 Barthel Beham (German engraver) 83
Hans Sebald Beham Hans Sebald Beham 622 Hans Sebald Beham (German engraver) 151
Brendan Behan Brendan Behan 2560 Brendan Behan (Irish author) 484
Dominic Behan Dominic Behan 940 0
Aphra Behn Aphra Behn 2709 Aphra Behn (English author) 461
Peter Behrens Peter Behrens 758 Peter Behrens (German architect) 334
Emil von Behring Emil Adolf von Behring 349 Emil von Behring (German bacteriologist) 251
S N Behrman S. N. Behrman 686 S.N. Behrman (American author) 262
Bix Beiderbecke Bix Beiderbecke 6597 Bix Beiderbecke (American musician) 343
Sir George Thomas Beilby George Thomas Beilby 545 Sir George Thomas Beilby (British chemist) 208
Friedrich Konrad Beilstein Friedrich Konrad Beilstein 224 Friedrich Konrad Beilstein (Russian chemist) 135
Maurice Béjart Maurice Béjart 306 Maurice Bejart (French dancer) 262
Antony Bek Antony Bek 1113 0
Charles Tilstone Beke Charles Tilstone Beke 625 Charles Tilstone Beke (British explorer and biblical scholar ... 274
Georg von Békésy Georg von Békésy 493 Georg von Bekesy (American physicist and physiologist ... 264
Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev Vladimir Bekhterev 1918 Vladimir Bekhterev (Russian psychiatrist) 310
Harry Belafonte Harry Belafonte 3363 Harry Belafonte (American singer, actor, and activist ... 301
David Belasco David Belasco 1057 David Belasco (American theatrical producer and playwright ... 388
Fernando Belaúnde Terry Fernando Belaúnde Terry 1816 Fernando Belaunde Terry (president of Peru) 413
Sir Edward Belcher Edward Belcher 463 Sir Edward Belcher (British admiral) 196
Bernard Forest de Belidor Bernard Forest de Bélidor 143 Bernard Forest de Belidor (French engineer) 119
Vissarion Grigorevich Belinsky 0 0
Belisarius Belisarius 3167 Belisarius (Byzantine general) 871
Alexander Melville Bell Alexander Melville Bell 551 Alexander Graham Bell (American inventor) 1456
Andrew Bell Andrew Bell [disambiguated] 245 Andrew Bell (Scottish publisher) 163
Clive Heward Bell Clive Bell 894 Clive Bell (British critic) 295
Jocelyn Bell Burnell Jocelyn Bell Burnell 900 Jocelyn Bell Burnell (British astronomer) 355
Gordon Bell Gordon Bell 568 0
George Kennedy Allen Bell George Bell (bishop) 2597 George Kennedy Allen Bell (British clergyman) 210
Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell Gertrude Bell 2787 Gertrude Bell (English politician and writer) 408
Henry Bell Henry Bell [disambiguated] 137 Henry Bell (Scottish engineer) 117
John Bell John Bell [disambiguated] 160 John Bell (American politician) 255
John Bell John Bell [disambiguated] 160 John Bell (American politician) 255
J J Bell John Joy Bell 158 0
John Stewart Bell John Stewart Bell 1069 0
Lawrence Dale Bell Lawrence Dale Bell 438 Lawrence Dale Bell (American aircraft designer) 154
Patrick Bell Patrick Bell 192 0
Robert Anning Bell Robert Anning Bell 192 0
Sir Charles Bell Charles Bell 436 Sir Charles Bell (British anatomist) 185
Thomas Bell Thomas Bell (novelist) 223 0
Vanessa Bell Vanessa Bell 415 Vanessa Bell (British artist) 270
Stefano Della Bella Stefano della Bella 263 Stefano della Bella (Italian printmaker) 156
David James Bellamy David Bellamy 910 0
Edward Bellamy Edward Bellamy 470 Edward Bellamy (American writer) 255
George Anne Bellamy George Anne Bellamy 192 George Anne Bellamy (English actress) 281
John Bellany John Bellany 224 0
St Francis Bellarmine 0 0
Joachim du Bellay Joachim du Bellay 1736 Joachim du Bellay (French poet) 337
Rémy Belleau Remy Belleau 217 Remy Belleau (French poet) 274
John Bellenden OR Ballantyne John Bellenden 202 John Bellenden (Scottish writer) 240
Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen 0 0
Giovanni Bellini Giovanni Bellini 1838 Giovanni Bellini (Italian painter) 1658
Vincenzo Bellini Vincenzo Bellini 506 Vincenzo Bellini (Italian composer) 412
Carl Michael Bellmann Carl Michael Bellman 591 0
Andrés Bello Andrés Bello 812 Andres Bello (Venezuelan-born Chilean poet and scholar ... 365
Sir Ahmadu Bello Ahmadu Bello 551 0
Hilaire P Belloc Hilaire Belloc 3763 Hilaire Belloc (British author) 462
Bernardo Bellotto Bernardo Bellotto 541 Bernardo Bellotto (Italian painter) 211
Saul Bellow Saul Bellow 2566 Saul Bellow (American author) 459
George Wesley Bellows George Bellows 1108 George Wesley Bellows (American painter) 366
Dormont de Belloy 0 0
Jean-Paul Belmondo Jean-Paul Belmondo 559 Jean-Paul Belmondo (French actor) 608
Alva Ertskin Belmont 0 Alva Belmont (American suffragist) 409
Juan Belmonte Juan Belmonte 655 Juan Belmonte (Spanish bullfighter) 236
Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo 834 Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo (bishop of East Timor) 203
Pierre Belon Pierre Belon 267 Pierre Belon (French naturalist) 211
Andrei Bely Andrei Bely 604 Andrey Bely (Russian poet) 643
Giovanni Battista Belzoni Giovanni Battista Belzoni 725 Giovanni Battista Belzoni (Italian archaeologist) 332
Deane R Beman Deane Beman 203 0
Pietro Bembo Pietro Bembo 829 Pietro Bembo (Italian cardinal and writer) 255
Zine el Abidine Ben Ali Zine El Abidine Ben Ali 929 Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali (president of Tunisia) 307
Ahmed Ben Bella Ahmed Ben Bella 1102 0
Baruj Benacerraf Baruj Benacerraf 234 Baruj Benacerraf (American immunologist) 401
Richie Benaud Richie Benaud 6344 Richie Benaud (Australian cricketer) 141
Jacinto Benavente y Martinez Jacinto Benavente 269 Jacinto Benavente y Martinez (Spanish dramatist) 311
John Benbow John Benbow 4643 John Benbow (English admiral) 221
Robert Charles Benchley Robert Benchley 5018 Robert Benchley (American actor and writer) 555
Georg Anton Benda Jiří Antonín Benda 365 Georg Benda (German composer) 185
Julien Benda Julien Benda 312 Julien Benda (French philosopher and author) 166
Edouard Joseph Louis-Marie van Beneden 0 Edouard van Beneden (Belgian embryologist and cytologist ... 300
Mario Benedetti Mario Benedetti 384 Mario Benedetti (Uruguayan writer) 368
St Benedict Biscop Benedict Biscop 745 Saint Benedict Biscop (English abbot) 370
Benedict IX Pope Benedict IX 603 Benedict IX (pope) 340
St Benedict of Nursia Benedict of Nursia 2375 Saint Benedict of Nursia (Italian monk) 939
Ruth Benedict Ruth Benedict 4736 Ruth Benedict (American anthropologist and author) 453
Sir Julius Benedict Julius Benedict 588 0
Benedict VIII Pope Benedict VIII 265 Benedict VIII (pope) 236
Benedict XIV Pope Benedict XIV 406 Benedict (XIV) (antipope) 276
Benedict XV Pope Benedict XV 6793 Benedict XV (pope) 264
Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI 10506 Benedict XVI (pope) 741
Sem Benelli Sem Benelli 70 0
Eduard Beneš Edvard Beneš 1032 Edvard Benes (president of Czechoslovakia) 555
Rudolph Benesh Rudolf Benesh 225 0
Juan Benet Juan Benet 727 Juan Benet Goitia (Spanish writer) 236
Stephen Vincent Benét Stephen Vincent Benét 536 Stephen Vincent Benet (American writer) 293
William Rose Benét William Rose Benét 238 0
Theodor Benfey Theodor Benfey 581 Theodor Benfey (German scholar) 232
Johann Albrecht Bengel Johann Albrecht Bengel 1665 0
David Ben-Gurion David Ben-Gurion 2399 David Ben-Gurion (prime minister of Israel) 1449
Roberto Benigni Roberto Benigni 1681 Roberto Benigni (Italian actor and director) 582
Victor Hugo Benioff Hugo Benioff 300 0
Judah Philip Benjamin Judah P. Benjamin 2180 Judah P. Benjamin (American politician) 344
Benjamin of Tudela Benjamin of Tudela 813 Benjamin of Tudela (Spanish rabbi) 109
Walter Benjamin Walter Benjamin 1387 Walter Benjamin (German literary critic) 306
Gottfried Benn Gottfried Benn 609 Gottfried Benn (German writer) 269
Tony Benn Tony Benn 4579 Tony Benn (British politician) 492
Abraham Bennet Abraham Bennet 509 0
Alan Bennett Alan Bennett 1783 Alan Bennett (British playwright) 497
Arnold Bennett Arnold Bennett 1226 Arnold Bennett (British author) 592
Floyd Bennett Floyd Bennett 521 Floyd Bennett (American aviator) 122
James Gordon Bennett James Gordon Bennett, Sr. 512 James Gordon Bennett (American editor [1795-1872]) 307
James Gordon Bennett James Gordon Bennett, Sr. 512 James Gordon Bennett (American editor [1795-1872]) 307
Jill Bennett Jill Bennett (British actress) 918 Jill Bennett (British actress) 216
Michael Bennett Michael Bennett 1488 Michael Bennett (American dancer and choreographer) 156
Richard Bedford 1st Viscount Bennett 0 Richard Bedford Bennett (prime minister of Canada) 286
Sir Richard Rodney Bennett Richard Rodney Bennett 439 Richard Rodney Bennett (British composer) 176
Sir William Sterndale Bennett William Sterndale Bennett 1016 Sir William Sterndale Bennett (British conductor) 298
Tony Bennett Tony Bennett 4774 Tony Bennett (American singer) 709
Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley Louise Bennett-Coverley 903 0
Levin August Theophil Count Bennigsen Levin August, Count von Bennigsen 625 0
Jack Benny Jack Benny 8348 Jack Benny (American comedian) 302
Alexandre Nikolayevich Benois Alexandre Benois 363 Alexandre Benois (Russian artist) 245
Nadia Benois 0 0
Benoît de Sainte-Maure Benoît de Sainte-Maure 470 Benoit de Sainte-Maure (French poet) 226
Isaac de Benserade Isaac de Benserade 247 Isaac de Benserade (French author) 176
Arthur Christopher Benson 0 0
Frank Weston Benson Frank Weston Benson 807 0
Sidney William Benson 0 0
Sir Frank Robert Benson Frank Benson (actor) 509 0
William Arthur Smith Benson 0 0
George Bentham George Bentham 1148 George Bentham (British botanist) 340
Jeremy Bentham Jeremy Bentham 2635 Jeremy Bentham (British philosopher and economist) 1114
Sir Samuel Bentham Samuel Bentham 969 Sir Samuel Bentham (British engineer) 91
Lord George Bentinck Lord George Bentinck 617 Lord George Bentinck (British politician) 290
Lord William Henry Cavendish Bentinck Lord William Bentinck 1041 Lord William Bentinck (British government official) 856
William 1st Earl of Portland Bentinck William Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland 1037 0
William Henry Cavendish 3rd Duke of Portland Bentinck William Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland 1017 William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd duke of Portland (prime ... 289
Michael Bentine 0 0
Charles Raymond Bentley 0 0
Derek William Bentley Derek Bentley case 2410 0
Edmund Clerihew Bentley Edmund Clerihew Bentley 256 0
Richard Bentley Richard Bentley 2939 Richard Bentley (British scholar) 397
Thomas Hart Benton Thomas Hart Benton (painter) 1615 Thomas Hart Benton (American painter) 303
Lloyd Millard Bentsen Jr Lloyd Bentsen 1943 Lloyd Bentsen (American politician) 505
Niels Viggo Bentzon Niels Viggo Bentzon 128 0
Karl Friedrich Benz Karl Benz 2920 Karl Benz (German engineer) 143
Seymour Benzer Seymour Benzer 512 Seymour Benzer (American scientist) 133
Itzhak Ben-Zvi Yitzhak Ben-Zvi 794 Itzhak Ben-Zvi (president of Israel) 357
Josef Beran Josef Beran 482 Josef Beran (archbishop of Prague) 59
Pierre Jean de Béranger Pierre-Jean de Béranger 2038 Pierre-Jean de Beranger (French author) 344
Christian Bérard Christian Bérard 252 0
Cathy Berberian Cathy Berberian 485 0
Gonzalo de Berceo Gonzalo de Berceo 503 Gonzalo de Berceo (Spanish author) 244
Nicholas Berchem OR Berghem 0 0
Giovanni Berchet Giovanni Berchet 225 Giovanni Berchet (Italian author) 70
Nikolai Aleksandrovich Berdyaev Nikolai Berdyaev 709 Nikolay Aleksandrovich Berdyayev (Russian philosopher ... 468
Berengar I Berengar I of Italy 2610 Berengar (king and emperor of Italy) 308
Berengar II Berengar II of Italy 343 Berengar II (king of Italy) 124
Berengar of Tours Berengar of Tours 1685 Berengar Of Tours (French theologian) 536
Berenice I Berenice I of Egypt 154 Berenice I (queen of Egypt) 128
Berenice II Berenice II 309 Berenice II (queen of Egypt) 170
Berenice III Berenice III of Egypt 216 Berenice III (queen of Egypt) 241
Berenice IV Berenice IV of Egypt 384 Berenice IV (Egyptian ruler) 197
Bernard Berenson Bernard Berenson 1278 Bernard Berenson (American art critic) 202
Senda Berenson Senda Berenson Abbott 546 Senda Berenson (American educator) 360
Charles William de la Poer 1st Baron Beresford 0 Charles William de la Poer Beresford, 1st Baron Beresford (British ... 219
Jack Beresford Jack Beresford 1018 Jack Beresford (British athlete) 253
William Carr Beresford 1st Viscount Beresford William Beresford, 1st Viscount Beresford 1839 William Carr Beresford, Viscount Beresford (British general ... 267
Alban Berg Alban Berg 1247 Alban Berg (Austrian composer) 1533
Patty Berg Patty Berg 537 Patty Berg (American golfer) 398
Paul Berg Paul Berg 348 Paul Berg (American biochemist) 215
Teresa Berganza Teresa Berganza 485 Teresa Berganza (Spanish opera singer) 185
David Bergelson David Bergelson 402 David Bergelson (Russian author) 89
Candice Bergen Candice Bergen 1345 0
Edgar John Bergen Edgar Bergen 1784 Edgar Bergen (American ventriloquist) 268
Hans Berger Hans Berger 643 Hans Berger (German scientist) 75
John Peter Berger John Berger 1037 0
Victor Louis Berger Victor L. Berger 1605 Victor Berger (American political leader) 235
Tor Harold Percival Bergeron 0 Tor Harold Percival Bergeron (Scandinavian meteorologist ... 171
Eivind Berggrav Eivind Berggrav 561 0
Friedrich Bergius Friedrich Bergius 551 Friedrich Bergius (German chemist) 139
Bo Hjalmar Bergman Bo Bergman 270 Bo Bergman (Swedish poet) 145
Ingmar Bergman Ingmar Bergman 3764 Ingmar Bergman (Swedish film director) 408
Hjalmar Fredrik Elgérus Bergman Hjalmar Bergman 259 0
Ingrid Bergman Ingrid Bergman 4530 Ingrid Bergman (Swedish actress) 459
Torbern Olof Bergman Torbern Bergman 211 Torbern Olof Bergman (Swedish chemist and naturalist ... 197
Elisabeth Bergner 0 Elisabeth Bergner (Austrian actress) 283
Henri Bergson Henri Bergson 6628 Henri Bergson (French philosopher) 1461
Sune Karl Bergström Sune Bergström 153 Sune K. Bergstrom (Swedish biochemist) 190
Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria Lavrentiy Beria 4595 Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria (Soviet government official ... 396
Vitus Jonassen Bering Vitus Bering 845 Vitus Bering (Danish explorer) 327
Luciano Berio Luciano Berio 1917 Luciano Berio (Italian composer) 367
Busby Berkeley Busby Berkeley 909 Busby Berkeley (American director) 312
George Berkeley George Berkeley 2205 George Berkeley (Irish philosopher) 1511
Michael Fitzhardinge Berkeley 0 0
Sir Lennox Randall Francis Berkeley Lennox Berkeley 265 Sir Lennox Berkeley (British composer) 284
Alexander Berkman Alexander Berkman 3119 Alexander Berkman (American anarchist) 182
Steven Berkoff Steven Berkoff 1136 0
David Berkowitz David Berkowitz 7327 David Berkowitz (American serial killer) 305
Milton Berle Milton Berle 3957 Milton Berle (American comedian) 347
Irving Berlin Irving Berlin 10447 Irving Berlin (American composer) 443
Sir Isaiah Berlin 0 0
Émile Berliner Emile Berliner 559 Emil Berliner (American inventor) 218
Enrico Berlinguer Enrico Berlinguer 2096 Enrico Berlinguer (Italian politician) 335
Hector Berlioz Hector Berlioz 7786 Hector Berlioz (French composer) 1895
Charles Frambach Berlitz Charles Berlitz 298 0
Silvio Berlusconi Silvio Berlusconi 9054 Silvio Berlusconi (Italian media magnate and prime minister ... 445
St Bernadette 0 0
John Desmond Bernal John Desmond Bernal 1270 John Desmond Bernal (British physicist) 246
Claude Bernard Claude Bernard 455 Claude Bernard (French scientist) 1105
Émile Bernard Émile Bernard 1368 Emile Bernard (French painter) 154
Jeffrey Joseph Bernard Jeffrey Bernard 482 Jeffrey Joseph Bernard (British journalist) 55
Jessie Shirley Bernard Jessie Bernard 58 Jessie Bernard (American sociologist) 201
St Bernard of Clairvaux Bernard of Clairvaux 4160 Saint Bernard de Clairvaux (French abbot) 1114
St Bernard of Menthon Bernard of Menthon 724 Saint Bernard de Menthon (Italian vicar) 131
Bernard of Morval OR Morlaix Bernard of Cluny 1100 0
Tristan Bernard Tristan Bernard 394 Tristan Bernard (French author) 148
Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson 14th Baron Berners Gerald Tyrwhitt-Wilson, 14th Baron Berners 763 0
Juliana Berners OR Barnes Juliana Berners 463 Dame Juliana Berners (English prioress) 263
Sir Tim Berners-Lee Tim Berners-Lee 988 Sir Tim Berners-Lee (British scientist) 465
Bernhard Leopold Léopold Bernhard Bernstamm 254 0
Sarah Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt 1373 Sarah Bernhardt (French actress) 685
Francesco Berni OR Bernia Francesco Berni 595 Francesco Berni (Italian poet and translator) 244
Gian Lorenzo Bernini Gian Lorenzo Bernini 2853 Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Italian artist) 2185
Daniel Bernoulli Daniel Bernoulli 619 Daniel Bernoulli (Swiss mathematician) 427
Jacques Bernoulli Jacob Bernoulli 366 Jakob Bernoulli (Swiss mathematician) 280
Jean Bernoulli Johann Bernoulli 713 0
Carl Bernstein Carl Bernstein 878 0
Eduard Bernstein Eduard Bernstein 819 Eduard Bernstein (German political theorist) 893
Elmer Bernstein Elmer Bernstein 714 Elmer Bernstein (American film composer) 277
Leonard Bernstein Leonard Bernstein 4158 Leonard Bernstein (American composer and conductor) 547
Richard Barry Bernstein Richard Barry Bernstein 111 0
Sidney Lewis Bernstein Baron Bernstein Sidney Bernstein, Baron Bernstein 1320 Sidney Lewis Bernstein Bernstein of Leigh (British businessman ... 223
Berosus OR Berossus Berossus 2418 Berosus (Chaldean priest and author) 279
Yogi Berra Yogi Berra 2456 Yogi Berra (American baseball player) 466
Nabih Berri Nabih Berri 319 0
Alonso Berruguete Alonso Berruguete 240 Alonso Berruguete (Spanish sculptor) 371
Pedro Berruguete Pedro Berruguete 91 Pedro Berruguete (Spanish painter) 194
Charles Ferdinand de Bourbon Duc de Berry 0 Charles-Ferdinand de Bourbon, duke de Berry (French prince ... 234
Chuck Berry Chuck Berry 3378 Chuck Berry (American musician) 784
Halle Maria Berry Halle Berry 3342 0
Wendell Berry Wendell Berry 1673 Wendell Berry (American author) 283
John Berryman John Berryman 2609 John Berryman (American poet) 363
Paul Bert Paul Bert 253 Paul Bert (French physiologist and politician) 279
Marcellin Berthelot Marcellin Berthelot 468 Pierre-Eugene-Marcellin Berthelot (French chemist) 912
Sabin Berthelot Sabin Berthelot 282 0
Alexandre Berthier Louis Alexandre Berthier 960 Louis-Alexandre Berthier, prince de Wagram (marshal of France ... 341
Claude Louis Comte de Berthollet 0 Claude-Louis Berthollet (French chemist) 1422
Ferdinand Berthoud Ferdinand Berthoud 611 Ferdinand Berthoud (French horologist) 140
Alphonse Bertillon Alphonse Bertillon 951 Alphonse Bertillon (French official) 135
Bernardo Bertolucci Bernardo Bertolucci 1904 Bernardo Bertolucci (Italian director) 426
Aloysius Bertrand Aloysius Bertrand 195 Aloysius Bertrand (French author) 254
Henri Gratien Comte Bertrand Henri Gatien Bertrand 323 Henri-Gratien, Comte Bertrand (French engineer) 223
Pierre de Bérulle Pierre de Bérulle 442 Pierre de Berulle (French cardinal and statesman) 266
Franz Adolf Berwald Franz Berwald 1141 Franz Berwald (Swedish composer) 226
James Fitzjames 1st Duke of Berwick James FitzJames, 1st Duke of Berwick 761 James Fitzjames, duke of Berwick-upon-Tweed (English noble and ... 317
Jöns Jacob Berzelius Jöns Jacob Berzelius 928 Jons Jacob Berzelius (Swedish chemist) 2010
Annie Besant Annie Besant 4721 Annie Besant (British social reformer) 235
Sir Walter Besant Walter Besant 1571 Sir Walter Besant (British author) 246
John Bessarion OR Basilius Caecina Decius Basilius 212 Bessarion (Byzantine theologian) 351
Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Friedrich Bessel 535 Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (German astronomer) 246
Sir Henry Bessemer Henry Bessemer 1558 Sir Henry Bessemer (English inventor and engineer) 909
Natalia Bessmertnova Natalia Bessmertnova 244 Natalya Igoryevna Bessmertnova (Russian ballerina) 125
Jacques Besson Jacques Besson 631 Jacques Besson (French engineer) 111
Luc Besson Luc Besson 1189 0
Charles Herbert Best Charles Best [disambiguated] 715 Charles H. Best (American physiologist) 193
George Best George Best 2141 George Best (British athlete) 234
A E Bestall 0 0
Rómulo Betancourt Rómulo Betancourt 3303 Romulo Betancourt (president of Venezuela) 373
Hans Albrecht Bethe Hans Bethe 2287 Hans Bethe (American physicist) 1012
Gábor Bethlen Gabriel Bethlen 1366 Gabor Bethlen (king of Hungary) 504
István Count Bethlen István Bethlen 485 Istvan, Count Bethlen (prime minister of Hungary) 284
Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg 1230 Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg (German statesman) 487
Jennie Louise Bethune Louise Blanchard Bethune 230 Louise Blanchard Bethune (American architect) 229
Mary McLeod Bethune Mary McLeod Bethune 4071 Mary McLeod Bethune (American educator) 360
Sir John Betjeman John Betjeman 2703 Sir John Betjeman (British poet) 314
Bruno Bettelheim Bruno Bettelheim 1414 Bruno Bettelheim (American psychologist) 426
Thomas Betterton Thomas Betterton 448 Thomas Betterton (English actor and author) 217
Ugo Betti Ugo Betti 302 Ugo Betti (Italian author) 292
William Henry West Betty William Henry West Betty 256 William Henry West Betty (British actor) 171
Joachim Beuckelaer OR Buecklelaer Joachim Beuckelaer 170 0
Friedrich Ferdinand Count von Beust Count Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust 1708 0
Joseph Beuys Joseph Beuys 4549 Joseph Beuys (German sculptor) 241
Aneurin Bevan Aneurin Bevan 2863 Aneurin Bevan (British politician) 296
Edward John Bevan Edward John Bevan 189 0
William Henry Beveridge 1st Baron Beveridge William Beveridge 1232 William Henry Beveridge, 1st Baron Beveridge (British economist ... 295
Raymond John Heaphy Beverton 0 0
Ernest Bevin Ernest Bevin 2817 Ernest Bevin (British labour leader and statesman) 501
Thomas Bewick Thomas Bewick 641 Thomas Bewick (British artist) 314
Yahya Kemal Beyatli Yahya Kemal Beyatlı 87 Yahya Kemal Beyatli (Turkish author) 148
Theodorus Beza 0 0
Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos 601 Jeff Bezos (American entrepreneur) 413
Homi Jehangir Bhabha Homi J. Bhabha 1625 0
C Subramania Bharati Subramanya Bharathi 1996 Subrahmanya C. Bharati (Indian writer) 209
Bhartrihari Bhartṛhari 290 0
Bhasa Bhāsa 872 Bhasa (Indian dramatist) 135
Krishna Prasad Bhattarai 0 0
Bhavabhûti Bhavabhuti 328 Bhavabhuti (Indian writer) 161
Vinoba Bhave Vinoba Bhave 729 Vinoba Bhave (Indian social reformer) 346
Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale 2407 Bhindranwale, Sant Jarnail Singh (Sikh leader) 371
Bhumibol Adulyadej Bhumibol Adulyadej 4116 Bhumibol Adulyadej (king of Thailand) 432
Benazir Bhutto Benazir Bhutto 6780 Benazir Bhutto (prime minister of Pakistan) 758
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 5764 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (prime minister of Pakistan) 508
Chaim Nachman Bialik Hayim Nahman Bialik 1722 0
Kenneth Alessio Bianchi 0 0
Bias Bias 508 bias (attitude) 167
Marie François Xavier Bichat Marie François Xavier Bichat 627 Marie-Francois-Xavier Bichat (French anatomist and physiologist ... 246
Isaac Bickerstaffe Isaac Bickerstaffe 244 Isaac Bickerstaffe (Irish dramatist) 168
William Bickford William Bickford 147 William Bickford (British inventor) 93
Georges Bidault Georges Bidault 1183 Georges Bidault (prime minister of France) 457
George Parker Bidder George Parker Bidder 891 0
John Biddle John Biddle (Unitarian) 288 John Biddle (English theologian) 426
Wilhelm von Biela Baron Wilhelm von Biela 111 Wilhelm, Freiherr von Biela (Austrian astronomer) 117
Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce Ambrose Bierce 2089 Ambrose Bierce (American author) 527
Ludwig Biermann Ludwig Biermann 151 0
Wolf Biermann Wolf Biermann 541 0
Albert Bierstadt Albert Bierstadt 871 Albert Bierstadt (American painter) 202
Sir Rowland Harry Biffen Rowland Biffen 92 0
John Biffen Baron Biffen John Biffen 773 0
Erastus Brigham Bigelow Erastus Brigham Bigelow 168 Erastus Brigham Bigelow (American industrialist) 189
Jacob Bigelow Jacob Bigelow 300 0
John Bigelow John Bigelow 430 John Bigelow (American diplomat) 238
Earl Derr Biggers Earl Derr Biggers 278 Earl Derr Biggers (American novelist and playwright) 174
Ronnie Biggs Ronnie Biggs 1996 Ronnie Biggs (British criminal) 279
Ustad Kamal al-Din Bihzad 0 0
Abebe Bikila Abebe Bikila 1328 Abebe Bikila (Ethiopian athlete) 217
Steve Biko Steve Biko 2736 Steve Biko (South African political leader) 425
Max Bill Max Bill 470 Max Bill (Swiss artist) 194
Jean Nicolas Billaud-Varenne Jacques Nicolas Billaud-Varenne 1022 Jean-Nicolas Billaud-Varenne (French lawyer) 410
Sir Peter de la Billière Peter de la Billière 715 0
John Shaw Billings John Shaw Billings 337 John Shaw Billings (American surgeon and librarian) 261
Josh Billings Josh Billings 949 Josh Billings (American humorist) 225
Teresa Billington-Greig Teresa Billington-Greig 31 0
Theodor Billroth Theodor Billroth 643 Theodor Billroth (Austrian surgeon) 321
Thomas Bilney Thomas Bilney 656 Thomas Bilney (English religious reformer) 143
Osama bin Mohammad Bin Laden Osama bin Laden 6734 Osama bin Laden (Saudi Arabian militant) 514
Maeve Binchy Maeve Binchy 288 Maeve Binchy (Irish author) 317
Tim Bindoff 0 0
Alfred Binet Alfred Binet 2534 Alfred Binet (French psychologist) 289
Lewis Roberts Binford Lewis Binford 589 Lewis R. Binford (American archaeologist) 91
Ilse Bing Ilse Bing 359 Ilse Bing (American photographer) 44
George Caleb Bingham George Caleb Bingham 873 George Caleb Bingham (American painter) 393
Hiram Bingham Hiram Bingham III 1191 Hiram Bingham (American archaeologist and United States senator ... 541
Thomas Henry Bingham Baron Bingham Thomas Bingham, Baron Bingham of Cornhill 346 0
Gerd Karl Binnig 0 0
Juliette Binoche Juliette Binoche 2715 Juliette Binoche (French actress) 328
David Julian Bintley 0 0
Laurence Binyon Laurence Binyon 1430 Laurence Binyon (English scholar and poet) 236
Matt Biondi Matt Biondi 690 0
Jean Baptiste Biot Jean-Baptiste Biot 765 Jean-Baptiste Biot (French physicist) 302
Arthur John Birch Arthur Birch (organic chemist) 418 0
Derek Birchall 0 0
Bonnie Bird 0 0
Dickie Bird Dickie Bird 801 0
Larry Bird Larry Bird 4006 Larry Bird (American athlete) 334
Vere Cornwall Bird Vere Bird 1259 0
Clarence Birdseye Clarence Birdseye 532 Clarence Birdseye (American businessman and inventor ... 259
William Riddell Birdwood 1st Baron Birdwood William Birdwood, 1st Baron Birdwood 1237 0
Bir Bikram Shah Dev Birendra 0 Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (king of Nepal) 301
St Birgitta OR Bridget Bridget of Sweden 1335 Sisters of the Most Holy Savior of St. Bridget (Roman Catholic ... 89
Vannoccio Vincenzio Agustino Luca Biringuccio 0 0
George Birkbeck George Birkbeck 326 George Birkbeck (British physician and educator) 136
Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland Kristian Birkeland 1234 0
Frederick Edwin Smith 1st Earl of Birkenhead Earl of Birkenhead 248 Frederick Edwin Smith, 1st earl of Birkenhead (British statesman ... 398
William Norman Birkett 1st Baron Birkett Norman Birkett, 1st Baron Birkett 5785 0
George David Birkhoff George David Birkhoff 700 George David Birkhoff (American mathematician) 399
Eric Birley Eric Birley 256 0
Sir Robert Birley Robert Birley 237 0
James Gillespie Birney James G. Birney 2735 James Gillespie Birney (American politician) 192
László Bíró László Bíró 419 Laszlo Jozsef Biro (Hungarian inventor) 182
Ernst Johann Biron OR Bühren Ernst Johann von Biron 793 Ernst Johann, Reichsgraf von Biron (duke of Courland ... 411
Augustine Birrell Augustine Birrell 1825 Augustine Birrell (British politician) 230
John Birt Baron Birt John Birt, Baron Birt 2403 John Birt, Baron Birt (British businessman) 485
Sir Harrison Birtwistle Harrison Birtwistle 1977 Sir Harrison Birtwistle (British composer) 98
Werner Adalbert Bischof 0 Werner Bischof (Swiss photographer) 255
Elizabeth Bishop Elizabeth Bishop 1579 Elizabeth Bishop (American poet) 421
Isabella Bishop Isabella Bird 838 Isabel Bishop (American artist) 309
Michael Bishop J. Michael Bishop 234 J. Michael Bishop (American scientist) 395
John Peale Bishop John Peale Bishop 258 John Peale Bishop (American poet and critic) 241
Maurice Bishop Maurice Roy 565 0
Sir Henry R Bishop Henry Bishop 765 Sir Henry Rowley Bishop (English composer and conductor ... 141
William Avery Bishop William Bishop [disambiguated] 134 William Avery Bishop (Canadian fighter ace) 216
Prince Otto Edward Leopold von Duke of Lauenburg Bismarck Otto von Bismarck 11375 Otto von Bismarck (German chancellor and prime minister ... 4009
Roger Bissière Roger Bissière 88 0
Salah al-Din Bitar Salah al-Din al-Bitar 1781 0
Albert Bitzius 0 0
Girolamo Bixio 0 0
Paul Biya Paul Biya 1218 0
Georges Bizet Georges Bizet 1741 Georges Bizet (French composer) 1246
Marie Caroline Bjelke-Petersen Marie Bjelke Petersen 924 0
Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen Joh Bjelke-Petersen 4480 Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson (Australian politician) 197
Jacob Aall Bonnevie Bjerknes Jacob Bjerknes 194 0
Vilhelm F K Bjerknes 0 Vilhelm Bjerknes (Norwegian meteorologist) 309
Björk Björk 5480 Bjork (Icelandic musician) 433
James Daniel Bjorken James Bjorken 228 0
Jussi Björling Jussi Björling 913 Jussi Bjorling (Swedish singer) 245
Bjørnstjerne Martinius Bjørnson Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson 1781 Bjornstjerne Martinius Bjornson (Norwegian author) 615
Maria Bjornson Maria Björnson 176 Maria Bjornson (British designer) 75
Sveinn Björnsson Sveinn Björnsson 404 Sveinn Bjornsson (president of Iceland) 206
Adam Black Adam Black 260 Adam Black (British publisher) 86
Cilla Black Cilla Black 2854 0
Clementina Maria Black 0 0
Black Hawk Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk 3230 Black Hawk (Sauk and Fox leader) 427
Hugo la Fayette Black Hugo Black 7185 Hugo Black (American jurist) 889
Joseph Black Joseph Black 682 Joseph Black (British scientist) 1769
Sir James Whyte Black James W. Black 1150 Sir James Black (Scottish pharmacologist) 398
Sir Misha Black Misha Black 212 0
Dame Elizabeth Blackadder Elizabeth Blackadder 401 0
Helen Blackburn Elizabeth Blackburn 341 Helen Blackburn (British suffragist) 120
Jemima Blackburn Jemima Blackburn 458 0
Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn [disambiguated] 94 0
Edmund Thomas Blacket Edmund Blacket 7597 0
Patrick Maynard Stuart Baron Blackett Patrick Blackett, Baron Blackett 1711 0
Frederick Frost Blackman Frederick Blackman 130 0
R D Blackmore R. D. Blackmore 1507 0
Harry Andrew Blackmun Harry Blackmun 2097 Harry A. Blackmun (United States jurist) 505
Sir William Blackstone William Blackstone 1037 Sir William Blackstone (English jurist) 1251
Tessa Ann Vosper Evans Baroness Blackstone 0 0
Elizabeth Blackwell Elizabeth Blackwell 981 Elizabeth Blackwell (American physician) 675
Emily Blackwell Emily Blackwell 597 Emily Blackwell (American physician and educator) 372
Sir Basil Henry Blackwell Basil Blackwell 123 0
Algernon Henry Blackwood Algernon Blackwood 872 Algernon Henry Blackwood (British author) 139
Lord Basil Gawaine Temple Blackwood 0 0
William Blackwood William Blackwood 390 William Blackwood (Scottish publisher) 252
Willem Janszoon Blaeu Willem Blaeu 248 Willem Janszoon Blaeu (Dutch geographer and astronomer ... 141
Manolo Blahnik Manolo Blahnik 232 Manolo Blahnik (Spanish designer) 486
James Gillespie Blaine James G. Blaine 2108 James G. Blaine (American politician) 470
Geoffrey Norman Blainey Geoffrey Blainey 1226 Geoffrey Blainey (Australian historian and writer) 174
Bonnie Blair Bonnie Blair 584 Bonnie Blair (American speed skater) 294
Catherine Blair 0 0
Francis Preston Blair Francis Preston Blair 685 Francis Preston Blair, Jr. (American politician) 512
Robert Blair Robert Blair [disambiguated] 828 Robert Blair (Scottish poet) 170
Tony Blair Tony Blair 7104 Tony Blair (prime minister of United Kingdom) 1221
St Blaise OR Blasius Saint Blaise 1227 0
Herbert Augustus Blaize Herbert Blaize 392 Herbert Augustus Blaize (prime minister of Grenada) 242
Eubie Blake Eubie Blake 1216 Eubie Blake (American musician) 249
Eugene Carson Blake Eugene Carson Blake 161 Eugene Carson Blake (American minister) 218
Quentin Saxby Blake Quentin Blake 871 0
Robert Blake Robert Blake (actor) 2061 Robert Blake (British admiral) 434
Sir Peter Blake Peter Blake (artist) 1251 0
Sir Peter James Blake Peter Blake (yachtsman) 1280 Sir Peter James Blake (New Zealand yachtsman) 306
William Blake William Blake 7745 William Blake (British writer and artist) 6724
Colin Brian Blakemore Colin Blakemore 2431 0
Albert Francis Blakeslee Albert Francis Blakeslee 231 Albert Francis Blakeslee (American botanist) 256
Art Blakey Art Blakey 1433 Art Blakey (American musician) 261
Alfred Blalock Alfred Blalock 1119 Alfred Blalock (American physician) 210
Sir Thomas Blamey Thomas Blamey 3777 0
Edmund Blampied Edmund Blampied 3494 0
Louis Blanc Louis Blanc 1156 Louis Blanc (French politician) 647
Mel Blanc Mel Blanc 4649 Mel Blanc (American entertainer) 462
Raymond René Blanc 0 0
Jean Pierre François Blanchard Jean-Pierre Blanchard 769 Jean-Pierre-Francois Blanchard (French balloonist) 313
Cate Blanchett Cate Blanchett 1574 Cate Blanchett (Australian actress) 753
Danny Blanchflower Danny Blanchflower 827 0
Serge Blanco Serge Blanco 577 Serge Blanco (French athlete) 224
Giorgio Blandrata OR Biandrata Giorgio Biandrata 456 George Blandrata (Italian religious leader) 259
Sir Gilbert Blane Gilbert Blane 206 Sir Gilbert Blane, 1st Baronet (Scottish physician) 139
Fanny Blankers-Koen Fanny Blankers-Koen 2548 Fanny Blankers-Koen (Dutch athlete) 420
Auguste Blanqui Louis Auguste Blanqui 976 Auguste Blanqui (French socialist) 1164
Colonel John Blashford-Snell John Blashford-Snell 201 0
Carlo Blasis Carlo Blasis 145 Carlo Blasis (Italian ballet teacher) 254
Harriot Stanton Blatch Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch 652 Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch (American suffragist) 542
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Helena Blavatsky 3076 Helena Blavatsky (Russian spiritualist) 368
Alan Bleasdale Alan Bleasdale 807 0
Louis Blériot Louis Blériot 1361 Louis Bleriot (French aviator) 355
Herri Met de Bles Herri met de Bles 193 0
Brian Blessed 0 0
Marguerite Gardiner Countess of Blessington Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington 589 Marguerite Gardiner, countess of Blessington (Irish author ... 286
Brenda Anne Blethyn Brenda Blethyn 2693 0
Eugen Bleuler Eugen Bleuler 447 Eugen Bleuler (Swiss psychiatrist) 361
Carla Bley 0 0
Steen Steensen Blicher Steen Steensen Blicher 778 Steen Steensen Blicher (Danish author) 239
William Bligh William Bligh 3159 William Bligh (English admiral) 1079
Philip Paul Bliss Philip Bliss 875 0
Sir Arthur Bliss Arthur Bliss 699 Sir Arthur Bliss (English composer) 246
Hans Martin Blix Hans Blix 994 0
Karen Baroness Blixen Karen Blixen 1774 0
Günter Blobel Günter Blobel 455 Gunter Blobel (German-American scientist) 589
Ernest Bloch Ernest Bloch 463 Ernest Bloch (American composer) 333
Felix Bloch Felix Bloch 327 Felix Bloch (American physicist) 259
Jean-Richard Bloch Jean-Richard Bloch 134 Jean-Richard Bloch (French writer) 181
Konrad Emil Bloch Konrad Emil Bloch 236 Konrad E. Bloch (American biochemist) 257
Marc Bloch Marc Bloch 2069 Marc Bloch (French historian) 782
Martin Bloch 0 0
Herbert Lawrence Block 0 0
Abraham Bloemaert Abraham Bloemaert 534 Abraham Bloemaert (Dutch painter and engraver) 117
Nicolaas Bloembergen Nicolaas Bloembergen 603 Nicolaas Bloembergen (American physicist) 224
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok 0 Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok (Russian poet and dramatist ... 714
Karl-Birger Blomdahl Karl-Birger Blomdahl 136 0
Sir Reginald Blomfield Reginald Blomfield 890 Sir Reginald Blomfield (English architect) 87
Blondel Blondel de Nesle 665 Maurice Blondel (French philosopher) 163
Nicolas François Blondel François Blondel 891 0
Charles Blondin Charles Blondin 654 0
Thomas Blood Thomas Blood 2054 0
Claire Bloom Claire Bloom 1094 Claire Bloom (British actress) 180
Amelia Bloomer Amelia Bloomer 684 Amelia Jenks Bloomer (American social reformer) 350
Leonard Bloomfield Leonard Bloomfield 1752 Leonard Bloomfield (American linguist) 206
Ella Bloor Ella Reeve Bloor 1317 Ella Reeve Bloor (American political organizer and writer ... 491
Edward Blore Edward Blore 383 0
Paul Blouet 0 0
Charles 8th Lord Mountjoy Blount Charles Blount, 8th Baron Mountjoy 552 Charles Blount, 8th Lord Mountjoy (English lord deputy of Ireland ... 252
Thomas Blount Thomas Blount (lexicographer) 759 Thomas Blount (British lexicographer) 74
John Blow John Blow 666 John Blow (English musician) 393
Léon Marie Bloy Léon Bloy 436 0
Gebhard Leberecht von Prince of Wahlstadt Blücher Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher 1864 0
Lionel Blue Lionel Blue 448 0
Léon Blum Léon Blum 1748 Leon Blum (premier of France) 700
René Blum René Blum [disambiguated] 298 Rene Blum (French choreographer) 209
Baruch Samuel Blumberg Baruch Samuel Blumberg 335 Baruch S. Blumberg (American physician) 395
Judy Sussman Blume Judy Blume 1415 0
Karel Lodewijk Blume Carl Ludwig Blume 194 0
Johann Friedrich Blumenbach Johann Friedrich Blumenbach 671 Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (German anthropologist) 140
Heston Blumenthal Heston Blumenthal 1201 0
Hans Friedrich Blunck Hans-Friedrich Blunck 574 0
Sir Michael Blundell 0 0
Edmund Charles Blunden Edmund Blunden 1457 Edmund Charles Blunden (British scholar) 220
David Blunkett David Blunkett 3538 David Blunkett (British politician) 688
Anthony Frederick Blunt Anthony Blunt 2234 Anthony Blunt (British art historian and spy) 348
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt Wilfrid Scawen Blunt 582 Wilfrid Scawen Blunt (British poet) 257
Robert Elwood Bly 0 Robert Bly (American author) 484
Edward Blyth Edward Blyth 1546 0
Sir Chay Blyth Chay Blyth 513 0
Enid Mary Blyton Enid Blyton 2707 Enid Blyton (British author) 362
Bo Diddley Bo Diddley 3618 Bo Diddley (American musician) 455
Bo Juyi Bai Juyi 196 Bai Juyi (Chinese poet) 378
Boabdil 0 0
Chris Boardman Chris Boardman 1687 0
Franz Boas Franz Boas 12269 Franz Boas (German-American anthropologist) 1094
Oswald Boateng 0 0
Paul Yaw Boateng Paul Boateng 854 Paul Boateng (British politician) 231
Manoel Barbosa du Bocage Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage 1531 Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage (Portuguese poet) 248
Giovanni Boccaccio Giovanni Boccaccio 1818 Giovanni Boccaccio (Italian poet and scholar) 2254
Luigi Boccherini Luigi Boccherini 338 Luigi Boccherini (Italian composer) 772
Umberto Boccioni Umberto Boccioni 388 Umberto Boccioni (Italian painter) 381
Fedor von Bock Fedor von Bock 4494 Fedor von Bock (German military officer) 281
Arnold Böcklin Arnold Böcklin 437 Arnold Bocklin (Swiss painter) 238
Johann Elert Bode Johann Elert Bode 357 Johann Elert Bode (German astronomer) 168
Friedrich Martin von Bodenstedt Friedrich Martin von Bodenstedt 544 Friedrich Martin von Bodenstedt (German writer and translator ... 199
Ernst August Max Bodenstein Max Bodenstein 305 0
Bodhidharma Bodhidharma 4453 Bodhidharma (Indian Buddhist monk) 237
Barbara Bodichon Barbara Bodichon 917 Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon (British activist) 166
Jean Bodin Jean Bodin 642 Jean Bodin (French political philosopher) 484
Sir Thomas Bodley Thomas Bodley 1121 Sir Thomas Bodley (English noble) 229
Johann Georg Bodmer Johann Georg Bodmer 30 Johann Georg Bodmer (Swiss inventor) 269
Sir Walter Fred Bodmer 0 0
Giambattista Bodoni Giambattista Bodoni 392 Giambattista Bodoni (Italian printer) 334
Hector Boece OR Boyis OR Boethius Hector Boece 529 Hector Boece (Scottish historian) 170
Theobald Boehm OR Böhm Theobald Boehm 253 Theobald Boehm (German woodwind maker) 295
Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm Joseph Boehm 371 0
William Edward Boeing William Boeing 527 William E. Boeing (American businessman) 79
Hermann Boerhaave Herman Boerhaave 608 Hermann Boerhaave (Dutch physician) 226
Allan Aubrey Boesak Allan Boesak 801 0
Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius 0 Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius (Roman scholar, philosopher ... 1254
Leonardo Boff Leonardo Boff 842 0
Sir Dirk Bogarde Dirk Bogarde 2323 Sir Dirk Bogarde (British actor) 162
James Bogardus James Bogardus 235 James Bogardus (American inventor) 159
Humphrey DeForest Bogart Humphrey Bogart 7717 Humphrey Bogart (American actor) 855
Michael Bogdanov Michael Bogdanov 974 0
Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogilyubov 0 0
Oleg Timofeyevich Bogomolov 0 0
David Bogue David Bogue 203 0
Bohemond I Bohemond I of Antioch 2734 Bohemond I (prince of Antioch) 994
Bohemond II Bohemond II of Antioch 729 Bohemond II (prince of Antioch) 104
David Joseph Bohm David Bohm 2120 David Bohm (American physicist) 543
Jakob Böhme Jakob Böhme 2490 Jakob Bohme (German mystic) 831
Niels Bohr Niels Bohr 2536 Niels Bohr (Danish physicist) 2053
Niels Henrik David Bohr Niels Bohr 2536 Niels Bohr (Danish physicist) 2053
Matteo Maria Count of Scandiano Boiardo Matteo Maria Boiardo 356 Matteo Maria Boiardo, count di Scandiano (Italian poet ... 285
François Adrien Boïeldieu François-Adrien Boieldieu 739 Francois-Adrien Boieldieu (French composer) 290
Nicolas Boileau Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux 1646 Nicolas Boileau (French author) 386
Paul Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran 256 Paul-Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran (French chemist) 141
Emil du Bois-Reymond Emil du Bois-Reymond 444 Emil Heinrich Du Bois-Reymond (German physiologist) 274
Pierre-Edmond Boissier Pierre Edmond Boissier 239 0
François Antoine de Boissy d'Anglas François Antoine de Boissy d'Anglas 736 0
Arrigo Boito Arrigo Boito 693 Arrigo Boito (Italian composer) 360
Bart Jan Bok Bart Bok 345 Bart J. Bok (American astronomer) 185
Edward William Bok Edward W. Bok 632 Edward Bok (American editor) 291
Jean Bédel Bokassa Jean-Bédel Bokassa 4350 Jean-Bedel Bokassa (president of Central African Republic ... 394
George Henry Boker George Henry Boker 1011 0
Ferdinand Bol Ferdinand Bol 405 Ferdinand Bol (Dutch painter) 90
James Bolam James Bolam 790 0
Alan Bold Alan Bold 159 0
Buddy Bolden Buddy Bolden 1011 Buddy Bolden (American musician) 123
Rolf Boldrewood 0 Rolf Boldrewood (Australian writer) 114
Jorge Bolet Jorge Bolet 994 0
James Brendan Bolger 0 James Brendan Bolger (prime minister of New Zealand) 446
Henry St John 1st Viscount Bolingbroke Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke 2981 Henry Saint John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke (British politician ... 893
Henry Hector Bolitho Hector Bolitho 186 0
Simón Bolívar Simón Bolívar 3927 Simon Bolivar (Latin American leader) 2097
Sir Hassanal Bolkiah 0 0
Heinrich Böll Heinrich Böll 738 Heinrich Boll (German author) 553
Adolph Bolm Adolph Bolm 213 0
Giovanni Bologna 0 0
Robert Oxton Bolt Robert Bolt 651 Robert Bolt (English playwright and screenwriter) 231
Geoffrey Curgenven Bolton Geoffrey Bolton 246 0
Bertram Borden Boltwood Bertram Boltwood 139 Bertram Borden Boltwood (American chemist and physicist ... 179
Ludwig Boltzmann Ludwig Boltzmann 2374 Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann (Austrian physicist) 323
János Bolyai János Bolyai 458 Janos Bolyai (Hungarian mathematician) 355
Bernard Bolzano Bernard Bolzano 301 Bernhard Bolzano (Bohemian mathematician and theologian ... 284
Alain Louis Bombard 0 0
David Bomberg David Bomberg 2103 David Bomberg (British artist) 124
Camille Bombois Camille Bombois 366 0
Jon Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi 2779 0
Louis Gabriel Ambroise Vicomte de Bonald Louis Gabriel Ambroise de Bonald 551 Louis-Gabriel-Ambroise, viscount de Bonald (French philosopher and ... 322
Charles Marie Bonaparte Charles Bonaparte [disambiguated] 776 Pauline Bonaparte (sister of Napoleon) 167
Jérôme Bonaparte Jérôme Bonaparte 1118 Jerome Bonaparte (king of Westphalia) 257
Joseph Bonaparte Joseph Bonaparte 813 Joseph Bonaparte (king of Spain and Naples) 565
Louis Bonaparte Louis Bonaparte 1390 Louis Bonaparte (king of Holland) 311
Lucien Bonaparte Lucien Bonaparte 895 Lucien Bonaparte (French politician) 593
Caroline Bonaparte Caroline Bonaparte 688 Caroline Bonaparte (queen of Naples) 116
Marie Letizia Bonaparte Maria Letizia Bonaparte 1670 0
Pauline Bonaparte Pauline Bonaparte 1631 Pauline Bonaparte (sister of Napoleon) 167
Élisa Bonaparte Elisa Bonaparte 2525 Elisa Bonaparte (sister of Napoleon) 133
Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte 566 Napoleon-Joseph-Charles-Paul Bonaparte (French prince ... 335
Bonaventure Bonaventure 2057 Saint Bonaventure (Italian theologian) 1051
Edward Bond Edward Bond 3831 0
Michael Bond Michael Bond 714 0
William Cranch Bond William Cranch Bond 497 William Cranch Bond (American astronomer) 261
Margaret Grace Bondfield Margaret Bondfield 328 Margaret Bondfield (British labour leader) 140
Sir Hermann Bondi Hermann Bondi 811 Sir Hermann Bondi (British scientist) 314
Barry Lamar Bonds Barry Bonds 6482 Barry Bonds (American baseball player) 444
Phyllis Mary Bone 0 0
Sir Muirhead Bone Muirhead Bone 550 Sir Muirhead Bone (British artist) 169
Ulrich Boner Ulrich Boner 258 Ulrich Boner (Swiss writer) 168
Omar Bongo Omar Bongo 5164 Omar Bongo (president of Gabon) 292
Helena Bonham Carter Helena Bonham Carter 1897 0
Lady Violet Baroness Asquith Bonham Carter Violet Bonham Carter 984 0
Rosa Bonheur Rosa Bonheur 1400 Rosa Bonheur (French painter) 208
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Dietrich Bonhoeffer 5774 Dietrich Bonhoeffer (German theologian) 1257
St Boniface Saint Boniface 2187 Saint Boniface (English missionary) 883
Boniface VIII Pope Boniface VIII 1996 Boniface VIII (pope) 1367
Richard Parkes Bonington Richard Parkes Bonington 516 Richard Parkes Bonington (British painter) 263
Sir Chris Bonington Chris Bonington 440 0
François de Bonivard OR Bonnivard François Bonivard 340 0
Abel Bonnard Abel Bonnard 222 0
Pierre Bonnard Pierre Bonnard 415 Pierre Bonnard (French artist) 932
Léon Joseph Florentin Bonnat Léon Bonnat 325 Leon Bonnat (French painter) 181
Edmund Bonner Edmund Bonner 3114 Edmund Bonner (English bishop) 254
Yelena Bonner Yelena Bonner 772 0
Charles Étienne Bonnet 0 0
Nicholas de Bonneville Nicholas Bonneville 1123 0
William H Bonney 0 0
Albert Bonnier Albert Bonniers förlag 165 0
Bono Bono 3919 Bono (Irish musician) 596
Ivanoe Bonomi Ivanoe Bonomi 442 Ivanoe Bonomi (prime minister of Italy) 288
Giovanni Maria Bononcini OR Buononcini Giovanni Maria Bononcini 110 Giovanni Bononcini (Italian composer) 313
Aimé Jacques Alexandre Bonpland Aimé Bonpland 393 0
Massimo Bontempelli Massimo Bontempelli 229 Massimo Bontempelli (Italian poet) 268
Arna Wendell Bontemps Arna Bontemps 435 Arna Bontemps (American writer) 213
George Boole George Boole 2120 George Boole (British mathematician) 618
Daniel Boone Daniel Boone 6328 Daniel Boone (American frontiersman) 495
Andrew Boorde OR Borde Andrew Boorde 800 Andrew Boorde (English physician and author) 254
John Boorman John Boorman 1015 John Boorman (British director) 313
Daniel Joseph Boorstin Daniel J. Boorstin 440 Daniel J. Boorstin (American historian) 343
Jesse Boot 1st Baron Boot Jesse Boot, 1st Baron Trent 233 0
Barton Booth Barton Booth 315 0
Catherine Booth Catherine Booth 614 Catherine Booth (British religious leader) 241
Charles Booth Charles Booth (philanthropist) 1041 Charles Booth (British sociologist) 281
Cherie Booth 0 Cherie Booth (British attorney) 509
Edwin Thomas Booth Edwin Booth 1498 Edwin Booth (American actor) 774
John Wilkes Booth John Wilkes Booth 7723 John Wilkes Booth (American actor and assassin) 565
Margaret Booth Margaret Booth 327 0
William Booth William Booth 2798 William Booth (British minister) 477
Robert John Graham Boothby 1st Baron Boothby Robert Boothby, Baron Boothby 982 0
Clare Boothe Clare Boothe Luce 1527 Clare Boothe Luce (American playwright and statesman ... 394
Betty Boothroyd Baroness Boothroyd of Sandywell 0 0
Franz Bopp Franz Bopp 1189 Franz Bopp (German philologist) 254
William Edgar Borah William Borah 1847 William E. Borah (American politician) 329
Carsten Egeberg Borchgrevink Carsten Borchgrevink 3543 0
Jean Charles de Borda Jean-Charles de Borda 620 Jean-Charles de Borda (French naval officer and physicist ... 163
Lizzie Andrew Borden Lizzie Borden 2106 Lizzie Borden (American murder suspect) 360
Sir Robert Laird Borden Robert Borden 1570 Sir Robert Borden (prime minister of Canada) 857
Allan Border Allan Border 4717 Allan Robert Border (Australian athlete) 155
Jules Jean Baptiste Vincent Bordet Jules Bordet 278 Jules Bordet (Belgian bacteriologist) 273
Paris Bordone Paris Bordone 480 Paris Bordone (Italian painter) 385
Émile Félix Édouard Justin Borel Émile Borel 200 Emile Borel (French mathematician) 366
Giovanni Alfonso Borelli Giovanni Alfonso Borelli 1033 Giovanni Alfonso Borelli (Italian physiologist and physicist ... 176
Björn Rune Borg Björn Borg 2897 Bjorn Borg (Swedish athlete) 260
Victor Borge Victor Borge 2317 Victor Borge (American comedian and musician) 321
Jorge Luis Borges Jorge Luis Borges 3022 Jorge Luis Borges (Argentine author) 159
Cesare Borgia Cesare Borgia 1894 Cesare Borgia, duke de Valentinois (Italian noble) 1519
Lucrezia Borgia Lucrezia Borgia 3690 Lucrezia Borgia (Italian noble) 477
Gutzon Borglum Gutzon Borglum 1577 Gutzon Borglum (American sculptor) 477
Ambrogio Borgognone OR Bergognone Ambrogio Bergognone 531 0
Boris Godunov Boris Godunov 1372 Boris Godunov (tsar of Russia) 500
Norman Ernest Borlaug Norman Borlaug 7219 Norman Ernest Borlaug (American scientist) 448
Martin Bormann Martin Bormann 3515 Martin Bormann (German Nazi leader) 382
Max Born Max Born 3313 Max Born (German physicist) 724
Ludwig Börne Ludwig Börne 449 Ludwig Borne (German journalist) 146
Aleksandr Porfirevich Borodin 0 0
Mikhail Markovich Borodin Mikhail Borodin 258 Mikhail Markovich Borodin (Soviet Comintern agent) 256
Jean Borotra Jean Borotra 417 Jean Borotra (French athlete) 147
Steven Borough Steven Borough 396 0
William Borough William S. Burroughs 8214 0
Edouard Borovansky Edouard Borovansky 1118 0
St Carlo Borromeo Charles Borromeo 1851 Saint Charles Borromeo (Italian cardinal and archbishop ... 350
Francesco Borromini Francesco Borromini 1463 Francesco Borromini (Italian architect) 1939
George Henry Borrow George Borrow 1375 0
Bernard Bosanquet Bernard Bosanquet (philosopher) 474 Bernard Bosanquet (British philosopher) 432
Edward Boscawen Edward Boscawen 691 Edward Boscawen (British admiral) 260
Carl Bosch Carl Bosch 357 Carl Bosch (German chemist) 201
Hieronymus Bosch Hieronymus Bosch 1413 Hieronymus Bosch (Flemish painter) 1234
Johannes van den Bosch Johannes van den Bosch 236 Johannes, count van den Bosch (Dutch statesman) 171
Juan Bosch Juan Bosch 1620 Juan Bosch (president of Dominican Republic) 513
Roger Joseph Boscovich 0 0
Satyendra Nath Bose Satyendra Nath Bose 1098 Satyendra Nath Bose (Indian physicist) 110
Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose Jagadish Chandra Bose 2683 Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose (Indian physiologist) 182
Subhas Chandra Bose Subhas Chandra Bose 4756 Subhas Chandra Bose (Indian military leader) 782
François Joseph Baron Bosio François Joseph Bosio 637 Francois-Joseph, Baron Bosio (French sculptor) 69
Marc Bosman Jean-Marc Bosman 115 0
Jacques Bénigne Bossuet Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet 4196 Jacques-Benigne Bossuet (French bishop) 1139
L M Boston Lucy M. Boston 134 0
Ralph Boston Ralph Boston 182 Ralph Boston (American athlete) 223
Alexander Boswell 1st Baronet Boswell Sir Alexander Boswell, 1st Baronet 825 0
James Boswell James Boswell 2076 James Boswell (Scottish biographer) 1683
Joseph Bosworth Joseph Bosworth 231 0
Andries Both Andries Both 250 Andries Both (Dutch painter) 77
Jan Both Jan Dirksz Both 347 Jan Both (Dutch painter) 261
Louis Botha Louis Botha 899 Louis Botha (prime minister of South Africa) 680
P W Botha P. W. Botha 2518 P. W. Botha (state president of South Africa) 531
Pik Botha Pik Botha 791 0
Ian Terence Botham Ian Botham 2393 0
Walther Wilhelm Georg Bothe Walther Bothe 3120 Walther Bothe (German physicist) 238
James Hepburn 4th Earl of Bothwell James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell 1395 James Hepburn, 4th earl of Bothwell (Scottish noble) 446
Giuseppe Bottai Giuseppe Bottai 337 0
Giovanni Bottesini Giovanni Bottesini 1110 Giovanni Bottesini (Italian musician) 232
Johann Friedrich Böttger Johann Friedrich Böttger 745 Johann Friedrich Bottger (German potter) 440
Sandro Botticelli Sandro Botticelli 1457 Sandro Botticelli (Italian painter) 1814
Gordon Bottomley Gordon Bottomley 554 0
Horatio William Bottomley Horatio Bottomley 1499 0
Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell Bottomley Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone Virginia Bottomley 621 0
Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik Mikhail Botvinnik 7156 Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik (Soviet chess player) 285
Édouard Boubat Édouard Boubat 149 Edouard Boubat (French photographer) 24
Sir Thomas Bouch Thomas Bouch 712 0
Jacques Boucher de Perthes Jacques Boucher de Crèvecœur de Perthes 983 Jacques Boucher de Perthes (French archaeologist) 282
François Boucher François Boucher 935 Francois Boucher (French artist) 306
Dion Boucicault Dion Boucicault 1115 Dion Boucicault (Irish playwright) 362
Nina Boucicault Nina Boucicault 58 0
Boudicca Boudica 3074 Boudicca (queen of Britain) 173
Eugène Boudin Eugène Boudin 608 Eugene Boudin (French painter) 234
Stanislas Marquis de Boufflers Stanislas de Boufflers 492 0
Louis Antoine de Bougainville Louis Antoine de Bougainville 1590 Louis-Antoine de Bougainville (French navigator) 403
Rutland Boughton Rutland Boughton 2099 Rutland Boughton (British composer) 137
Pierre Bouguer Pierre Bouguer 503 Pierre Bouguer (French scientist) 307
William Adolphe Bouguereau William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1449 William-Adolphe Bouguereau (French painter) 248
François Claude Amour Marquis de Bouillé François Claude Amour, marquis de Bouillé 360 0
Georges Ernest Jean Marie Boulanger Georges Ernest Boulanger 1967 Georges Boulanger (French general) 611
Lili Boulanger Lili Boulanger 559 Nadia Boulanger (French composer and teacher) 345
Nadia Boulanger Nadia Boulanger 1123 Nadia Boulanger (French composer and teacher) 345
Pierre Marcellin Boule 0 Marcellin Boule (French geologist) 145
Pierre Boulez Pierre Boulez 2504 Pierre Boulez (French composer and conductor) 784
Étienne-Louis Boullée Étienne-Louis Boullée 766 Etienne-Louis Boullee (French architect) 463
Sir Adrian Cedric Boult Adrian Boult 5435 Sir Adrian Cedric Boult (British musician) 263
Matthew Boulton Matthew Boulton 6775 Matthew Boulton (British engineer and manufacturer) 267
Houari Boumédienne 0 Houari Boumedienne (president of Algeria) 327
Henri Bourassa Henri Bourassa 871 Henri Bourassa (Canadian politician and journalist) 223
Robert Bourassa Robert Bourassa 1276 Robert Bourassa (premier of Quebec) 288
Charles Denis Sauter Bourbaki Charles Denis Bourbaki 738 Charles-Denis-Sauter Bourbaki (French general) 358
Charles Bourbon Charles de Bourbon [disambiguated] 363 Charles de Bourbon, count de Soissons (French count and soldier ... 169
Émile Antoine Bourdelle Antoine Bourdelle 572 Antoine Bourdelle (French sculptor) 337
Eugène Bourdon Eugene Bourdon 103 0
Claude Bourgelat Claude Bourgelat 212 0
Léon Victor Auguste Bourgeois Léon Bourgeois 865 Leon Bourgeois (French politician and statesman) 264
Louise Bourgeois Louise Bourgeois 1211 Louise Bourgeois (French sculptor) 337
Paul Bourget Paul Bourget 1201 Paul Bourget (French author) 241
Habib ibn Ali Bourguiba 0 Habib Bourguiba (president of Tunisia) 1375
Margaret Bourke-White 0 Margaret Bourke-White (American photographer) 504
Louis de Ghaisnes Comte de Bourmont 0 0
Francis Alphonsus Bourne Francis Bourne 550 0
Hugh Bourne Hugh Bourne 1800 0
Matthew Christopher Bourne Matthew Bourne 1173 Matthew Bourne (British choreographer and dancer) 348
Val Bourne 0 0
August Bournonville August Bournonville 838 August Bournonville (Danish dancer) 398
Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne 707 Louis-Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne (French diplomat ... 183
Jean Baptiste Joseph Dieudonné Boussingault Jean-Baptiste Boussingault 410 Jean-Baptiste Boussingault (French chemist) 169
Abdelaziz Bouteflika Abdelaziz Bouteflika 2762 Abdelaziz Bouteflika (president of Algeria) 374
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Boutros Boutros-Ghali 1300 Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Egyptian statesman) 296
Dieric Bouts Dirk Bouts 1380 Dirck Bouts (Dutch painter) 480
Theodor Heinrich Boveri Theodor Boveri 187 Theodor Heinrich Boveri (German cytologist) 235
Daniel Bovet Daniel Bovet 191 Daniel Bovet (Italian pharmacologist) 254
Henry Pickering Bowditch Henry Pickering Bowditch 483 Henry Pickering Bowditch (American physiologist) 140
Thomas Bowdler Thomas Bowdler 758 Thomas Bowdler (British physician and writer) 160
Riddick Bowe Riddick Bowe 2823 0
Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen Elizabeth Bowen 484 Elizabeth Bowen (British author) 404
Norman Levi Bowen Norman L. Bowen 133 Norman L. Bowen (Canadian petrologist) 547
Frederick Orpen Bower Frederick Orpen Bower 85 Frederick Orpen Bower (English botanist) 279
Walter Bower OR Bowmaker Walter Bower 422 Walter Bower (Scottish historian) 153
David Bowie David Bowie 9012 David Bowie (British musician) 773
James Bowie James Bowie 5269 James Bowie (American explorer) 288
John Bowlby John Bowlby 2494 0
Jane Bowles 0 0
Paul Frederick Bowles Paul Bowles 3733 0
William Lisle Bowles William Lisle Bowles 636 William Lisle Bowles (British poet and clergyman) 268
Isaiah Bowman Isaiah Bowman 296 Isaiah Bowman (American geographer and educator) 205
Sir William Bowman Sir William Bowman, 1st Baronet 368 Sir William Bowman, 1st Baronet (English surgeon and histologist ... 299
Sir John Bowring John Bowring 1170 Sir John Bowring (British diplomat) 308
William Bowyer William Bowyer [disambiguated] 178 0
Muriel Box Muriel Box 665 0
Boy George Boy George 4001 0
William Boyce William Boyce 371 William Boyce (British composer) 411
Charles Cunningham Boycott Charles Boycott 339 Charles Cunningham Boycott (British estate manager) 197
Geoffrey Boycott Geoffrey Boycott 8700 0
Arthur Merric Boyd Arthur Merric Boyd 248 0
Arthur Merric Bloomfield Boyd Arthur Boyd 1037 0
Benjamin Boyd Benjamin Boyd 925 0
Michael Boyd Michael Boyd (director) 440 0
Martin è Beckett Boyd 0 0
John Boyd Orr 1st Baron Boyd Orr John Boyd Orr, 1st Baron Boyd-Orr 2267 0
Robin Gerard Penleigh Boyd 0 0
Penleigh Boyd Penleigh Boyd 267 0
William Andrew Murray Boyd William Boyd (writer) 431 0
Merric Boyd Merric Boyd 92 0
John Boydell John Boydell 3386 John Boydell (British engraver) 83
Karin Maria Boye Karin Boye 614 Karin Boye (Swedish author) 171
Alexis Baron de Boyer Alexis Boyer 308 0
Charles Boyer Charles Boyer 1639 Charles Boyer (French actor) 179
Herbert Wayne Boyer Herbert Boyer 311 0
Jean Pierre Boyer Jean Pierre Boyer 1772 Jean-Pierre Boyer (president of Haiti) 330
Paul Delos Boyer Paul D. Boyer 503 Paul D. Boyer (American biochemist) 277
Sir Richard James Fildes Boyer Richard Boyer (broadcaster) 460 0
Charles 4th Earl of Orrery Boyle Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of Orrery 435 0
Danny Boyle Danny Boyle 1297 Danny Boyle (British filmmaker) 472
Jimmy Boyle Jimmy Boyle (artist) 345 0
John 5th Earl of Cork Boyle John Boyle, 5th Earl of Cork 202 0
Kay Boyle Kay Boyle 828 Kay Boyle (American author) 520
Mark Boyle Mark Boyle 202 0
Sir Edward Charles Gurney Baron Boyle 0 0
Richard 1st Earl of Cork Boyle Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork 2043 Richard Boyle, 1st earl of Cork (English colonist) 245
Robert Boyle Robert Boyle 2041 Robert Boyle (Anglo-Irish scientist) 901
Roger Baron Broghill Boyle 0 0
Sir Charles Vernon Boys 0 Sir Charles Vernon Boys (British physicist and inventor ... 133
Marcos Bozzaris OR Botzaris Markos Botsaris 661 0
John Theodore Cuthbert Moore- Brabazon 1st Baron Brabazon John Moore-Brabazon, 1st Baron Brabazon of Tara 835 0
Sir Jack Brabham Jack Brabham 3228 Sir Jack Brabham (Australian automobile racer) 148
Charles Loring Brace Charles Loring Brace 1237 Charles Loring Brace (American social worker) 269
Anne Bracegirdle Anne Bracegirdle 434 Anne Bracegirdle (English actress) 222
Henry de Bracton Henry de Bracton 6661 Henry de Bracton (British jurist) 247
John Swanwick Bradbury 1st Baron Bradbury John Bradbury, 1st Baron Bradbury 255 0
Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury 687 Ray Bradbury (American writer) 235
Sir Malcolm Stanley Bradbury Malcolm Bradbury 446 Sir Malcolm Bradbury (British writer) 290
Edward Braddock Edward Braddock 589 Edward Braddock (British commander) 239
Mary Elizabeth Braddon Mary Elizabeth Braddon 365 Mary Elizabeth Braddon (British writer) 236
Russell Reading Braddon Russell Braddon 155 0
John Job Crew Bradfield John Bradfield (engineer) 502 0
Barbara Taylor Bradford Barbara Taylor Bradford 784 0
William Bradford William Bradford (Plymouth governor) 1940 William Bradford (American printer [1663-1752]) 138
William Bradford William Bradford (Plymouth governor) 1940 William Bradford (American printer [1663-1752]) 138
Charles Bradlaugh Charles Bradlaugh 953 Charles Bradlaugh (British radical) 276
Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee Benjamin C. Bradlee 1486 0
Andrew Cecil Bradley 0 0
Edward Bradley Edward Bradley [disambiguated] 157 Ed Bradley (American journalist) 273
Francis Herbert Bradley Francis Bradley [disambiguated] 506 0
Henry Bradley Henry Bradley 663 0
James Bradley James Bradley (author) 531 James Bradley (English astronomer) 856
Omar N Bradley Omar Bradley 3044 Omar Nelson Bradley (United States general) 382
Tom Bradley Tom Bradley (politician) 1712 Tom Bradley (American politician) 379
Sir Don Bradman Donald Bradman 9952 Don Bradman (Australian athlete) 210
George Bradshaw George Bradshaw 1813 0
John Bradshaw John Bradshaw (author) 605 John Bradshaw (English jurist) 208
Robert Bradshaw Robert Bradshaw (politician) 378 0
Anne Bradstreet Anne Bradstreet 602 Anne Bradstreet (American poet) 389
Myra R Bradwell 0 Myra Colby Bradwell (American lawyer and editor) 478
Ian Brady 0 0
James Buchanan Brady 0 James Buchanan Brady (American financier) 193
Mathew B Brady Mathew Brady 1425 Mathew B. Brady (American photographer) 416
Matthew Brady Mathew Brady 1425 Mathew B. Brady (American photographer) 416
Nicholas Brady Nicholas F. Brady 558 Nicholas Brady (British clergyman) 128
Billy Bragg Billy Bragg 2246 Billy Bragg (British singer, songwriter, and musician ... 371
Braxton Bragg Braxton Bragg 3435 Braxton Bragg (Confederate general) 269
Melvyn Bragg Baron Bragg Melvyn Bragg 707 0
Sir William Henry Bragg William Henry Bragg 1179 Sir William Bragg (British physicist) 746
Sir Lawrence Bragg William Lawrence Bragg 1414 Sir Lawrence Bragg (British physicist) 800
John Braham John Braham 3461 0
Tycho Brahe Tycho Brahe 4708 Tycho Brahe (Danish astronomer) 560
Johannes Brahms Johannes Brahms 4473 Johannes Brahms (German composer) 1865
James Braid James Braid (surgeon) 2000 James Braid (British golfer) 129
James Braid James Braid (surgeon) 2000 James Braid (British golfer) 129
Thomas Braidwood Thomas Braidwood 502 0
Louis Braille Louis Braille 713 Louis Braille (French educator) 249
Henry Noel Brailsford H. N. Brailsford 442 0
Aubrey Harold Brain Aubrey Brain 377 0
Dennis Brain Dennis Brain 1819 0
John Gerard Braine John Braine 344 John Braine (British author) 130
David Brainerd David Brainerd 439 David Brainerd (American missionary) 183
Lilian Braithwaite Lilian Braithwaite 198 0
Joseph Bramah Joseph Bramah 903 Joseph Bramah (British inventor) 206
Donato Bramante Donato Bramante 663 Donato Bramante (Italian architect) 2626
Kenneth Charles Branagh Kenneth Branagh 1329 Kenneth Branagh (British actor, director, and writer ... 406
Constantin Brancusi Constantin Brâncuşi 1718 Constantin Brancusi (Romanian-French sculptor) 1023
Hennig Brand Hennig Brand 619 Hennig Brand (German chemist) 100
Jo Brand Jo Brand 1091 0
Max Brand Max Brand 776 0
Sir Jan Hendrik Brand 0 0
Louis Dembitz Brandeis Louis Brandeis 11719 Louis Brandeis (United States jurist) 684
Marlon Brando Marlon Brando 4764 Marlon Brando, Jr. (American actor) 805
Charles 1st Duke of Suffolk Brandon Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk 1450 Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk (English courtier ... 235
Bill Brandt Bill Brandt 371 Bill Brandt (British photographer) 352
Georg Brandt Georg Brandt 268 Georg Brandt (Swedish chemist) 135
Willy Brandt Willy Brandt 4482 Willy Brandt (German statesman) 709
Sir Frank William Brangwyn Frank Brangwyn 1039 0
Edouard Branly Édouard Branly 313 Edouard Branly (French engineer) 153
H C Branner 0 0
Owen Brannigan Owen Brannigan 1352 0
Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson Richard Branson 4276 Sir Richard Branson (British entrepreneur) 466
Joseph Brant Joseph Brant 4667 Joseph Brant (Mohawk chief) 369
Sebastian Brant Sebastian Brant 585 Sebastian Brant (German poet) 320
Karl Hjalmar Branting Hjalmar Branting 525 Karl Hjalmar Branting (Swedish statesman) 352
Pierre de Bourdeilles Seigneur de Brantôme Pierre de Bourdeille, seigneur de Brantôme 594 Pierre de Brantome (French author) 299
Georges Braque Georges Braque 1270 Georges Braque (French artist) 1276
Charles Orwell Brasch Charles Brasch 259 0
Brassaï Brassaï 674 Brassai (French artist) 405
Thomas Brassey Thomas Brassey 4872 Thomas Brassey (British railroad builder) 252
John Randall Bratby John Bratby 403 John Randall Bratby (British painter) 196
Edward Kamau Brathwaite Kamau Brathwaite 490 Kamau Brathwaite (Barbadian author) 227
Walter Houser Brattain Walter Houser Brattain 643 Walter H. Brattain (American physicist) 178
Walther von Brauchitsch Walther von Brauchitsch 1119 Walther von Brauchitsch (German military officer) 182
Fernand Braudel Fernand Braudel 1924 Fernand Braudel (French historian and educator) 974
Emma Lucy Braun Emma Lucy Braun 174 0
Eva Braun Eva Braun 2148 Eva Braun (wife of Hitler) 233
Ferdinand Braun Karl Ferdinand Braun 335 Ferdinand Braun (German physicist) 301
Lily Braun Lily Braun 246 Lily Braun (German writer) 150
Wernher von Braun Wernher von Braun 7382 Wernher von Braun (German-born American engineer) 578
Robert MacQueen Lord Braxfield Robert McQueen, Lord Braxfield 267 0
Thomas Bray Thomas Bray 287 Thomas Bray (British minister) 168
Angela Brazil Angela Brazil 3400 0
Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza 719 Pierre de Brazza (French explorer) 249
Michel Bréal Michel Bréal 409 Michel Breal (French philosopher) 90
Julian Alexander Bream 0 Julian Bream (British musician) 224
James Henry Breasted James Henry Breasted 1264 James Henry Breasted (American archaeologist) 232
Bertolt Friedrich Brecht Bertolt Brecht 5138 Bertolt Brecht (German dramatist) 1078
John Breckinridge John C. Breckinridge 1739 John C. Breckinridge (vice president of United States ... 467
John Cabell Breckinridge John C. Breckinridge 1739 John C. Breckinridge (vice president of United States ... 467
Alfred Edmund Brehm Alfred Brehm 833 0
Fredrika Bremer Fredrika Bremer 745 Fredrika Bremer (Swedish author) 205
Gerald Brenan Gerald Brenan 437 0
St Brendan OR Brandan Brendan 2179 Saint Brendan (Celtic abbot) 268
Alfred Brendel Alfred Brendel 778 Alfred Brendel (Austrian musician) 191
Christopher John Brennan Christopher Brennan 430 Christopher Brennan (Australian poet) 194
William J Brennan Jr William J. Brennan, Jr. 2191 William Brennan (United States jurist) 679
Sydney Brenner Sydney Brenner 998 Sydney Brenner (South African biologist) 287
Clemens von Brentano Clemens Brentano 674 Clemens Brentano (German author) 279
Franz Clemens Brentano Franz Brentano 1192 Franz Brentano (German philosopher) 406
Heinrich von Brentano Heinrich von Brentano 163 Heinrich von Brentano (German politician) 179
Lujo Brentano Lujo Brentano 338 Lujo Brentano (German economist) 170
Elinor M Brent-Dyer Elinor Brent-Dyer 348 0
Howard John Brenton Howard Brenton 789 0
Johann Brenz Johannes Brenz 1716 Johannes Brenz (German clergyman) 81
Yekaterina Konstantinovna Breshko-Breshkovskaya 0 0
Robert Bresson Robert Bresson 693 Robert Bresson (French director) 550
André Breton André Breton 1244 Andre Breton (French poet) 378
Manuel Bretón de los Herreros Manuel Bretón de los Herreros 359 Manuel Breton de los Herreros (Spanish writer) 144
Nicholas Breton Nicholas Breton 285 Nicholas Breton (English writer) 183
Pierre Bretonneau Pierre Bretonneau 326 Pierre-Fidele Bretonneau (French physician) 98
Jeremy Brett Jeremy Brett 1726 Jeremy Brett (British actor) 53
Marcel Lajos Breuer Marcel Breuer 1694 Marcel Breuer (Hungarian architect) 359
Henri Édouard Prosper Breuil Henri Breuil 374 Henri Breuil (French archaeologist) 329
Ebenezer Cobham Brewer E. Cobham Brewer 517 Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (English clergyman) 73
Sir David Brewster David Brewster 1502 Sir David Brewster (Scottish physicist) 265
Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev Leonid Brezhnev 7946 Leonid Ilich Brezhnev (president of Union of Soviet Socialist ... 967
Brian Brian Griffin 1701 Brian D. Josephson (British physicist) 407
Havergal Brian Havergal Brian 2217 Havergal Brian (British composer) 176
Aristide Briand Aristide Briand 1960 Aristide Briand (prime minister of France) 534
Fanny Brice Fanny Brice 1743 Fanny Brice (American actress) 270
Paul Chester Jerome Brickhill Paul Brickhill 208 0
Frank Bridge Frank Bridge 399 Frank Bridge (English musician) 150
James Bridger Jim Bridger 1087 Jim Bridger (American frontiersman) 278
Harry Bridges Harry Bridges 3254 Harry Bridges (American labour leader) 288
Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges 925 Jeff Bridges (American actor) 507
Robert Seymour Bridges Robert Bridges 1006 Robert Bridges (English poet) 190
St Bridget 0 0
Laura Dewey Bridgman Laura Bridgman 1108 Laura Dewey Bridgman (American educator) 240
P W Bridgman 0 0
James Bridie James Bridie 192 James Bridie (Scottish playwright) 182
Sir Ron Brierley Ron Brierley 551 0
Richard David Briers Richard Briers 1032 0
Eugène Brieux Eugène Brieux 329 Eugene Brieux (French dramatist) 141
Barry Briggs Barry Briggs 348 0
Henry Briggs Henry Briggs (mathematician) 613 Henry Briggs (English mathematician) 656
Raymond Redvers Briggs Raymond Briggs 602 0
Harold Brighouse Harold Brighouse 493 0
John Bright John Bright 3076 John Bright (British politician) 1121
Richard Bright Richard Bright (actor) 597 Richard Bright (British physician) 174
Timothy Bright Tim Bright 120 Timothy Bright (English stenographer) 78
Mattys Bril 0 0
Paul Bril 0 Paul Brill (Flemish artist) 115
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 1119 Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (French author) 202
James Brindley James Brindley 1451 James Brindley (British engineer) 206
Johann August Brinell Johan August Brinell 270 Johan August Brinell (Swedish engineer) 123
André Philippus Brink André Brink 149 Andre Philippus Brink (South African author) 302
David McClure Brinkley David Brinkley 1474 David Brinkley (American journalist) 528
Ralph Lawrence Brinster Ralph L. Brinster 504 0
Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane Thomas Brisbane 1232 Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane, Baronet (British astronomer ... 247
Stuart Brisley Stuart Brisley 470 0
Jacques Pierre Brissot Jacques Pierre Brissot 1280 Jacques-Pierre Brissot (French revolutionary leader) 458
Eric Bristow Eric Bristow 318 0
Britannicus Britannicus 1417 Britannicus (son of Claudius I) 77
Vera Mary Brittain Vera Brittain 890 0
Leon Brittan Baron Brittan of Spennithorne Leon Brittan 571 0
Benjamin Britten Baron Britten Benjamin Britten 2340 Benjamin Britten (British composer) 688
Roy John Britten Roy John Britten 169 0
Alison Britton 0 0
John Britton John Britton [disambiguated] 74 John Britton (British architect) 82
Nathaniel Lord Britton Nathaniel Lord Britton 236 Nathaniel Lord Britton (American botanist) 89
Julien Auguste Pélage Brizeux Auguste Brizeux 390 0
Leonel de Moura Brizola Leonel Brizola 2791 Leonel de Moura Brizola (Brazilian politician) 146
Charlie Dunbar Broad 0 Charlie Dunbar Broad (British philosopher) 81
Donald Eric Broadbent Donald Broadbent 502 0
Jim Broadbent Jim Broadbent 831 Jim Broadbent (British actor) 452
John Broadwood John Broadwood 331 John Broadwood (British piano maker) 222
Paul Broca Paul Broca 834 Paul Broca (French anthropologist and pathologist) 240
Hermann Broch Hermann Broch 627 Hermann Broch (Austrian writer) 316
Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus 375 Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus (German publisher) 158
Bertram Neville Brockhouse Bertram Brockhouse 319 Bertram N. Brockhouse (Canadian physicist) 207
Gerald Leslie Brockhurst Gerald Brockhurst 283 0
Fenner Brockway Baron Brockway Fenner Brockway, Baron Brockway 1088 0
Max Brod Max Brod 282 Max Brod (German-language novelist and essayist) 293
William Brodie William Brodie 724 William Brodie (Scottish criminal) 85
Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky 0 0
Wallace Smith Broecker Wallace Smith Broecker 850 0
Melchior Broederlam Melchior Broederlam 568 Melchior Broederlam (Flemish artist) 201
Louis-Victor Pierre Raymond 7th Duc de Broglie Louis de Broglie 660 0
Tom Brokaw Tom Brokaw 1225 Tom Brokaw (American television journalist and author ... 356
Sir Philip Bowes Vere Broke Philip Broke 686 0
Richard Brome Richard Brome 1236 Richard Brome (English dramatist) 252
Louis Bromfield Louis Bromfield 500 Louis Bromfield (American author) 230
Alexandre Brongniart Alexandre Brongniart 222 Alexandre Brongniart (French geologist) 321
June Bronhill June Bronhill 604 June Bronhill (Australian singer) 116
Detlev Wulf Bronk Detlev Bronk 270 0
Jacob Bronowski Jacob Bronowski 571 Jacob Bronowski (British mathematician) 356
Charles Bronson Charles Bronson 1877 0
Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted 258 Johannes Nicolaus Bronsted (Danish chemist) 170
Anne Brontë Anne Brontë 5140 Anne Bronte (British author) 384
Charlotte Brontë Charlotte Brontë 1511 Charlotte Bronte (British author) 575
Emily Jane Brontë Emily Brontë 495 Emily Bronte (British author) 446
Agnolo Bronzino Angelo Bronzino 44 Il Bronzino (Italian painter and poet) 406
Peter Stephen Paul Brook Peter Brook 1162 Peter Brook (English producer-director) 523
Edward William Brooke Edward Brooke 1418 Edward Brooke (American lawyer and politician) 401
Peter Leonard Brooke Baron Brooke of Sutton Mandeville Peter Brooke, Baron Brooke of Sutton Mandeville 408 0
Rupert Chawner Brooke Rupert Brooke 1104 0
Sir James Brooke James Brooke 1074 Sir James Brooke (British trader) 329
Sir Basil Stanlake Brooke 1st Viscount Brookeborough Basil Brooke, 1st Viscount Brookeborough 1344 0
Sir Norman Everard Brookes Norman Brookes 331 0
Anita Brookner Anita Brookner 216 Anita Brookner (British author) 265
Cleanth Brooks Cleanth Brooks 2833 Cleanth Brooks (American critic and educator) 260
Frederick Phillips Brooks Jr 0 Frederick Phillips Brooks, Jr. (American computer scientist ... 478
Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks Gwendolyn Brooks 953 Gwendolyn Brooks (American poet and educator) 346
Mel Brooks Mel Brooks 2305 Mel Brooks (American director, producer, screenwriter, and actor ... 577
Phillips Brooks Phillips Brooks 1505 Phillips Brooks (American clergyman) 280
Garth Brooks Garth Brooks 4127 Garth Brooks (American singer-songwriter) 650
Van Wyck Brooks Van Wyck Brooks 199 Van Wyck Brooks (American critic) 330
Robert Broom Robert Broom 292 Robert Broom (South African paleontologist) 155
Big Bill Broonzy Big Bill Broonzy 1922 Big Bill Broonzy (American musician) 193
Brigid Antonia Brophy Brigid Brophy 712 Brigid Brophy (British writer) 239
Carlo Broschi Riccardo Broschi 193 0
Pierce Brendan Brosnan Pierce Brosnan 3911 Pierce Brosnan (Irish American actor) 453
Salomon de Brosse Salomon de Brosse 302 Salomon de Brosse (French architect) 229
Richard Brothers Richard Brothers 904 Richard Brooks (American writer and director) 244
Henry Peter Brougham 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux 2083 Henry Peter Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux (British ... 426
William Grant Broughton William Grant Broughton 635 William Grant Broughton (Australian bishop) 95
William Brouncker 2nd Viscount Brouncker William Brouncker, 2nd Viscount Brouncker 239 William, 2nd Viscount Brouncker (British scientist) 83
Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer 676 Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer (Dutch mathematician) 412
Adriaen Brouwer OR Brauer Adriaen Brouwer 274 Adriaen Brouwer (Dutch painter) 173
Earl Russell Browder Earl Browder 1963 Earl Browder (American politician) 183
Charles Brockden Brown Charles Brockden Brown 2489 Charles Brockden Brown (American author) 274
Clifford Brown Clifford Brown 666 Clifford Brown (American musician) 285
Dan Brown Dan Brown 2607 Dan Brown (American author) 431
Ford Madox Brown Ford Madox Brown 657 Ford Madox Brown (British painter) 272
George Brown George Brown (Canadian politician) 1408 George Brown (Canadian journalist and politician) 370
George Douglas Brown George Douglas Brown 354 George Douglas (Scottish author) 124
George Mackay Brown George Mackay Brown 961 George Mackay Brown (Scottish writer) 215
Helen Gurley Brown Helen Gurley Brown 488 Helen Gurley Brown (American writer) 427
Herbert Charles Brown Herbert C. Brown 399 Herbert Charles Brown (American chemist) 397
James Brown Jim Brown (footballer born 1908) 864 0
Gordon Brown Gordon Brown 5507 Gordon Brown (prime minister of United Kingdom) 1075
Jim Brown Jim Brown 1696 Jim Brown (American football player) 383
Joe Brown Joe E. Brown (comedian) 1057 0
John Brown John Brown (abolitionist) 8115 John Brown (American abolitionist) 540
John Brown John Brown (abolitionist) 8115 John Brown (American abolitionist) 540
John Brown John Brown (abolitionist) 8115 John Brown (American abolitionist) 540
Lancelot Brown Lancelot "Capability" Brown 1688 Lancelot Brown (English landscape architect) 443
Michael Stuart Brown Michael Stuart Brown 519 Michael S. Brown (American geneticist) 439
Olympia Brown Olympia Brown 969 Olympia Brown (American activist and minister) 308
Rachel Fuller Brown Rachel Fuller Brown 1822 0
Robert Brown Robert Brown (botanist) 1858 Robert Brown (Scottish botanist) 583
Robert Hanbury Brown Robert Hanbury Brown 619 Robert Hanbury Brown (British astronomer) 224
Sir Arthur Whitten Brown Arthur Whitten Brown 643 Sir Arthur Whitten Brown (British aviator) 150
Sir John Brown John Brown [disambiguated] 8115 Sir John Brown (British manufacturer) 179
Thomas Brown Thomas Brown (philosopher) 843