Towards a Philosophy of Photography:  Vilém Flusser


Lexicon of Basic Concepts (83-85):

photography is elevated to an allegory of post-industrial and post-historical thought : he is presenting a way of thinking about history post-photography; argues for way of thinking about concepts in which criticism of tech images is broadened into general cultural criticism; phil of photography is a criticism of functionalism; act of photography is one of "phenomenological doubt"  (89-90)



How do Flusser€™s terms and reification/personification of the camera and technological imagery buy or deny him theoretical clout?

Why does Flusser reduce the analysis to the relationship of camera/ photograph specifically?  Is the moment of inception the point (enabling the encoding of thought into numbers) or is there something metaphorical going on? Is this a theory of technological determinism?

How does theory signal point of departure from Marxism?

How does phil of photography restore agency or is resistance futile?